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In his spare time, he's also a star on the indie music scene. Julia's been drooling over him for years. When Jamieson is scheduled to play at the concert hall where she works, Julia jumps at the chance to show him around. But Jamieson's in a state. Does Julia have the guts to take advantage of this situation? Since those days of teenaged angst, Farrah has come to identify as a woman.

Traditional stories tell of Inuit who have crossed into the shadow world.

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No one has ever returned… Paranormal Investigator Anna Fairclough hasn't had much luck getting interesting assignments. When her boss, Gentle Geoff, picks her to investigate the existence of the elusive Inuit Shadow People, Anna jumps for joy. When he decides to come along for the trip, she's over the moon!

But when their attempts to find the legendary Shadow People fail at every turn, Geoff doesn't seem so gentle anymore. In fact, he blames Anna for their failure. Will the novice parapsychologist ever discover the secret of the Shadow People? And have rumours of their shyness been greatly exaggerated?

Another hot collection from Mischief Books. When Jared mistakenly gives Miss Fenchurch a video of one of his performances, her fuse is lit for an explosive private performance. Another sexy short story collection from Mischief Books. In Apron Strings and Wedding Rings, Wendy wants everything to be perfect: the full June Cleaver get-up, ham and potatoes in the oven, everything ready to go for when her wife arrives home.

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Heather Towne. School of Spank. John McKeown. Alfresco Loving. Roxanne Rhoads. Bobbing for Peaches. Tricks For Kicks. Xcite Delights - Book Two. Dressed to Impress. In Fertile Ground: Dark Erotica. Audrey and Lawrence. Hot Under The Collar. Six of the Best. Margery Kempe. Cunning Little Vixens. Burlesque Beauties: Lesbian Historical Romance. Power Play. Angela Propps. Lesbian Golden Showers.

Gay Romance. Only Angels. Personal Trainer. K D Grace. Xcite Delights - Book One. Anything For Her. Rachel Kramer Bussel. Older Women, Kinky Desires. Make Me Yours. Six of the Best Two. Hot Oil Treatment.

Explicit Sexy Stories. Dressing for Dinner. Nanny State: Lesbian Kink. Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My! Faithful John and the Dungeon Ravens. Butt Stuff: Anal Erotica. Everybody Knows: 15 Transgender Love Stories. The Heat in Greece. Lesbian Gold: Filthy Forbidden Fiction. I wanted him to just fuck me. It was so bad I just asked him too. I've never came right out and asked a man for sex before, that's not what woman are supposed to do but I blurted it out.

For once I just did or said just what I was really thinking. He said he'd love to but was afraid he'd hurt me if I became attached. This was after another half hour of talk about us fucking. The whole time he was complimenting me and started to touch me, my pussy was aching for him. In mid sentence, he slid his hand down to take one of my breasts firmly in hand and then he started kissing me and that was it. I was moaning out loud when he started sucking on my nipples after he lifted my shirt and unhooked my bra.

He was an amazing kisser, forceful yet soft at the same time. He hands and fingers made me cum before he even got my pants off. Once we were nude, I was already panting from a couple of orgasms and then he gave me oral. Oral like I've never had before. I was a juicy mess when he finally got me on all fours and fucked me in my living room. I could see out our front picture window while he fucked me. Now he had a really nice dick but it was not really much different than my husband's. About the same length, thickness and hardness but this guy's dick got me rocking back on it and dripping with wetness while my husband's just make's me numb.

I came with this guy so hard after not cumming with my husband since we dated years ago. I fucked this guy on and off for about a year. Since then I've fucked a half dozen other guys. They are always men that show me sexual attention. My whole life revolves around meeting the needs of my kids, my husband, our house then once in awhile someone else comes along who is interested in me and meeting my needs. I feel I have to be selfless with my family but when I'm with another man I'm as selfish as I want to be.

I can be the woman I want to be sexually. I feel like my husband represents stability, security and normalcy and as a wife and mother I have to meet those standards but when I have an affair, all it's about is me and my partner's sexual needs being met. I can get on the floor and get fucked, I can let a guy shove his fingers up my ass and not feel ashamed, I can suck a dick in the back seat of a car parked at the mall and not feel anything but excitement.

I have to assume there are other woman who feel like this. Who feel that they have to meet that perfect standard with their husbands and then cut lose with guys who represent nothing more than sex. I don't know any women who would admit this but then again neither would I to anyone I know. I would say it on an anonymous internet site though. So my confession is simple.

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I'm a selfless sex hating wife with my husband and a sex crazed slutty woman with other men. I think I have it figured out at least. Hi all, it's a beautiful day today; sun is shining and I'm so horny. Just before I turned 18 I started working part timea year ago for a local handy-man, a friend of my dads who offered me some work as a favour to him. We travel a lot around the local area, often I'm doing the grunt work; running back and forth, fetch this fetch that etc Once I turned 18, he started to change, more humour, offering me a beer after work; we started hanging out more, he would listen to me and offer advice.

I started crushing on him hard, it was not hard to see why; mid 40's, work fit, strong looks, a hard working man who was confident. I started fantasizing abut what he'd be like, would he be rough, would he be gentle or a mix of the two. I often looked forward to go over to his after work and chilling for an hour or two. HE lived alone, a bachelors life he called it; no one to tell him what to do, when to do it. So I started flirting with him, tiny touches, laughing a bit more at his jokes; trying to be more sexy, if that was possible for a guy like me to do.

He wouldn't be my first, that was another lad in school; I'd taken his cock a bunch of times. So straight up one Friday evening as we sat in his kitchen he asked me if I was serious when I flirted with him, I choked on my beer. I had a moment of panic, was he pissed or did he like it? Did he want me? I said yes I was serious and asked what he thought. He chuckled and told me to get my ass up to his room; we spent the evening fucking. I put all my skill to the task as I took him deep in me and rode till I was filled with his sweet cum.

Over the next few weeks we spent more time in the evenings at his, my excuse was that he was teaching me more skills in his free time. At work I followed his requests, did as I was told. The same came when he introduced me to bondage, he made a lot of his own gear and admitted some of his older apprentices spent time learning from him like I did.

He enjoys using rope, tying me in rather complex patterns of rope; suspending me in the rigging in his basement. I've been mummified in wrap and fucked whilst tied to the beams. Bondage is now one of my most favourite things, I'm quite willing to try something new. How many lads love being tied up? Driving home this afternoon the girl down the street was walking home from school. What she hadn't realised was that the backpack she was carrying on her back had tugged her skirt up leaving her ass visible to everyone she passed. Poor girl. One afternoon I went over and helped a friend move in some new furniture.

It was just the two of us and we were very tired after the task. We decided to sit out by his pool and relax. He offered me a beer and brought me a wet rag to wipe my face. I have been friends with him for a few years and never minded that he was gay, and he never made me feel uncomfortable. It was very hot outside and I suggested we jump in the pool. He agreed and he went to get us some swim trunks.

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I went inside , changed and realized that he was a smaller guy than me and his trunks fit really tight. I went outside while he was still in and went ahead and jump into the pool. He came out shortly with shorter trunks. He teased around and bent over in front of me. That's when I couldn't help but notice that he had a good looking ass. He got in the pool, and we just continued to talk and drink. He started to complement me on my shoulders and asked if he could massage them. I said sure not really thinking beforehand. As he was massaging me I started to lean back against him and that's when I felt his erection.

He apologized to me and was embarrassed. I felt bad and said not to worry about it. I could tell he was embarrassed so I , hey you want a massage? He smiled and I started rubbing his shoulders and neck. He was between me and the edge of the pool. I was rubbing his shoulders that turned into rubbing the chest.

I suddenly felt his leg wrap around mine. Neither of us talked and that's when I started feeling myself get a Erection. Before I could fight it off it was to late. It was pressing right up against his ass.

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He started grinding up and down on it. I ran my hands down his chest and he was rock hard. I reached into his shorts and pulled his dick out and started rubbing it. At the same time my other hand was grabbing his ass.