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Spanks for Reading

Nobody cares.

Daddy Spanks the Girls

The same with travel journalist who fly to the Maledives etc. I never would have thought that I would ever defend restaurant critics, but what is it with food, that people get so angry about freebies? Some people do not seem to realize that there is a considerable difference between inviting someone and asking for an invitation.

The demand alone to get invited is so brazen that I have to admire Pierre Jancou for keeping a civilized tone in his email. By pulling Vivant off the magazine they prove how objectively chosen their recommendations are. Who are we kidding? I have to add : even though journalists eat for free all the time, it does not mean that the restaurants inviting them are guaranteed a good review. Restaurants invite journalist to check on what they are doing. I must say I agree. The whole thing is very hypocritical.

Pierre Jancou spanks magazine for “fradulent” free meal request

I used to work as a PR for restaurants and invited journalists all the time. Without them even asking. Just a gougniafier, if you ask me…. Of course I am with Mr.

Spanks for Reading

Jancou as well, in that he has every right not to invite anyone. To some I say Yes, to others I say No.

Reading I'd rather get a spanking then go to the doctor 😀😀

What do you think they have their PR-agencies for? So what?

Do you really think that, say, a renowned theater critic has to pay for his premium seat? Greetings, Pierre W. One book by Olivier Morteau I think states that one famous guidebook writer routinely pulls this trick.

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That would have been appropriate. I think his very aggressive and insulting reply paved the way for the escalation. Your email address will not be published. Always begin using the hands gently at first and then progress into harder spanks before moving up to other objects like paddles. A large part of the thrill for the spankee is anticipation, so there is no need to rush here. Take your time, alternating between cheeks and varying the intensity of contact. A great way to do this is through talking, specifically dirty talking.

Many people who want to get spanked feel a certain thrill in being punished. If it fits into your role play, telling them how hot they look will also go a long way. In addition, be sure to stop and touch the spankee, gently touching their backside, as well as their genitals, nipples, and other erogenous zones. And, as always, connecting with your partner means listening for safe words or other signals that indicate that you may need to stop or slow it down.

Consent has to be maintained throughout the entire process and should be discussed before engaging in this activity. Help the spankee get their bearings—let them lean against you if need be. Give them words of encouragement and soothing touches. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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