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There are, of course, plenty of other things to do in Krabi province. These are just a sampling of my favorites, and I look forward to exploring more islands in Krabi province in the future. Goodness, this all looks perfect! Ahh man!

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Here are some of my favorite things to do in Krabi province. Well, everything but Ao Nang Beach itself. On the way back, though, it can be hard to move on your own schedule. How to get from Ao Nang to Koh Lanta While Ao Nang is much nicer than Phuket in my opinion, to really get the calming influence of an idyllic paradise, you need to leave the mainland and go to Koh Lanta. Bring your pee cups!

Seriously a slice of paradise.

Go snorkeling off the shores of Koh Rok Or, grab your snorkel and get active. Get a massage on the beach Like elsewhere in Thailand, there are opportunities for amazing massages basically everywhere in Koh Lanta and Ao Nang. Waves, sand, falling asleep in the middle of a massage. What are your favorite things to do in Krabi?

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Introducing Social Commerce.

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Rumour Records , Rumour Records. But what about rent?

The Ethics of Being a Digital Nomad: How to Live It Up While Doing Your Part | Ethical Digital

Again, keep your eye on the economics! Your willingness to pay higher rent gives landlords the incentive to improve their properties and add housing units. Some of your money will go to that construction, some will stimulate an increase in supply, and some will make the landlords richer. No doubt those landlords will find places to spend their money, too. Maybe they like daily Turkish shaves with their coffee.

And while yes some real estate could become less affordable to locals, you have to look at what the locals receive in return. On net, the host society gains from the transaction. Moreover it relates to the distributional impact of certain tax policies, and it was never meant to be a repudiation of basic economics.

The bottom line is that when you bring wealth to a host country, there is no stopping the flow of supply and demand from moving to a higher equilibrium.

The Modern Nomad

Exactly how that will pan out is impossible to predict, but you can rest assured the result will be a net social improvement. If you feel you are someplace where the locals resent your presence, try moving to Bali instead. You will find no such irrational negativity among the Balinese, I assure you. Thus the most clear-cut ethical argument I can think of for the digital nomad lifestyle is spreading the wealth. Do your part to reduce global inequality by earning Western money and spending it in developing countries.

Dawn of the Digital Nomad Long-term travel did not begin with the age of the internet. Me in Turkey writing this post right now.