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Hum Mol Genet 8 : — Toniolo D, D'Adamo P:. X-linked non-specific mental retardation. Curr Opin Genet Dev 10 : — Nat Genet 22 : 13— MeCP2 mutation in male patients with non-specific X-linked mental retardation. FEBS Lett : 1—4. Am J Hum Genet 65 : — Carpenter-Waziri syndrome results from a mutation in XNP.

Am J Med Genet 85 : — A mutation in XNP results in the Holmes-Gang syndrome: further evidence that mutations in XNP may account for a relatively large fraction of mental retardation in males. Eur J Hum Genet 7 : S1 Am J Med Genet 91 : 83— A new XLMR syndrome with characteristic face, hypogenitalism, congenital hypotonia and pachygyria. Am J Med Genet 43 : — Nat Genet 19 : — Siber M:. X-linked recessive microencephaly, microphthalmia with corneal opacities, spastic quadriplegia, hypospadias and cryptorchidism.

Clin Genet 26 : — X-linked mental retardation with variable stature, head circumference, and testicular volume linked to Xqq Linkage mapping of a new syndromic form of X-linked mental retardation, MRXS7, associated with obesity. Eur J Hum Genet 7 : — Genetic analysis of a kindred with X-linked mental handicap and retinitis pigmentosa.

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Am J Hum Genet 55 : — X-linked mental retardation syndrome with short stature, small hands and feet, seizures, cleft palate, and glaucoma is linked to Xq A new X-linked mental retardation syndrome. Am J Med Genet 21 : — Nonspecific X-linked mental retardation with macrocephaly and obesity: a further family.

Am J Med Genet 57 : — Clinical characterization and gene mapping of a family with X-linked mental retardation, facial dysmorphism, congenital hip dislocation and skewed pattern of X-inactivation. Am J Hum Genet 67 : Suppl. X-linked mental retardation syndrome with seizures, hypogammaglobulinemia, and progressive gait disturbance is regionally mapped between xq Am J Med Genet 17 : — Am J Hum Genet 65 : A Am J Med Genet 51 : — Hockey A:. X-linked intellectual handicap and precocious puberty with obesity in carrier females. Am J Med Genet 23 : — Clin Dysmorphol 4 : — A family with mental retardation, variable macrocephaly and macro-orchidism, and linkage to Xqq J Med Genet 35 : — X-linked recessive inheritance of dysgenesis of corpus callosum in a Chinese family.

Am J Med Genet 44 : — XLMR syndrome characterized by multiple respiratory infections, hypertelorism, severe CNS deterioration and early death localizes to distal Xq MEHMO mental retardation, epileptic seizures, hypogonadism and -genitalism, microcephaly, obesity , a novel syndrome: assignmentof disease locus to xp Eur J Hum Genet 6 : — A new X-linked mental retardation syndrome with distal limb defects, hearing impairment, verrucosis and immunodeficiency.

A new mental retardation syndrome mapping to the pericentrometric region of the X chromosome. Am J Hum Genet 51 : A Am J Med Genet 68 : — Seemanova E, Lesny I:. X-linked microcephaly, microphthalmia, microcornea, congenital cataract, hypogenitalism, mental deficiency, growth retardation, spasticity: possible new syndrome. Am J Med Genet 66 : — A unique form of mental retardation with a distinctive phenotype maps to Xqq Am J Hum Genet 66 : — Am J Med Genet 84 : — New X-linked mental retardation XLMR syndrome with distinct facial appearance and growth retardation.

Arch fingerprints, hypotonia, and areflexia associated with X linked mental retardation. J Med Genet 34 : — X-linked syndrome: mental retardation, hip luxation, and G6PD variant. Am J Med Genet 39 : — New X-linked syndrome of mental retardation, short stature, and hypertelorism. Mental retardation, acromegalic face, and megalotestes in two half-brothers: a specific form of X-linked mental retardation without fra X q?

X-linked mental retardation with heterozygous expression and macrocephaly: pericentromeric gene localization. X-linked hypogonadism, gynecomastia, mental retardation, short stature, and obesity—a new syndrome. J Pediatr 94 : 56— A novel X-linked mental retardation syndrome with short stature maps to Xq Corpus callosum agenesis, spastic quadriparesis and irregular lining of the lateral ventricles on CT-scan. A distinct X-linked mental retardation syndrome? Genet Couns 1 : 97— New X-linked mental retardation syndrome with the gene mapped tentatively in Xp Am J Med Genet 64 : 42— There is time until 30 September to submit applications for the Energy Manager Award European research: towards Horizon Europe, the successor to Horizon New steps have been taken towards the definition of the Ninth Framework Programme that will succeed Horizon and, starting from , will fund research and innovation in Europe.

New infrastructure for aerospace testing set up in Sardinia. This is a unique space infrastructure, where research activities and space tests will be carried out and internal and external thermal shields will be developed for the family of Vega Italian launchers. Metrology at the service of diagnostics. To protect the safety of patients with implants, by testing and certifying the compatibility of prostheses with exposure to magnetic fields is the aim of the research project MIMAS - "Procedures allowing More tornadoes in the Mediterranean Sea due to global warming.

Waterspouts and tornadoes are increasingly common in Italian seas due to the rise in the temperature of water caused by global warming. Wulfenite discovered in Calabria. For the first time, Wulfenite, a very rare and valued mineral named after Austrian botanist and geologist Franz Xaver von Wulfen, was identified in Calabria. It is usually used for the extraction of molybdenum. Sustainable development, registration for the Summer School is open.

There is time until 13 July to register for the first edition of the Summer School on Sustainable Development, which will take place at the University of Siena from 10 to 21 September Fight against cancer: new anti-cancer protein discovered. Researchers have discovered SEMA3A, a synthetic protein that could become an effective innovative anticancer strategy, normalizing the blood vessels of solid tumours and boosting the effects of therapies.

Health, technological hospitalization with La Casa nel Parco. Posture determined the shape of our teeth. A study published in Scientific Reports shows that, starting with our oldest ancestors millions of years ago, the upright posture acquired by humans during their evolution is related to our dental occlusion.

Poplar trees can help fight pollutants. Poplars seem to be able to absorb, transform and accumulate pharmaceutical pollutants such as Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory active ingredient often found in urban waste water. This is demonstrated by The mother of all lizards found in the Dolomites.

A fossil of Megachirella wachtleri, a small reptile similar to a lizard found about twenty years ago in the Dolomites, was analysed using innovative reconstruction techniques, which push back the start Multiple sclerosis: Omega 3 are the answer. To slow down and fight Multiple Sclerosis, it is necessary to stop the inflammatory processes that characterize this disease.

Resolvins, molecules that can repair the tissues damaged by an inflammatory What alternatives to copper in agriculture? Funded with 4 million euro under Horizon , this project aims at searching for alternatives to the use of copper and pesticides in the most interesting crops in Trentino. Italy-Israel: the call for joint industrial research projects is online. Italy and Israel renew their scientific and technological cooperation in the industrial sector through the publication of the call for proposals for joint research projects. The initiative is part Giant cheetah discovered on Monte Argentario.

A million and a half years ago, a giant cheetah, one of the most ferocious predators that the earliest hominids had to face, wandered in Europe. Faster mammography results with TomoNav. TomoNav is the new software that will reduce the analysis time of mammographic images in tomosynthesis and increase the confidence of radiologists in the daily use of 3D technology in the clinical setting Veneto, launch of a LIS video remote interpreting service. SKA telescope in Australia, Italy project partner.

A device for diagnosing Xylella fastidiosa. Campi Flegrei, a new interpretation of bradyseism. Archaeobotany: who brought fruit trees to Sardinia? Patents as documentation source: a call to remember Bernardo Nobile. Artificial human skin is being developed in Cagliari. A new type of artificial skin with the sensitivity of a real limb: it has been tested by a team of researchers led by Piero Cosseddu from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering DIEE The call to participate in the edition of the Italy-China Science, Technology and Innovation Week, to be held from 22 to 25 October in Naples, Cagliari and Rome, has been recently launched.

An innovative method for the diagnosis of colorectal cancer from blood samples has been developed by a team of researchers led by Rossella Solmi at the Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Space: new tests for the Bepi Colombo mission, headed to Mercury. A new testing phase started in view of the upcoming launch of the Bepi Colombo European space mission, headed to Mercury and scheduled for October and November Myocardial infarction: women under 60 at double risk.

Women under the age of 60 with myocardial infarction are twice as likely to die than men due to biological factors; this results from a study conducted at the University of Bologna in collaboration with The debate featured life senator Elena New prostate tumour marker recently discovered.

L'isolamento e la manipolazione genetica di adulti miociti cardiaci per confocale Imaging

The researchers of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia have recently discovered that patients with prostate cancer have significantly greater concentrations of free circulating DNA in their seminal Tour4Eu - Tuscan Organisation of Universities and Research for Europe, the association that brings together Regione Toscana and the seven Tuscan universities, was founded in Brussels with the common objective Sapienza University: students translate Phyphox into Italian.

There is an app which transforms a smartphone into a physics lab, thus allowing to make and design physics tests in the classroom, and it is now available also in Italian. Launch of N2LAB, the first laboratory for research into the disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

N2LAB, the first laboratory in Italy dedicated to microneurography and microneurostimulation and to research on obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, has been established. The ultra-nanoscale. Nanoscale, which refers to things 1 to nanometres in size, is not enough to measure some phenomena. Long Antarctic night about to start for the 13 researchers at Dome C. Is there a relationship between poverty and thyroid disorders? The study was carried out by Banco Cybersecurity, Italian ethical hackers conquered historical final in Las Vegas. Base isolation, an idea from the past. Bringing the results of ENEA research closer to industrial use is the aim of the three-year Proof of Concept programme, worth 2.

Cagliari a point of reference for Italian aerospace research. An online, open access course available in seven languages for chemistry and toxicology learning. A planet with a mass 36 times the mass of the Earth whcih takes almost 21 years to complete a full orbit around its star has been recently discovered. It is the smallest planet with such a long orbital A budget of 7. An experimental alternative to intraocular injections from UniPisa. An effective and innovative method for the administration of drugs used for the treatment of retinal degenerations such as maculopathy has been developed at the Department of Pharmacy of the University IndaginiXImmagini, archaeology on display in Padua.

A photo exhibition was inaugurated in Padua which presents to the public the first results of STEMPA - Excavation, remote sensing, study of materials and landscape of the Asiago plateau. The lava flow that covered the western side of the Etna mountain has undergone high-resolution 3D reconstruction: the use of drones and photogrammetry has allowed to update the volcano topography. University of Udine: how to recover wine industry sub-products. Smart cities, from ENEA an initiative for a national shared path. ENEA has recently launched the Convergenza Smart City and Community project with the purpose of going from the theoretical discussion on smart cities to their practical application in the municipalities.

A study led by Prof. The National Research Council and Eni get together to promote research and innovation in the field of energy, environment, water, agri-food. Lower blood sugar levels with olive oil. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil contains a component that could reduce post-prandial blood sugar levels. This results from a study conducted by a research team of the Sapienza University led by Francesco Violi An innovative project for science education.

EvoQuest: avventure digitali Special on Forum PA public administration innovation passes through research. Promoting innovation and modernization processes for public administration, supporting ongoing digital transformation, proposing, sharing and promoting tools and approaches for organizational evolution. Improving water quality in ports: an Italo-French project. A project that aims to improve the quality of marine water in ports by minimizing the impact of activities and traffic on the environment was launched in April at University of Cagliari.

More funds for research and innovation: a manifesto promoted by CNR. Besides the How do we move our arms? Neural signals used by the brain decoded. An algorithm was used to decode the neural signals that our brain generates to allow arms to move horizontally, vertically and, above all, at different depths. Martina Capriotti, a young researcher at University of Camerino, is the only Italian winner of one of the scholarship awarded by Sky and National Geographic as part of the Sky Ocean Rescue programme. UNIBO, crises encourage an authoritarian turn. Are inclusive and exclusive protest movements different?

What effects do they generate? To induce reversible dehydration of mammal cells and gametes to store them for long periods at room temperature. New laboratory for Fondazione Donazione Organi Trapianti. Alcohol consumption drops among adolescents. Adolescent alcohol use is decreasing in Europe and North America and this seems to be related to public expenditures on family benefits.

It was revealed by a study carried out by University of Padua and In search of the stones of the Dragon in Armenia. The Dragon Stones Archaeological Project is the name of the project started in to analyze the megalithic steles found on the Armenian mountains. ESA, project to fight degenerative diseases now underway. To investigate the effects of altered gravity on biological processes, as it happens to astronauts who remain in space for a long time, to contrast the increase in free radicals responsible for cell aging Space: new extrasolar planet bigger than Jupiter discovered.

A new large extrasolar planet has been added to the list of known exoplanets. It is KPS-1b: an ultra-hot giant orbiting an orange dwarf. Science dissemination, Marco Malvaldi recipient of the Asimov Prize. Philosophers are the best in statistical calculations. Among researchers in social sciences, philosophers are the best in statistical calculations.

This is the result of a study carried out by scientists at the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences Greenhouse, the application deadline is 28 May. There is time until 28 May to apply for GreenHouse, the Climate-KIC pre-incubation programme for students and workers who have an innovative idea to tackle the effects of climate change and want to Stroke: telerehabilitation is being tested in Sardinia.

Innovative and technological solutions that support stroke patients during rehabilitation are being tested by University of Cagliari and University of Sassari with the aim of developing a rehabilitation T4i startup is the winner of the Italian Master Startup Award The winner of the Italian Master Startup Award , the T4i Space tech for innovation startup, a spin-off of the University of Padua, develops propulsion technology to put satellite platforms into orbit Strengthening the role of women in the clean energy sector to accelerate the energy transition process is the objective of the collaboration agreement on Clean Energy, Education and Emporwement-C3E, signed University, from MIUR 18 million euro for innovative industrial doctorates.

Resources amounting up to 18 million euro to increase the attractiveness of state and non-state universities of the eight regions of Southern Italy, in collaboration with excellent international enterprises Saqqara, where 3D techniques come to the aid of archaeology. The 3D Survey Group, a research team of the Polytechnic University of Milan involved in investigations on cultural heritage by means of 3D modelling applications and techniques, is currently carrying out An innovative system for redistribution of surplus food products.

The redistribution of surplus food products to address inequalities in an innovative way is the objective of SIVEQ, Sistema Integrato di Valorizzazione delle Eccedenze alimentari nel Quartiere, or Integrated Health, new studies on acute renal damage. Kidney regeneration capability is limited and stem cell therapy is important. This was shown in a study carried out by Paola Romagnani and her team including researchers from the University of Florence The European Investment Bank - EIB will support the five-year investment plan of the University of Bologna, which involves the expansion of five regional campuses.

The planned works include earthquake Standards for ancient protein studies set forth. An international research team, including researchers at the University of Turin, have published a set of guidelines for Palaeoproteomics, a discipline that uses innovative technologies for the analysis Atmospheric iodine levels are increasing. Atmospheric iodine levels are increasing rapidly due to the increase in ozone concentrations related to human activities and Arctic sea-ice retreat. It was revealed by a study carried out by an international AIAC a panel on Greek coroplastic craft.

Proof of concept, from MIUR a call to explore the innovation potential of fundamental research. Supporting researchers active in Italy in exploring the innovation potential of knowledge and innovations developed through fundamental research projects is the aim of the Proof of Concept call, published Meningioma: it may soon be possible to diagnose it in dogs through MRI.

It may soon be possible to predict the degree of malignancy of canine meningiomas using magnetic resonance images. This is the result of a study carried out by the Department of Animal Medicine, Production The distance between the supercomputing community and the big data management community has been now minimized by a fibre ultrafast link which connects two of the main computing centres of Italian research An impetuous outflow of ionized gas and carbon monoxide leaks from galaxy Xid, located at 9.

This outflow of leaking matter It is revealed by a study, published in Parkinsonism and Related Disorders, carried out by Damiano Terenzi, Raffaella Honeybees can tell us how our brain works. The behaviour of honeybees can help us understand human behaviour. This was revealed by a study published in Scientific Reports and carried out at the University of Sheffield, in collaboration with the Stockholm will host the first workshop on Multi-Agent Systems.

Fight against ALS: novel gene identified. Over 80, people involved in two independent lines of investigation have led to the identification of Kif5A, a novel gene associated with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-ALS. Guido Cazzavillan Fellowships awarded. The Beauty of Knowledge: an exhibition on Italian research, between history and future. And if so, what is it?

These are the questions posed by the exhibition Italy: the Beauty of Knowledge, curated by Riccardo Arianna Mancuso, research fellow and PhD student at University of Bologna, was awarded an Early Career Grant to investigate the effects of climate change on sea life, starting from mollusks, the most vulnerable Blocking a protein may have an effect on cancer therapies.

Reducing the effects and the socio-economic impact of climate change on EU islands while improving climate projections and economic models in the period Stem cells as a treatment for osteoarthritis. Clinical trial in Padua. A new treatment for osteoarthritis based on mesenchymal stem cells. It is being tested on patients at Azienda Ospedaliera - University of Padua, which participates in an international clinical trial, coordinated It will take place at Fiera di Roma and will be organized by the Chamber of Commerce University of Turin, new functions of amygdala identified.

Amygdala prevents the onset of defensive behaviours in the presence of new and harmless stimuli. This results from a study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Turin and the National It is called Basker and is the new fire-resistant basalt fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material developed by ENEA to be used in the transport and construction sectors. Univerity of Turin: an alliance to preserve urban art. Raw materials, registrations open to the Summer School Top Stars The Centre will make a significant contribution to didactics in the Medicine and Surgery degree courses, allowing Links between diabetes and periodontitis discovered.

There is a relationship between diabetes and periodontitis, to the point where treating one disease also improves the other. This is what emerges from an international study that involved professors Filippo Technology, an innovative localization method for interiors. Creativity, commitment and excellence are some of the characteristic features of Made-in-Italy research; a heritage to be promoted abroad, which is the aim of the Italian Research Day in the World. Research on stroke and myocardial infarction: here is virtual reality.

The Polytechnic University of Milan will participate in two European projects funded with A few more days to apply for the T-Tours The Tutorial Tour will select all A team of researchers, led by Fabio Reale, a researcher at INAF and a professor at the University of Palermo, has shown that enormous flares in young stars in the Orion Nebula develop in long magnetic Duchenne Dystrophy is treated with an artificial gene engineered by CNR. Health: gene responsible for neural aging identified.

Over genes are involved in brain aging related to due to increasing age. Among them, the Dbx2 gene seems to be responsible for early aging of neural stem cells. This is the result of a study carried The research and innovation open data portal of Friuli Venezia Giulia is now online. They choose their grandchildren. When grandmothers are asked to choose between labour supply and child care, they will choose their grandchildren. Social Innovation Competition, registration for the edition is now open.

The role of young people in a changing world. This is the theme of the edition of the Social Innovation Competition, the annual initiative promoted by the European Commission. How do rodents see the world? A glance is often enough to recognize the gender or emotional state of a person; however, the visual process driving this identification is very sophisticated. Researchers in Padua are working for a permanent artificial heart.

Health, agreement signed between the spin-off Synbiotec and Kos Care. Improving the health of patients through the use of probiotics and the development of personalized services is the objective of the agreement between Synbiotec, a spin-off of the University of Camerino The new genetic vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases. Is it possible to identify wine only through smell and taste?

Linkage, aplotipo e LD Step by Step

It is possible to evaluate the characteristics of wine only through smell and taste. This is the objective of a project, coordinated by Susanna Bartolini, a researcher in general arboriculture and tree I giovani e le scienze the winners of the Italian selection announced. Three students from Turin and three students from Rimini are the winners of I giovani e le scienze, the Italian selection of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists, promoted by the Directorate-General The call to apply to the first edition of the Entrepreneurship in Humanities Summer School set up by Golinelli Foundation has been recently launched.

The summer school will be held in Bologna from 9 to Good memory depends on the speed of brain waves. Our ability to store information for everyday use depends on the speed of theta brain waves, according to a study published by PLOS Biology and carried out by an international research team led by Vincenzo Graphene: new possibilities for industrial production.

A study carried out by researchers from the CNR Istituto Officina dei Materiali and the University of Trieste and published in Science has unveiled the mechanisms of graphene growth on the surface of a Integrated ship design, ISDlab inaugurated in Trieste. The first integrated ship design laboratory, unique case in Italy, was inaugurated on 9 March in Trieste, the result of a collaboration agreement between the Department of Engineering and Architecture Space research passes through school desks, with the 16 innovative projects that won the Scuola: spazio al tuo futuro.

Simone Borsetti, born in Ferrara is among the 29 young people who were awarded by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella with the decoration of Young Knight of the Republic Alfiere della Does money bring happiness? Children answer the question. Approximately 1, students from Italian primary schools have answered questions concerning economic success, money exchange habits within the family and interest towards economy.

Foreign students in Bari thanks to the "Come In Uniba" project. Thirty students aged 20 to 27 years from 6 countries and 2 continents will reach the University of Bari from Senegal, Somalia, Kenya, Argentina, Chile and Peru to follow the courses organized by the Departments What sentiment makes us want to vote? Is it possible that anger at the political system motivates Italian voters to go to the polls?

University of Turin: play reinforces social interaction, study reveals. Play is the medium through which gorillas and chimpanzees build and reinforce affiliation and social support. This is the result of a study recently published in the journal Plos One and carried out by Siena, protein that triggers cancer activity in macrophages discovered. It is called ERK-5 and is a cancer growth-promoting protein; its inhibition can interfere with the pro-tumour activity of TAMs tumour-associated macrophages which have shown to be among the best allies An analysis laboratory in a droplet.

Airport traffic: with Retina, low visibility is not a problem.


It will be soon possible to see the airport traffic from the control tower despite adverse weather conditions thanks to Retina, the European research project coordinated by the University of Bologna that It is called SILVER and is the underwater robot that will monitor sea bottoms by walking and crawling on many types of surface, in line with the principles of Soft-Robotics.

The robot has been developed The pupil can reveal it. By measuring the diameter of the pupil it would be possible to discover the traits of our personality. The new edition of Innovation for Change has kicked off. A new tomato to alleviate stomachache. A new line of tomatoes, called 'bronze', which contains a unique combination of polyphenols that improves the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases. Egypt, first thermodynamic solar plant with ENEA technology inaugurated.

The first thermodynamic solar plant in North Africa, opened in Egypt, was built using technology developed by ENEA: it occupies 10 thousand square metres, with 18 parabolic mirrors, each metres long Also the Mediterranean diet lowers cardiovascular risk. The Mediterranean diet and the vegetarian diet, integrated by eggs and dairy products, both reduce the cardiovascular risk: these are the conclusions of a study carried out by the University of Florence Information Technology, Polytechnic University of Milan launches an honours programme.

Applications are open for the Scientific Research in Information Technology honours programme organized by Politecnico di Milano. By using a hi-tech technology, ENEA has managed to obtain a reconstruction of some fragments of the Frieze of the Sphinxes decorating the first row of apses at the Basilica Ulpia in ancient Rome.

Research on wheat, Carlotta Award for young female scientists launched. There is time until 30 March to submit applications to the Carlotta Award , open to young female researchers involved in research on wheat. A digital highway for data from the Sardinia Radio Telescope. Data from the Sardinia Radio Telescope — the most modern and technological parabolic antenna in Europe, developed by the National Institute for Astrophysics in collaboration with the Italian Space Here come the boards of future cruise ships.

Highly-innovative and lighter fire-resistant boards for naval use that will replace the internal partitions of cruise ships are an Italian success resulting from the research project PANTAF, conducted The Sahara was green and populated. The Sapienza University of Rome has coordinated an international research team that, using an innovative DNA sequencing technique, has reconstructed the evolutionary path of the human species on the African The Internet of Things will help control flooding and overflows. Restoration of a painting that survived the earthquake started.

The restoration of the painting Annunciazione, an oil canvas dating back to the 16th century found in the church of SS. Annunziata in Arquata del Tronto, destroyed by the earthquake, has recently SafeSchool 4. The app assesses the energy consumption and structural characteristics of school buildings This is what emerges from the studies of Dr Nazzareno Cannella and Prof. Roberto Ciccocioppo, researchers at Health, researchers produced nerve cells to repair brain damage. The transformation of embryonic stem cells, typical of mammalian development in the first weeks of life, was steered for the first time, reproducing specific neuronal connections of the cerebral cortex The two projects are funded by the Institute for Archaeological Technologically advanced services: 10 scholarships offered by GARR.

The selection procedure has started for the awarding of 10 scholarships dedicated to the development of technologically advanced services. The scholarships are offered by GARR, the national ultra-broadband Papillomavirus: incidence of neck cancer increased. A study that analysed the epidemiological trends of cancers related to papillomavirus - HPV in Italy proved that oral HPV infection is often responsible for neck cancer.

The study, published in Plos One Signs of breast cancer in Renaissance paintings. A study carried out by researchers of the University of Turin has identified the presence of malignancies by observing paintings.

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Footprints of children who lived , years ago discovered. A team of researchers from Sapienza University of Rome discovered the footsteps of children who lived around , years ago during excavations in Ethiopia funded by Sapienza University and the Ministry Also this year there will be a number of Urban air quality has improved but it is not enough. Air quality has improved over the decade with regard to the annual concentration of pollutants, although daily limits are often exceeded in big cities.

It was revealed by the report MobilitAria Here is the list of native Italian plants. Horses do have a personality. Horses have a personality which reflects in the way they address and solve problems based on their nature and character. MIUR call: over million for the enhancement of research infrastructures. The Ministry of Education, University and Research has published on its website the public notice that allocates over million euro for the enhancement of research infrastructures through the NOP funds Fostering interactions between academia, industry and the market in the field of life sciences is the objective of Bio4Dreams, the Italian incubator born entirely from private investments.

How does the brain represent the surrounding worId? How are raw sensory signals transformed into a brain representation of the world that surrounds us? MIUR, launch of the plan for the recruitment of 2, researchers. The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research has launched an extraordinary plan for the recruitment of 1, type B researchers at Universities and permanent researchers at Public Research A budget of 5 million euro to promote the return and attraction of 24 young researchers to our country has been assigned to the new call of the Rita Levi Montalcini Programme for young researchers A new fabric against the extreme cold.

A new fabric, as hard as ceramic and as soft as wool, with some of the best thermal insulation properties ever measured until now, has been patented by researchers at the Glass and Ceramics Laboratory Bioplastic from fruit and vegetable waste: new IIT prototype presented. Energy efficiency mortgages: launch of the European market consultation. The EeMAP-Energy Efficient Mortgage Action Plan initiative has launched a European market consultation for an energy efficiency mortgage scheme, which will be tested across Europe with a view to providing A model to simulate crisis scenarios, by studying interconnections between natural disasters and cyber attacks targeting main global infrastructures, in order to increase the resilience of networks and Cetaceans threatened by microplastics.

Scientists at the University of Siena, together with American and Australian colleagues, have raised an alarm over pollution from microplastics, particles derived from the degradation of plastic waste UNIBO working against doping. Health oranges: AIRC raised more than 2. More than 2,, euro were raised by AIRC on 27 January during the Arance della Salute health oranges campaign which took place in 2.

Prehistoric Sahara unveils new forms of cultivation. A study, published in Nature Plants, found proof of prehistoric forms of cultivation and storage, until now unknown, of plants and wild grains in the Saharan Africa of about 10, years ago. The study University of Camerino continues to grow. Spinal cord injury: an alliance between neurosurgery and basic research.

A new research group has been established which combines complementary approaches to address one of the greatest challenges of research: repair spinal cord injuries, a drama for many families, with an New plant discovered on Mount Ocre. Early positive results in tracking wasps that kill honeybees. First positive results for Life Stop Vespa , the European initiative set up to stop Vespa Velutina Lepeletier, commonly known as Asian hornet, which has become a serious threat for Italian apiculture Environment: ENEA to transform dairy waste into bio packaging.

Florida University hires Italian researcher to fight citrus xylella. Radio astronomy also counts on hyperfibre. Archaeology, University of Udine closes the first campaign in Lebanon. Change at the top of the European Gravitational Observatory. Blockchain technology, Europe reinforces its engagement.

Projects that can draw on blockchain technologies while promoting cooperation among researchers for the development of new ideas, for up to million euro: these are the projects that, between now and AIRC will fund three projects conducted by the researchers of the University of Udine with over 1 million euro over 5 years. The projects will focus on research on earlier diagnosis, development of new New funding to study the protein responsible for ALS. Risky decision-making of the brain clarified by the Institute of Biorobotics.

About this book

The propension to risky decision-making seems to be controlled by a specific structure of our brain: this is the conclusion of a study, published in eNeuro, which observed the neural development mechanisms Innovation, EIT launches a call on urban mobility and advanced manufacturing. Source European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

University of Camerino, training course on promotion of research. A two-day training course at the University of Camerino to talk about promotion of research, technology transfer, innovation, patents and intellectual property. Organized by NetVal, the association of Greater resistance to earthquakes with a new plaster developed by ENEA. A non-invasive technique to reinforce the houses hit and damaged by earthquakes has been recently developed by the ENEA Research Centre in Casaccia in collaboration with Roma Tre University and support Women in Science: International Day on 11 February.

The call proposed by Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking, the initiative carried out under Horizon , has been published. The aim is to facilitate technological innovations that allow an efficient The creation of a network of leading European infrastructures for the coordinated development of biofuel research. Food excellence, ENEA to coordinate a project to preserve it. It was named MED-GOLD — Mediterranean Gold and it is the European project to preserve food excellence of our tables: grapevine, olive tree and durum wheat, threatened by climate change and invasion Meeting at the University of Bologna to overcome fears.

Second meeting of the Game of Fears cycle organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of Bologna for the ISA Topic project: five macro themes addressing the fears that people have Headache: study confirms the usefulness of old remedies of folk medicine. The old remedies used by our grandparents to treat headache were somewhat effective.

According to the study, about Cause of death of mummy dating back years ago recently discovered. The quality of food depends on microbes. A study on fermented meat products, published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, showed that the use of a starter microbial culture i. University of Turin: here comes P. University of Calabria: call to participate in CLab now open.

Hearing loss: a state-of-the-art laboratory opened in Padua. Enhancing PhDs by increasing the number of access channels for PhD holders to the production system and promoting the employment of researchers in companies. Source Associazione dottorandi e dottori di ricerca italiani. Genome editing: Italian researchers develop a precision weapon to repair faulty DNA.

Health: CNR discovers children obesity markers. The CNR Institute of Food Science in Avellino carried out a study, published in Scientific Reports, on the metabolic mechanisms underlying early adiposity, which causes several chronic-degenerative diseases PhDs, the value of scholarships increases by euro net per month. Confirmations and new insights into climate change from artificial intelligence.

Thanks to artificial intelligence we may be able to better understand climate change. Cancer, new therapeutic perspectives by researchers at the University of Trieste.

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New therapeutic perspectives in the fight against cancer were described in a study published by Nature Cell Biology and conducted by researchers at the University of Trieste and the National CIB Laboratory What does the duration of an earthquake depend on? The duration of an earthquake is one of the issues seismologists address at the beginning of any earthquake; the study entitled Longer aftershocks duration in extensional tectonic settings, carried out Every day, the fight against cancer acquires new instruments thanks to the advances of scientific research.

To support progress and build an increasingly cancer-free future, on Saturday 27 January The INFN and the CNR have opened the call for the Women and Research in Physics competition, aimed at upper secondary school students, who are invited to submit papers on the topic Women and physics research SMA: autophagy control for a possible cure. Autophagy, the process by which cells remove and recycle their non-functional components, contributes to neurodegeneration in spinal muscular atrophy: this results from a study conducted by Prof. To train new professional profiles capable of innovatively presenting scientific up-to-date topics to citizens, to make the society more reactive and aware of its choices.

An encouraging answer comes from a study, published in Nature Communications, conducted by an international team of scientists Health: gold nanoparticles to fight viruses. Roberto Battiston awarded with the Space Economy Award. ScienzaPerTutti: the school competition is now open. UNIBO researchers discover the secrets of a mysterious dinosaur. Halszkaraptor escuilliei is the name of the new species of predatory dinosaur that lived 75 million years ago, discovered by an international group of researchers led by Andrea Cau of the University of Italian space sector reform approved. The reform of the Italian space sector has been approved.

Thyroid neoplasms: Raman microscopy helps to recognize them. Electronics and nanotechnologies, Sino-Italian joint lab inaugurated. Molecular communication system artificially replicated. It is called Ermes and is a method that replicates the communication system of synthetic molecules by simulating what happens in nature during cellular respiration.

It has been developed and tested by There is time until 20 January to register for CyberChallenge. Physics, 30 years of science and technology at Gran Sasso Laboratory. This concludes the collaboration project carried out by the Schools of Pharmaceutical Energy innovation, EIC Horizon award for artificial photosynthesis recently launched. To support new solution that combine — by means of artificial photosynthesis — solar energy, water and carbon found in the air to produce clean fuel. Vaccines: from a vegetable compound, new hopes against pathogens and tumours.

It is called Sulfavant and is derived from natural products found in sea microalgae and land plants. In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports of the Nature group, this compound of vegetable Italian Patent Competition: , euro for new patents in Life Sciences. A prize worth , euro for new patents registered in Italy and addressed to the fields of life sciences and digital will be awarded during the Italian Patent Competition, the call promoted by the Innogest Space: with HortExtreme, made-in-Italy vegetable garden on Mars.

Innovation, from the EU a prize for technologies to support humanitarian aid. A budget of million euro, the largest ever, has been recently allocated to Italian basic research, with specific attention to young people aged less than 40 and to researchers working in the regions Psychology, children with dyslexia see in a special way. In some respects, the perception in children with dyslexia seems to be the opposite of that in children with typical development, according to a study carried out by researchers at University of Padova First meeting of Contamination Lab network.

Magnetism and black holes: Italian researchers in the journal Science. Black holes exert a very strong gravitational pull on everything around them, but they have a surprisingly weak magnetic field. This is demonstrated by an international study, published in the journal Neuroscience, neural mechanisms explained by cortical blindness. Despite being partially blind, some patients showed unconscious vision on the blind side of the visual field. This was established in the study Visually evoked responses from the blind field of hemianopic The game is serious when health is at stake.

The cure and prevention of diseases by means of serious game — that is, games having a useful purpose that are used for simulation and virtual reality for training healthcare professionals on specific Cancer research, an overview in an interactive e-book by IFOM. Insidious and multifaceted, cancer is among the most feared evils of our time. Its incidence is increasing: in Italy alone, about 1, people a day receive a diagnosis of infiltrating malignant cancer. An innovative approach to the fight against cancer, which opens new therapeutic perspectives in personalized medicine and which identifies the best strategies to block DNA repair in cancer cells.

A study conducted at the Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences of the University of Bologna has studied human adaptation to hypobaric hypoxia through the genetic heritage of Ultrafast switches with surface plasmons. It seems that it is possible to make much faster switches than the ones currently in use by using new two-dimensional materials.

This is the result of a study carried out by researchers at the Institute It was discovered by researchers at the Neuroscience Division Neuroscience, researchers at University of Florence study lampreys. It is a niche sector but it attracts the interest of neuroscientists all over the world: it is the study of lampreys. Natural sciences, Marsican brown bear's surprising resistance to extinction. It has been demonstrated by a study carried out by a team of Italian researchers who have identified Naval and offshore sectors, the made in Friuli Venezia Giulia eco-sustainable door.

Developing a key technology for safety in the naval and offshore sectors: a door that ensures high efficiency and low environmental impact. The same greenhouse to raise fish and grow plants. Two research projects from the University of Milan are among the 33 Italian winners of the prestigious Consolidator Grants of the European Research Council-ERC, the funding scheme designed to support excellent Manipulation of gas: new frontiers for the future.

The manipulation of atoms and their interactions at very low temperatures is one of the areas of research of particular topical interest today. An international team of researchers has concluded a study The effects of an airport on Saint Helena island. The future of molecular computers at University of Cagliari.

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Thanks to the work of a group of researchers at the University of Cagliari, it has been possible to develop the first example of a molecular logic gate able to exploit the interaction between molecules Making electronic circuits, like those contained in our computers and smartphones, by printing them on paper using the wonderful properties of graphene inks. With this idea Gianluca Fiori, Associate Professor Medicine: new studies on SMA, the muscular atrophy that affects children.

There is a link between protein synthesis and the mechanism by which spinal muscular atrophy SMA appears and progresses. This has been demonstrated for the first time by a study conducted by CNR - Institute New studies on the possibility of protecting the heart after surgery. Stress can cause genome changes. Towards the 9th Framework Programme, discussion at the national level begins.

Preparations have started for the transition from Horizon — the current European Research and Innovation Programme for the period — to the 9th Framework Programme-FP9. The cyclical nature of sound perception, with oscillations that reflect the rhythms of our attention, has been demonstrated by the study Auditory Sensitivity and Decision Criteria Oscillate at Different Medicine, UniVerona awarded for research on organ transplantation.

The University of Verona is at the top of the list for the best research of the year in the field of organ transplantation. A study coordinated by Gianluigi Zaza, of the Nephrology section of the University Quantum technologies for space: Europe to strengthen leadership. Angelo Bassi, Professor of quantum mechanics at the University of Trieste and coordinator of the European network QTSpace-Quantum Technologies in Space has submitted a strategic document on quantum technologies Graphene used in the development of a packaging system that allows better preservation of food, with the possibility of recovering the material from used packaging and reusing it in the production of new Innovative Doctorates: the experience of Italian researchers between research and business.

Nanomedicine, Unimore in the European Platform. The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Unimore has joined the European Platform on Nanomedicine after years of studies and experiments conducted in one of the most promising fields of research, at Six original research and development challenges aimed at the development of innovative solutions for health and social systems, for a total value of about 16 million euro.

This is the proposal of the Transports in Horizon , themes and novelties of calls presented in Rome. Themes, deadlines and suggestions useful to participate in the next European calls on research in transports were at the centre of the national infoday on calls concerning the societal challenge In Albert Einstein published an article that formed the basis of modern cosmology.

Imaging the Universe after What if the speed of light were not constant? Some quantum gravity theories, however Astrophysics, star accretion reproduced in the laboratory. For the first time the accretion process in young stars has been reproduced in a laboratory. The result of the recent experiment has been published in the journal Science Advances. Quasicrystals, from the stars the ultraresistant materials of the future.

They have an extraordinary resistance, thanks to a structure of atoms arranged in a mosaic, with regular configurations that never repeat in the same way. Promoting the training of young Italian students in an international context through the award of two scholarships: this is the goal of the Memorandum of Understanding — MOU signed between the Italian Life science: Innova SiBioC call now open for young talents. To promote and reward the most promising ideas in Life Sceinces to translate them into entrepreneurial initiatives is the objective of the InnovaSIBioC call, promoted by the Italian Society of Clinical European Space Agency: over positions for university newly graduates and students in their final year.

Enhancing the results of the first edition of the AGER project on the durum wheat chain. Women scientists in the forefront at Cagliari FestivalScienza On 12 November, the tenth edition of the Cagliari FestivalScienza was closed. The six-day festival provided an opportunity to learn more about physics, chemistry, natural sciences, mathematics during Fossils of pygmy right whales found in Sicily and Japan.

Researchers were surprised to hear that fossil remains belonging to the pygmy right whale Caperea marginata had been found in Sicily and Japan, contrary to the assumption that the distribution of this Do smells influence emotions? In Antarctica the wind affects sea ice variability. What are the rules that sea ice follows during its seasonal cycle? This is revealed by a study conducted by Italian researchers and published in Nature Communications, which analysed the environmental Unicam and University of Chile together to reduce natural disasters.

Here are the winners of Start Cup Lazio The best hi-tech business projects developed within universities and research centres based in Lazio which have won the business plan competition called Start Cup Lazio were awarded with cash prizes Augmented reality: Paolo Nespoli to test an innovative app for iPads. By means of an innovative app for iPads based on augmented reality technology, it is possible to enhance the sensory perception of astronauts as well as maximize their working time onboard the International Sapienza University explores the skull of last ancestor.

The Man of Ceprano was morphologically similar to Homo heidelbergensis, who is considered as our link with Neanderthals: this is the result of the sophisticated digital techniques applied to a year Kiwi is good for the mood and should be protected. Two or three kiwis a day take the psychotherapist away… Words of researchers from the University of Verona, who showed the positive effect of this fruit on the mood and health of volunteers Best ideas awarded in the Final of Start Cup Toscana Four business plans are the winners of Start Cup Toscana , the competition that awards the best high-tech entrepreneurship initiatives developed at the research laboratories of the Tuscan universities Materials, here comes a superconductor that does not dissipate energy.

This was discovered by the researchers Procurement: new market consultations on digitization and early warning. Market consultations continue in preparation of the pre-commercial procurement procedures for research and development of innovative products or services for the Public Administration. The procedures are National Olympiad of Astronomy Registration is open for the 16th edition of the National Olympiad of Astronomy, the competition that gives Italian school students the opportunity to meet and exchange opinions with researchers and other An additional degree in sea water and tornadoes become stronger.

The increase in the Mediterranean Sea temperature will result in the formation of tornadoes of increasing intensity: this is the conclusion of a study conducted by CNR and ENEA researchers published in Venice Time Machine: two million images of the large Venetian archives now digitalized.

Over a period of two years, , documents from the State Archives of Venice, , images from the Photographic Archives of Giorgio Cini Foundation, 3, books from the most important city libraries The Sense of Beauty: a review of the film in cinemas on 21 and 22 November.

A continuous dance of countless particles in a constant state of motion. Sulcis, human traces dating back to b. Human beings were in Sardinia, in the Sulcis area, in the early years before Christ. Social innovation, a call to address 4 challenges for the third sector now online. Funding innovative solutions to address 4 social challenges in Italy is the aim of the call for grants launched by Aster and Impact Hub Siracusa on the socialchallenges.

A jacket against cosmic radiation: it was tested by Paolo Nespoli. Precision medicine and big data. These will be the main areas of collaboration between the Polytechnic University of Turin and the Chinese company Thermo Fisher Scientific, a global leader in healthcare SME Instrument: from Europe, 5.