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So if the first sentence was a thesis statement, the second one would be as well.

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This isn't possible, since a paper can only have one thesis statement! This often happens in professional academic papers, because the summary of the supporting arguments is often missing.

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Offering "more insight" isn't a thesis, and neither is reconciling "disparate critical readings". I think I would have to say that this paper doesn't really have a thesis statement in the sense that we usually understand it. There is no sentence that expresses the main purpose of the paper, nothing that sums up what it is trying to prove.

However, as things stand, some record is surely necessary in this forum for the author or indeed authors of this presumed pseudonym, if only because of her? On the question of whether the books issued under the name 'Yolanda Celbridge' are the work of one person, one can only point to uniformity of style and plot construction, and perhaps also the interview whose reference is given below. The list provided below aims to inform about the titles that have been published under this authorship. It may well not be complete.

Despite the doubts that may be held about the existence or uniqueness of the author using the name Yolanda Celbridge, the existence of a considerable corpus of printed work using this name cannot be denied, and inclusion of this note recognises this fact. It is to be hoped that additions may eventually be made, bearing references to other aspects of this printed work, which would better establish the existence of the author in a biographical context, but it is considered that the present entry, listing the existing material, will provide a helpful summary of this material.

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List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: 14 August Stock Image. Girl Governess Nexus Yolanda Celbridge. Published by Virgin Nexus, Condition: Good Soft cover.