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For these offenses, her mother thought she was unfit for marriage. She did marry, but the union was short and unhappy.

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In , in her late thirties, Austin was diagnosed with terminal cancer and sailed to Europe to suffer out her death. In a turn of miraculous good luck, she fully recovered and lived for another 26 years. Wells, Joseph Conrad, and Jack London whom she implored to write a good strong female character. But she always felt called to the liberating openness of the West and the cultures of the people who lived there.

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In , she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. According to Graulich, Austin felt that her time wandering the desert in her younger years healed her deepest wounds. After Austin died of a heart attack, the photographer Ansel Adams also wrote of her influence. College professors now commonly teach her writing in western and environmental literature classes.

Snow In The Desert

In some ways, it is the fictive counterpart to her masterwork and, while lesser known, just as personal. The titular character remains nameless and wanders the desert on foot, healing herself through the simple act of movement. Security patrols, civil defence and ambulances were present in the area to ensure traffic continued to move smoothly. Snow in Saudi Arabia is unusual but not unheard of.

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  • In January, pictures showed locals sledging down the sides of hills in the Tabuk region as they took advantage of 15 inches of snow as temperatures plummeted to -2C. Other images even revealed camels with their humps covered in snow , while near-deserted landscapes were been left covered.

    Snow in the Desert: Short Reads

    In November , Saudi Arabia was hit by heavy snows as temperatures fell to -4C which were followed by rain and lightning which led to flooding and the deaths of at least seven people. Snow in desert regions around the world is also unusual, but similarly has been recorded occasionally.

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    • Read on and find everything you've ever wanted to know about deserts. There are a number of different definitions to describe a desert but they are typically areas that receive extremely low amounts of rain.

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      Many of the ice free regions of the Arctic and Antarctic are known as polar deserts. Areas covered in ice or snow can sometimes be called 'cold deserts', compared to 'hot deserts' in warmer areas. The Arabian Desert in the Middle East is the second largest hot desert on Earth but is substantially smaller than the Sahara.

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      The Gobi Desert is located in the north of China and the south of Mongolia. It is growing at a fast rate due to desertification, a process that turns fertile lands into desert areas. It is caused by humans cutting down forests, droughts, climate change and other environmental factors.