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Download all figures. Sign in. You could not be signed in. Sign In Forgot password? Don't have an account? Sign in via your Institution Sign in. Er leitete das Baur au Lac ab Karl took charge of the Baur au Lac in The nose-dive which followed this brief intermezzo of calm and prosperity was all the more painful: The New York Stock Exchange crashed, triggering a global economic depression and driving unemployment in Switzerland to alarming heights.

In the difficult years that followed, the hotel felt obliged to repurpose its park and plant potatoes to ensure that guests were properly fed. Once again, the Baur au Lac set the stage for an event of far-reaching geopolitical signif-. Shortly afterwards, he abdicated in order to be able to marry the American actress Wallis Simpson. After Hermann's death, his widow Elizabeth founded H. Kracht's community of heirs together with daughter Heidi later Roulet and son Charles, who was only 13 years old at the time. Ernst Schaerer took charge of the hotel until Charles reached the age of majority in.

Rumour has it that the clocks tick more slowly in Switzerland. That, though, is beside the point: It is simply that the people here take. Purple reign: Laurent Eperon, the king of cuisine at the Baur au Lac, has just been awarded his second Michelin star. The colour may or may not have inspired him, but it certainly fits the bill. On all counts, Laurent Eperon has for ten years consistently been cooking up a storm on his way to the top of the Swiss gastronomic scene.

For four long days, he and 64 colleagues from 62 countries battled it out for the coveted title, which is only awarded once every three years. Ein ereignisreicher Tag neigt sich dem Ende zu. Doch die Stadt begehrt noch einmal auf bevor sie sich zur Ruhe legt. Outside, the sun is still playing the day's last colourful hand with relish and panache when, all of a sudden, dusk envelopes the Baur au Lac in a regal shade of deep blue.

The pleasant, calming effect of the evening mood is more than welcome and permeates the assembled guests. An eventful day is drawing to a close. The city won't give in without a fight, however, beckoning to office-dwellers to swap their desks for the nocturnal outdoors. Thousands heed the call, taking their place by the lake. Young love embraces in the shade of the trees. New acquaintances are forged, old friendships refreshed in the throngs milling around the bars.

Those of a more sporting disposition jog along the Sihl, while fashion-conscious couples see and are seen in their smartly polished soft-tops, or steer their Ferraris purposefully towards the car park outside the Baur au Lac. An artwork of a cocktail on the terrace would be just the job right now. Against the pleasurable backdrop of ice cubes clinking in glasses, hotel guests gradually head for their rooms, sinking into downy pillows and drowsily recalling yet another poetic day.

Inneneinrichtung stets wichtige Akzente setzte. Ergo, eine gute Erfindung, welche dem Gast nutzt. Unsere Aufgabe ist es also zu antizipieren, welche Innovationen dem Gast dienen und welche nur Spielereien sind oder nur vermeintlich Kosten sparen. Ein geradezu absurder Gedanke. Wir sind Gastgeber aus Leidenschaft. So we won't see robots handling check-in at the Baur au Lac? Then you will naturally find it again at every member hotel, whether you stay in Tokyo, New York or Lombok. You don't drink al-. Global players such as Microsoft and Google have long since set up shop.

And not just for our distinguished guests: The show is open to all residents of Zurich. WL: Mr. Rey, you moved to the Baur au Lac when you were still a child. What was it like growing up here? MR: My life in hotels actually began much earlier. My parents moved to Monte Carlo when I was three years old. From that time on, director's quarters were my home. WL: You cultivated a love of hoteliery even as a child? MR: Yes, I did. I spent every day at the hotel. I learned almost incidentally how things work in the kitchen and with the housekeeping. Perhaps most importantly of all, I listened to how the concierges dealt with guests.

When I was still very young, I also sat over the books with my father. I watched him take momentous business decisions. I was learning lessons for life. Wie war es, hier aufzuwachsen? Von dem Moment an waren Direktorenwohnungen mein Zuhause. MR: Ja, das stimmt. WL: You led the hotel for 30 years, and the impact you made cannot be overlooked. It was you who tapped into the American market. You were one of the pioneers with regard to the Arab world and the Far East. And with major events such as the Opera Ball, the Kispi Ball, the Golf Cup and the Summer Party, you made the Baur au Lac a pivotal attraction not just for international guests, but for the whole of Zurich.

How you and your wife Viviane then spearheaded the gargantuan renovation and modernization project can almost be seen as a lifetime achievement. Viviane wasn't just by your side, she was in management with you.

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And we believe the Baur au Lac can consider itself fortunate indeed that your wife, whose expertise and. Welche Auswirkungen hat das auf Ihr Tun? Beim Marketing. MR: But you yourself have now been the director for seven years. Tell us how it feels for you to be here at the Baur au Lac, having already served in the same capacity at many of the world's most renowned hotels? WL: Well, I took over an excellently managed establishment which is in the very forefront of hoteliery in terms of room occupancy, cost-effectiveness and quality.

MR: The digital transformation that was just beginning on my watch is now in full swing. How does that affect what you do? In der Folge ging es dann schon einfacher per E-Mail. So zum Beispiel bei der Rekrutierung unserer stark international ausgerichteten Belegschaft. WL: Absolut. MR: When I began my career, we did that with a telex machine and, later, with faxes. E-mail did make things easier. WL: On an internal level, too, new technology helps us optimise our processes — when recruiting our very international staff, for example.

MR: I get the impression — and I hope I am right — that you are enjoying your role…. It also became the world's third-largest producer and today has a pres-. Nicolas Feuillatte fand in ihm den perfekten Partner, um seine Champagnermarke endlich. The brand's dizzying ascent thus began in The appellation extends over 2, hectares in total and includes eleven particularly valuable grand cru and 26 premier cru vineyards.

To guarantee immaculate quality, the grapes are all pressed in wine presses on site in the vineyards themselves as soon as they are gathered, rather than first being transported to the wine cellars. The diverse array of grapes finds its way into a broad palette of champagnes that regularly cull top rankings from international wine critics. Guests from around the globe are welcomed here. Over a period of nearly. New York and the Broad in Los Angeles. First and foremost, its founders Mitchell P. Over the years, the museum has amassed about 1, works by post-World War II artists from around the world, reflecting a variety of media.

Significant phases of expansion on the acre campus followed between and, most recently, October The latter development introduced a set of pavilions which create 11 interlocking rooms arranged around a serene water court. In keeping with the overall concept, this smoothly choreographed design — the brainchild of award-winning architect Thomas Phifer — again seamlessly merges architecture with the surrounding landscape. Attention to detail is visible everywhere, from the meticulous planting of more than 8, trees to the white umbrellas proferred to visitors in the event of rain.

What is also fascinating are semi-permanent installations such as that of Robert Gober, which appears to envelope the visitor in a sinister forest, among bales of old newspapers, juxtaposed with boxes of rat poison, lined with sinks whose water taps run ad infinitum — an experience tantamount to water torture in a sylvan prison! Definitely not the kind of artwork one buys on a whim… The Raleses are indeed extremely methodical about their acquisitions and, over time, have refined their tastes and understanding of art. Mitchell indicated that the Gutai group is an area they spent a lot of time and work on before it was big in the market.

The same. Mitchell, thank you so much for the privilege of viewing your special space and chatting with you. It certainly appears to have been a quite wonderful journey into the arts for you and Emily. I am curious to see how Glenstone will evolve in the not too distant future! John Chamberlain — together with one brilliant female artist. The latter was Louise Bourgeois, who passed away in at the ripe old age of Bourgeois had established the Easton Foundation in , and to this she left her home on 20th Street on the west side of Manhattan along with the adjacent townhouse.

These were to be the official nucleus of the complex. The main purpose of the foundation is to pre-. To date, her home remains as it always was: Her dresser, complete with her favourite perfume, lipstick,. It was rather fortunate that she and I happened to be visiting New York at the same time. She completed her master's degree in drawing and painting with honours from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

To top. She has appeared in nuBy inventing alter ego characters, Boardman's paintings explore the ideology of. As a child, she would set her Muppet Babies alarm clock early so she could watch an hour of Looney Tunes before heading out to school. It is perhaps fitting that, as an adult, Boardman still savours the same flavours and thematic animations as a way to create an illusion of life in her paintings. Such is the beauty of life — and her life is certainly anything but boring! After meeting her Australian prince in New York and moving from Brooklyn to the suburbs of Sydney to be with him, she found herself in a tiny art studio near the beach, far removed from other artists and art world heavyweights.

This paved the way towards Boardman's full realization that she definitely wanted to create paintings which also include elements of animation. Amber, although your forms have changed over time from painting to animation to public art installations, your central theme — aspiration — unites them all! If you have not already done so, I am positive you will soon be reaching the stars, the very heavens!

Good luck, my dear. You are one beautiful, humble, artistic soul — and don't you forget it! After four decades, Semmel still staunchly refuses to romanticise the human body. Sexuality has always played a decisive role in the history of art: It has served both as thematic material and as a powerful motivation and trigger for artistic production. For the longest time, it was the male gaze that directed the politics of these images, homing in on the female body as its sensual object.

Yet when the first feminist examinations of eroticism followed, women artists themselves explored and thus began to reclaim the female body. The erotic female gaze finally made it onto the big canvas! Semmel is best known for large-scale paintings of her own nude, ageing body as seen from her own perspective, looking down. She alternately crouches, angles, twists and elongates her torso well beyond the confines of composition, following an approach she initiated in the early s. Assorted pinks, oranges, reds and purples reflect the artist's attention to the actual hue of her skin.

Her feminine limbs map the road to her entire physicality: a bruise here, perhaps, a cut there perchance, her gaze beyond the horizon exuding the confidence of a mature woman. Semmel was born on October 19, , a native of the Bronx who started her primary schooling at the Michael E. In between times, she spent seven years in Spain, where she learned and perfected broad gestural movements for her paintings.

Her figurative style developed here, incorporating the erotic themes for which she is undoubtedly best known today. Her work has also been featured in group shows, including the. Due to its use of sensuality. The artist is the eldest of five children. She earned her bachelor of fine arts degree in from Newcomb College in New Orleans, majoring in painting and ceramics. On graduating, she briefly taught third grade in Louisiana till the lure of New York proved irresistible.

In , though, she met her life partner, Anand Sarabhai, on a trip to Ahmedabad. The first Benglis show at the new headquarters of Pace in New York's Chelsea district is slated to open in September of this year. From to the present, Lynda Benglis has presented over 85 solo exhibitions in the United States and abroad. And the list is still lengthening Lynda, it was a divine pleasure to meet you and seek to grasp your unusual blend of organic imagery and incorporated media.

I hope to catch up with another shot or two of whiskey in my corner of the universe! Come to think of it, I had never had a drink at three in the afternoon till I met you! Thank you ever so much! Most abstractionists became famous for one particular flair or trademark feature: Jackson Pollock for his drips and Barnett Newman for his zips, Mark Rothko for his paintings with rectangles, and so on.

I do suspect, however, that many of these artists would turn in their graves if they knew how frequently they've been reduced to one-word identifiers! Horn herself is best known for the light-cast glass sculptures she has been creating since the mids. Over a period of time, the sculptures will therefore pre-. Many are round and stand.

Music and Literature in German Romanticism (Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture)

They are conceptual works that draw attention to a constantly morphing and shifting environment. They are strikingly beautiful, I must admit! Illness, motherhood, caregiving and maturity all make the body, life's changes and its vagaries a deep source of her imagery.

To Greenberg, all these activities have a formal structure. As in her paintings, though, that very formality is tinged with a magic, a dissonance that invites analysis. Speaking of all this brings to mind a. She obsessed over body cuts when she was operated on, the formation of malignant cells, even the child growing inside her! In recent years she shouldered another responsibility, that of caring for her ageing parents during their terminal illnesses.

Again, all these patterns and feelings emerged in her paintings. As she works in her country studio, she appreciates the sight of large bulbs from tiny seeds, root systems, the fragile, fanciful blooms that adorn her garden. One special interest at this time was conceptual art, which she studied under Geoffrey Hendricks and Robert Watts, two influential protagonists of the Fluxus movement. Greenberg has had four one-person shows in New York and several group shows in Connecticut and New York. Aside from painting, Marilyn Greenberg also writes poetry that has been published.

From , she sat on the Advisory Board of the Brooklyn Museum. She also served as Council Chair of the Elizabeth A. I can't keep up with you! I look forward to coming to see you again! An instinctive American installation artist and sculptor who immerses herself fully in her work, she never gives the final word on any given piece. Many of her past works have been tensile suspensions of mass and line, assembled in her studio from an impressive inventory of recovered materials. Her inspiration can be nothing more than a whim and a fancy. Hoke invents hundreds of small collages and pieces them together on site to form massive constructions.

I personally saw some of them when I paid her a visit. Hoke's works have been exhibited all over her home country, notably at the Sarasota Mu-. Heilmann was born on January 3, , in San Francisco, California. She earned her bachelor's degree in literature from the University of California in. I realized through our conversations that. Mary Heilmann's colourful chairs on wheels were genuinely intended to sit on for relaxation, meditation and socializing. They have been exhibited all over — even on one of the terraces at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Her work in general has been the subject of various exhibitions since Mary, it was thrilling meeting you and seeing all your ceramics, which I adore. Your paintings and those items of furniture are really to die for! Hope to see you again very soon — perhaps for another sushi somewhere else? Johnson also embeds a purposefully selected range of everyday materials and objects in his artistic narrative, many of them steeped in his childhood and not a few touching on collective aspects of African American intellectual history and cultural identity: citizens'.

It's not a weapon for me, it's more of an interest. Johnson earned his master's degree at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago, after which he relocated. It shares borders with the Tibet Autonomous Region of. I have often been fascinated by this country, so when the occasion arose for a visit with our friends from Le Rosey, there was no holding me back! While most of Bhutan is hilly or mountainous, there are vast differences in altitude. The southernmost parts — the jungles bordering India, for example — are very low-lying, only just above sea level.

Punakha's most popular attraction, the awe-inspiring dzong or palace, is set a little higher, at 1, meters. We were lucky enough to be able to visit this distinctive dzong, which stands on a relatively flat spit of land at the confluence of the Mo and Pho Rivers. An impressive sight indeed! Today, the acronym GNH can be heard everywhere. It was coined in during an interview conducted for the Financial Times by a British journalist at Bombay Airport. She is also a half-sister to the 5th monarch, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. Her husband's family belonged to the first generation. He himself completed a master's degree in public administration and global affairs, also at Columbia University.

Together, this wonderful couple have two sons aged 13 and Enterprising homme d'affaires that he is, Sangay owns five Six Senses resorts in Bhutan. The western and central valleys of Bhutan accommodate these lodges, each of which exudes its own character, environment and experiences.

The first three — in Thimphu, Paro and Punakha — are already open. Gangtey and Bumthang will follow suit in May In Thimphu, the altitude is already a more serious 2, metres. Surrounded by mountains lined with ancient monasteries and lhakhangs temples , Thimphu to this day remains the world's only national capital without a single set of traffic lights. Paro, nestled in the eponymous valley and flanked by mountain peaks, is home to perhaps the most scenic of all five properties. The valley has a mix of small villages, historical buildings and terraced fields where rice, barley and wheat are grown.

Punakha is the warmest of the lot, with summer temperatures rising to 30 Celsius. The minute ride from Thimphu to Punakha winds through pine forests, alongside streams and past stupas and prayers flags. The eastbound road out of Punakha traverses a village and climbs past ravines with dizzying drops en route for Gangtey. Lastly, the onward drive to Bumthang crosses the picturesque Yotong La mountains and descends into the Chhume Valley, home of Bhutan's famous Yathra weaving tradition.

Sangay, it was a most thrilling trip for all of us and an immense pleasure meeting you, HRH Princess Ashi and other members of your family. We hope to see you again soon in our neck of the Alps! One of the most impressive examples is the Shunan Zhuhai national. Our journey begins in Chongqing, however, allegedly the most populous city on Earth with. In the Ciqikou neighbourhood, time seems to have stood still. Or Im Viertel Ciqikou scheint die Zeit stehen geblieben zu sein. Our driver stops outside what can, at best, be described as a hotel.

The next day's itinerary begins at the crack of dawn. Again and again, pagodas and platforms let you cast your gaze across the vast, exotic forest. The Long Yin temple promises the. Where it broadens out, diminutive temples or shrines line the route. A special monument to the great Sun Tzu has been erected. Es gilt bis heute als eines der bedeutendsten. UND V. Human settlements were already here during the Shang.

Die gewaltsame Niederschlagung des Aufstands, der sich bereits zum Again and again, we cannot help but be amazed at how, in the few decades since our first trip here in , China has, with ruthless. Our three-hour drive to the provincial capital Chengdu passes all too quickly. The approach roads are lined with the latest new buildings, some of. Doch zwischendurch tritt man selbst in. Die grossen Mengen Gestein, welche bei den Arbeiten abfielen wurden im Fluss versenkt. A monk called Haitong began the construction work in AD, his aim being to calm the dangerous waters at the confluence of the Min Jiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers.

The statue was not completed until 90 years later. The large quantities of excess stone generated during the work were sunk in the river, which thus changed its course — removing the danger to shipping traffic. During the Cultural Revolution which decimated so many works of art in China, Prime Minister Zhou Enlai personally intervened on behalf of the statue and kept the Red Guard from destroying it. Out in the wild, the comical bears with their manga-like eyes and ears which look like they have been painted on don't seem to be able to get the hang of breeding.

They have even earned a reputation for a certain frigidity — which is why researchers at the base. Life in its purest form. For the first time, this exhibition of 30 paintings and 20 drawings will give an insight into the early creative phase of the celebrated Baroque artist. The Palazzo Ducale commemorated the Venetian master's th birthday with a major retrospective. The exhibition is now travelling to the National Gallery of Art in Washington for the first comprehensive Tintoretto showing ever to be staged on American soil.

Forty-six mostly large-sized paintings and ten works on paper — many of which have never before left Italy — will be on display. Zu sehen sind die Originale bis Februar Film director Julian Schnabel and lead actor Willem Dafoe recently paid tribute to this prodigious artist with an Oscar-nominated movie. The original works will be on display until February Preis: 10' Euro pro Buch. The latest volume in the Sumo-sized series of collector's items from Taschen presents murals from the Buddhist temples and monasteries of Tibet in unprecedented brilliance and visual opulence.

The copies that make up the collector's edition are all personally signed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and are shipped with a bookstand specially designed by Pritzker prize winner Shigeru Ban. Price: 10, euros per volume. The works of Jean-Michel Basquiat today resonate with the same vibrant freshness they possessed 30 years ago. Curated by art historian Eleanor Nairne and narrated by publisher Hans Werner Holzwarth, this XXL-sized collector's volume from Taschen is the ideal format to study the frequently wild and enigmatic entanglements conjured up by the exceptional artist.

Room-filling installations visualize the close ties between art and politics that permeate the work of this acclaimed artist. Fashioned from bamboo and sisal twine, it displays figures in a dinghy and is on display in Europe for the first time. Nur konsequent, dass der gesamte Bau von Robotern und Drohnen erledigt wird. Selbst die Aussenanlagen werden aus Fertigteilen bestehen, welche von 3D Printern gedruckt werden.

Since local government is keen to familiarise residents with the basics of automation, a new museum of robotics is taking shape in the South Korean capital. It is therefore only logical to have the whole building erected by robots and drones. The parts are prefabricated, flown in by drones and assembled on site by robots. Even the outdoor areas will consist of prefabricated parts rolled off 3D printers.

The Taipei Twin Towers will climb and meters respectively into the southern Chinese sky. Shops, offices, cinemas and two hotels should restore the city centre's long-lost urban chic. Photo books from Taschen are a must for every architecture aficionado. One new publication commemorates the th anniversary of the Bauhaus school — what else?

This monograph showcases all Calatrava's works since , including his newest projects at the World Trade Center in Manhattan and the Peace Bridge in Calgary, Canada. Above all, it illustrates his love for aerodynamic and organic forms. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass der Brexit den Planern keinen Strich durch die Rechnung macht.

One can only hope that Brexit does not put a line through the planners' bold hopes. The Lakhta Center is due to open shortly and will at once break a number of records. Standing metres tall with its 87 floors, it will not only be the highest building in Russia and Europe: It will also be the world's northernmost skyscraper. Inspired by the city's Peter and Paul Cathedral, British architect Tony Kettle gave the building a degree twist, which is another record: Only the Shanghai Tower rotates further about its own axis. Aussichtsplattformen wird es gleich auf mehreren Ebenen geben, wer nicht schwindelfrei ist, kann ja auf der unteren beginnen The metre-tall Burj Jumeira will unquestionably add yet another highlight to the already breathtaking skyline of the desert metropolis.

An outsized fingerprint of ruler Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum will form the base — a very personal legacy indeed. Evocative of desert topography, the two elements of the gigantic structure will stand atop this pedestal. Viewing platforms will be installed on several levels.

If height is not your thing, maybe the lower ones would be a good place to start…. Dutch design duo Botter dedicated their show to the subject of the environment. In , when Karl Lagerfeld took over as designer-in-chief at Chanel, he breathed new life into what, at the time, was a rather torpid brand.

He started by developing eye-catching collections, and also personally oversaw photo shootings. The book is also a who's who of the international supermodel scene. The designers themselves refuse to interpret their works, leaving observers to form their own opinion. Fashion has often been both a driver and vehicle of political and social change.

What would women's liberation be without the miniskirt? At the London Fashion Week, Vivienne Westwood returned from the digital world to the catwalk, presenting models wearing T-shirts emblazoned with slogans critical of consumerism and insults aimed at politicians. Westwood has never done moderation, so the models duly stopped on the catwalk, took the microphone and expressed views on topics from climate change to unbridled consumerism to Brexit.

Outdoor fashion specialist Moncler asked Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli to draft new models for their Genius collection. Wie bei den Schwestermodellen ist — very British and. As with the Cullinan's siblings, the obligatory umbrella is stowed away in the door. All very British and rather sophisticated! Also: runter von der Strasse und ab in die Schot-. From ' CHF incl. Its ample capabilities in rough terrain do not come at the expense of comfort.

On request, the standard rear seat can be swapped for lounge seats that mas-. When it comes down to it, though, the SUV. Adel verpflichtet. Kein Wunder also, dass er den Gesellschaftssitz seiner jungen Firma. Das Ergebnis? Mark Zero — ein rein elektrischer, zeitloser Sportwagen mit einem flexiblen modularen Aufbau. Bei der technischen Umsetzung setzt man auf ein modulares System.

The Mark Zero — the brand's first model — was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show: a two-seater, all-electric gran tourer whose clear but sensuous lines and timeless contours hark back to the 'sixties and 'seventies.

Elfen Lied Trailer Diclonius Deutsch

The extended hood,. Above all, the founders want the Mark Zero to. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Historie war es nur ein kleiner Schritt, offizieller Partner einer der wenigen privaten Kunstflugstaffeln zu werden. These aspects truly epitomise Breitling's lega-. As gut-wrenching as it gets up there, it is worth trying to keep your eyes. Majestic and elegant, in the centre of St. Moritz, at the heart of the Swiss Alps. Legendary, unique and distinctive! Since guest wishes have been anticipated and fulfilled, however great they may have seemed.

With us you are the guest and warmly welcomed. Die intelligente Vernetzung von Menschen, Objekten. Denn diese profitieren vom Aufbau intelligenter. Whereas the vast majority of the population lived in the countryside in the early.

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The triumphal march of online sales is changing the face of our cities. And it is estimated that the proportion of city dwellers. They need to be aligned with the requirements of the target groups. This calls for smart networking across people, objects and organisa-. While development occurs gradually, the trend towards urbanisation is characterised by extraordinary growth rates and fundamental transformations.

In recent decades, urban planning has focused mainly on providing accommodation. Living space has been created and ample space devoted to private transport. The rapid spread of innovative digital technologies is now bringing completely new ways for cities to control the disadvantages of urban densification — such as resource. We believe that artificial intelligence AI will drive the next stage in the digital revolution. It will do so by integrating cognitive AI in products and services, making it accessible at any time and virtually anywhere via cloud platforms and what are known as blockchains.

IT , they will also have a substantial impact on traffic, healthcare, retail, production — and, of course, financial services. Artificial intelligence is a subset of computer science. It seeks to emulate human-like intelligence to help machines work more efficiently and increase their utility. In recent years, major advances. Now, programmers are turning their attention to cognitive challenges in the context of meaningful planning. The number and complexity of applications is growing rapidly and, in some areas, AI meth-. Access to technological innovations such as AI-enabled applications will be critical.

Higher productivity, greater flexibility. As things stand, these systems are still restricted to a given subject: Voice recognition software cannot drive a car, and software. Der Pool ist riesig und eines der Restaurants rein vegetarisch. A mere minute flight from bustling Bali, The Legian Sire Lombok boasts a pristine private beach and sumptuous views of the Gili Islands. Guests can choose from forty-six square metre suites and 15 villas. The pool is huge, and one of the restaurants is exclusively vegetarian.

Uncommon experiences: Reputedly the best of the famous South Sea pearls are cultivated on Lombok, where the women of the Sasak tribe weave unique textile works of art. This innovative collection explores the phenomena of place and space in the novels--how places define people, how they wield power to create social hierarchies, and how they can be conceptualized, carved out, imagined and used. Presenting the trilogy as a place and space for multiple discourses--political, social and literary--this work assertively places The Hunger Games in conversation with the world in which it was written, read, and adapted.

A Rereading of C. Lewis and Gender, New York, et al. Untersuchungen zu den Film- Welten und Joanne K. Lewis und J. Tolkien, Hamburg, Chronos Verlag, , pages. Lovecraft und Karen Duve, Books on Demand, , 96 pages. Guy de Maupassant tra visione fantastica e ragione positivistica, Napoli, Liguori, , pages. Lo Hobbit. Alle origini del Signore degli anelli, Milano, Marietti, Tolkien e dintorni, 10 , , pages. Gli articoli degli autori italiani sono frutto di uno studio di ricerca corale.

Arricchiscono il libro due poesie di Tolkien tradotte in italiano. Scritti su J. Tolkien, Bologna, Odoya, Odoya Library , , pages. Riddles have lost none of their power over us: we are as fascinated by mysteries, from sudoko to whodunnits, from jokes to philosophical conundrums. The Hobbit is a book threaded through with riddles; most obviously in its central 'Riddles in the Dark' chapter, but everywhere else too—what does 'Good Morning' mean?

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What is a burrahobbit? How many versions of the Hobbit are there? What is the buried secret in the nine riddles Bilbo and Gollum swap between one another? What are Ents? What is the magic of the magic ring? TOSI, R.

Culturale il Foglio, , pages. Percorsi del nucleare nel cinema di fantascienza, Reggio Calabria, Citta del sole Edizioni, , 72 pages. Introduction: "Lamia and Lilith live! Senf -- Narratives of race and gender: Black vampires in U. Metzler, , pages. Superman e le crociere siderali, Roma, Profondo Rosso, , pages. The depiction of its protagonist brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester of Lawrence, Kansas, provides a proAmerican perspective regarding a more generalized fight against evil in contemporary times.

Remaking Horror chronicles the American horror genre in its development of remake titles from the s to 21st century films. Staple horror franchises are highlighted along with counterparts to illustrate the genre has embraced remake productions and what the future of horror holds for American cinema.

More than 25 films, remakes, and the movies they influenced are presented The value of horror -- Psycho : the last bastion of fear and storytelling in American cinema -- Halloween : when holidays gave meaning to horror -- Friday the 13th : superstition brought universal appeal -- A nightmare on Elm Street : the safety of sleep was violated -- Remake central -- The interviews : industry professionals riff about the state of horror -- What's to come. In the s, science fiction SF invasion films played a complicated part in both supporting and criticizing Cold War ideologies.

George examines what these films reveal about the tensions in the United States at the dawn of the atomic age especially concerning gender roles and expectations. Using a cultural studies approach, she works from the assumption that "invasion" films with their "us" versus "them" nature provide important visual and verbal narratives for American citizens' trying to understand and negotiate the social and political changes that followed the allied victory in World War II.

By reading these invasion narratives as performances of middle-class, primarily white Americans' excitement and anxieties about social and political issues, George shows how they often played out as another round in the battle of the sexes. This book examines the way representation in these films tap into anxieties concerning the feminine and alien other. Tauris, , pages. Dealing with a variety of twenty-first century horror films, Jackson examines how the technologically produced and reproduced image functions as a site of monstrous birth.

These monsters, threatening and ominous as they may be, represent the possibility for a renewed belief in the reality of the world and humanity's place within it. Through a wide spectrum of horror sub-genres, this book examines how the current state of horror - its sense of being at an end, its increasing self-awareness, and its concern with the relationship between media and message - reflects these anxieties in Western culture. Homeland Insecurity Philip L. George A. Romero e il cinema dei morti viventi, Roma, Profondo Rosso, , pages.

Culturale il Foglio, , p. Enciclopedia della fantascienza di Syfy, dalla tv al cinema, Milano, Rizzoli, , pages. Despite the insatiable public appetite for all things Star Wars, the more analytical side of the saga is all too often ignored. A wide variety of philosophical and mythological themes are presented and expounded upon, drawing from a rich source of scholars, thinkers, writers, and poets from East and West alike.

Heretical or not, the Star Wars prequels are a surprisingly rich source of insight into the saga--as well as the human drama--as a whole. Dennis Moore Horror Movie Guide, vol. The Highway Horror Film argues that 'Highway Horror' is a hither-to overlooked sub-genre of the American horror movie that articulates profound unease about the increasingly transitory nature of modern American life, as well as the wider impact of mass automobility.

In Highway Horror films, the American landscape is by its very accessibility rendered terrifyingly hostile, and encounters with other travellers and with those whose roadside businesses depend on highway traffic almost always have sinister outcomes. Foreword : Sir Patrick Stewart. Three of the most intimate explorations of terror are examined in this study. Intimate in terms of settings small towns and an isolated motel and in the emotional links between the characters and the terrors they face. They share frustrations, fears and compulsions, albeit at different levels of intensity.

In The Birds, Melanie Daniels and her new acquaintances in Bodega Bay share emotional problems which can impel them to act in destructive ways that are echoed, and then overwhelmed by violence from the natural world. Halloween features a monster, Michael Myers, who has more in common with one of his victims, heroine Laurie Strode, than is evident at first glance.

Beyond the link between normality and the violently aberrant, all three films give glimpses of emotional intimacy that is threatened and sometimes tragically destroyed by horror. Gente di cinema , , pages. Foreword : Richard Cooper. Twenty horror and science fiction moviemakers--both in front of and behind the camera--reminisce about some of their great and not so great! Some interviews were previously published. In this newest compilation of interviews, 23 more veterans share their stories--strange, frightening and even a little funny--this time with an increased emphasis on genre television series courtesy of the stars of The Time Tunnel; Rocky Jones, Space Ranger; Tom Corbett, Space Cadet; Planet of the Apes; and The Wild Wild West.

The medium of television both reflects and comments upon the gendered logic of the security regime in America. Gender, Science Fiction Television, and the American Security State uses science fiction shows from WWII through the present as a lens to explore the most essential aspects of the security regime, as the genre consistently focuses on technologies of mediation, communication, and war.

As American security became increasingly dependent on technology to help shape the consciousness of its populace and to defend them from the technological threats posed by other counties, shows like The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and The X-Files both promoted the regime's gendered logic and raised significant questions about that logic and the gendered roles it supported to maintain the security of the state. Tauris, Reading Contemporary Television , , pages. Contributions by Sandra J. Laity; Adina Schneeweis; Christina M. Darowski; T. Philippine Komiks: to the Present: John A. Animation has been part of television since the start of the medium but it has rarely received unbiased recognition from media scholars.

More often, it has been ridiculed for supposedly poor technical quality, accused of trafficking in violence aimed at children, and neglected for indulging in vulgar behavior. These accusations are often made categorically, out of prejudice or ignorance, with little attempt to understand the importance of each program on its own terms. This book is a serious look at the whole genre of television animation, from the early themes and practices through the evolution of the art to the present day. Percorsi nel. Voldemeer, , pages.

The legend of Doc Holliday is now well past a century old. While his time on earth was brief, troubled and filled with pain, his legend took wings and flew. Beginning with his part in the now famous gunfight at the O. Corral, Denver newspapers first told his story in the late 19th century. They, followed by words of Wyatt Earp, grasped the glimmer of his tale. So enamored was the public that by he was a literary icon and his character had appeared in eight films.

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Historians, authors, screenwriters and eventually television refined the legend, which reached its apex perhaps with the film Tombstone. Broadway, country music and art join with literature and film to continue his mystique as the personification of a surviving legend of the U. Il cinema come favola politica, Roma, Ente dello spettacolo, , pages. Jahrbuch der Karl-May-Gesellschaft , Hamburg, et al. Afrika, Hamburg, Hansa Verlag, , pages. The intention is to highlight the reciprocal interactions among the influences of the war, the veterans,. The common alienation of the veterans of foreign wars is thoroughly explored.

Films and literary works featuring war veterans of each era are examined in detail for their various views of alienation. This is an extended analysis of the film, from different perspectives. The first half is largely a discussion of the cinematic technique, with key sequences analyzed shot by shot. And rather than emphasizing the humanist, anti-war thrust of La Grande Illusion, the film is approached as a work of art that is deeply expressive cinematically.

Tauris, International Library of Moving Image, 11 , , xvi, pages. Des milliers de films sont produits. En plus de documents exceptionnels, cet album retrace cette aventure hors du commun. Tanto sul piano della produzione, quanto su quelli della distribuzione e del consumo, le immagini pornografiche in movimento hanno acquisito inedite dimensioni di estrinsecazione industriale. Il cinema terminale di Hisa, Lecce, Libellula Edizioni, , Hisayasu Sato sin dai suoi esordi negli anni '80 ha esplorato le proprie visioni e ossessioni coniugando nella sua opera la sottocultura porno all'avanguardia.