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Golka drew plenty of fireworks from the piano in the finale, yet never sounded forced. He imbued Ravel's flowing writing with a wealth of colour and dynamic range Adam Golka: La Mer. Page Theatre, St.

Pianist Eduard Stan George Enescu List of Works

Mary's University Beethoven: Sonata No. Weil der Stadt Beethoven: Sonata No. College of the Holy Cross St. International Musicians Seminar, Prussia Cove. Chamber Music Institute at Holy Cross. XV: Aiken Symphony Rachmaninoff: Concerto No. PDF scanned by piano. Piano Concerto No. Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.

Joseph Havlat, pianist and composer

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Work Title Piano Concerto No. Score — Plate A. Concertos ; For piano, orchestra ; Scores featuring the piano ; Scores featuring the orchestra ; For orchestra with soloists ; For 8 horns, piano arr ; Scores featuring the horn ; For 9 players ; For 2 pianos arr ; For 2 players ; For violin, double bass, piano arr ; Scores featuring the violin ; Scores featuring the double bass ; For 3 players ; For violin, piano arr ; For piano arr ; For 1 player ; For guitar arr ; Scores featuring the guitar. Contents 1 Performances 1.

At some point I may go down the rabbit hole and study all the cadenzas for famous Classical concertos added by other composers or performers Fazil Say, Glenn Gould, Artur Schnabel, etc. Beethoven brought the right amount of fire to this C minor work. Sheet Music: Henle Schirmer.

This concerto is quite simply one of the funniest pieces of music I know. The fourth movement is essentially a struggle between the piano trying to stay dominant and the trumpet interrupting with Spanish-tinged gestures and blaring reveilles. Shut up! The trumpet interrupts, leading to a brief orchestra interlude.

Francis Poulenc - Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra

The piano makes one more bid for the spotlight with a bit of a stride-piano construction with leaping left-hand accompaniment. Sheet Music: Sikorski. In this case, Ravel creates an oasis in the middle of an anxiety-laden piece. The left hand emerges from the depths of the keyboard, and then a waterfall of notes cascades down.

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The left hand seems maxed out by the texture, and then somehow the main theme starts to appear in the midst of the waterfall. Sheet Music: Durand. Performance practice has favored the bigger cadenza, and audiences love it.