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Used for Lonely? Used for I Pitied The Fool. Summons a Sturdy Love Fool at target location for 5 min. The punching bag acts as a target dummy while it persists.

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Summons a Love Boat on the water's surface within 20 yards. Upgrades an heirloom weapon, allowing it to scale to level Permanent upgrade. Only works on heirlooms that scale to Comment by SargonStarblade Well it was just as I feared. All the work I put into collecting the Love Token was for not. The "Love is in the Air" event is over and all my tokens are gone. I had and was farming the last few Lovely Charm to get 5 more Lovely Charm Bracelet to exchange for the last 5 tokens I needed for the Swift Lovebird when I noticed I was not getting the charms anymore.

Love Token

I looked at the clock and then my inventory. Then I went for the liquor. Edit: Ok, it's now 7. I personally think they should go onto the currency tab and be saved from year to year. Comment by NikeDunks all of my Love Tokens are gone! Comment by ann4love I am Ann, good looking, perfect body and Honest. Comment by arc Same here Matter of fact my account just got out of suspension , i farmed for those tokens to get the mount stayed extended time on , then logged off as i tried to log on i couldnt blizzard accused me of using a hack or a bot which i didnt , as i now logged on looking for them , blizz wouldnt explain they expired as i came here to find out if anyone else lost theirs , as i gotten a tough luck letter from a couple of GM before i came here ,.

Run up to the 2nd floor and stay just outside the doorway to the next boss. I'm not going to tell you this is the best place to farm but since the adds keep on spawning, they do a small amount of damage and are easy to kill, I'd say this is at least one of the best places to farm. I did this by myself on normal difficulty playing a hunter but can't see this would be any different for other classes. If you try to solo this however, you should obviously have good gear and concider bringing food or first aid bandages.

Comment by SargonStarblade I am going to quote a post I put up last year. There was a lot of talk about the charms not disappearing after the event was over. I will refuse to believe anything different until I actually see proof and I encourage everyone to take the same viewpoint and not wind up like I did last year.

Well it was just as I feared. Comment by Tankingmage On my youtube channel youtube. So check it out US and Oceanic realms Due to account wide pets and mounts you'll get it on all characters! If you're level 90 make sure you set it to Heroic so the elementals will be level If you have any AoE they will die in hits easily and respawn fairly quickly.

In minutes you can easily get Lovely Charms depending on your luck. Get in there while you can, blizzard are onto it and will soon nerf it. Your going to need charms for the Swift Lovebird charms stack at 40 a time but you can have more than 1 stack in your bags. Comment by Mage Giving away 1 of these every day on my youtube channel! As a level 90 Nightelf druid. Then i went to the water elementals and noticed they still drop Lovely Charm! You will need 10 of them to create Lovely Charm Bracelet.

Each bracelet can be turned in for Love Token. So if you are after the Swift Lovebird you will need Lovely Charm.

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That sounds like alot. But i had my mount in like 2 hours or so. Comment by valentin25 If you're farming these in Throne of Tides at 90, you will need to have it on heroic mode now, so that the trash are level As a mage I would AE back and forth along the bottom of the hill and watch my bags fill up with the charms and Volatile fire to boot! I had about in half an hour, My wife spent an evening there and had enough for her mount. Good Luck and see you on the Molten Front! Comment by delkin This mobs spawns infinitely from static elemental don't kill him.

Good luck.

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Comment by kevinkyle11 As of patch 5. Go to the silken fields and farm the the fairly fast mobs of moths that spawn. Hope it helps. This effect stacks. Comment by iStig Best way for farm here: Stoneshard Grubling. Comment by Adamsm Since anything green will work to get the charms from, the Mantid and Mogu Island in the Steppes, Vale and the Timeless Isle are good spots to hit up and obliterate at level Comment by ilostmahbucket 58, 45 Sunderthron rare, southwest of Talon Watch, in Spires of Arak by far the best spot to farm these.

Tried the others, Grublings not bad You don't need to rely on a group here but you can group up for speed. Assign a bodyguard to help you via the barracks, Vivianne preferred. If your bags get full convert Lovely Charms to bracelets and mail the bracelets to an alt for storage. Comment by piromiru The most efficient way I've found for charms, as in the most charms gained for the least time spent, is on the Timeless Isle through the Sprite Crystal event. I got charms in one event. So yeah, one event can get all the charms you will need for 3 days.

Not bad in my opinion! Shadowmoon Valley 37,22 underground, Carnivorous Squirrel. Gorgrond 52, Frostfire Ridge Your char can not log out because it is constantly in fight. Your pet will do the rest. Empty your bags and go to sleep. Every morning i have about 6k Lovely Charm in my bags. Comment by menace97 Are Love Token s removed from your inventory at the end of each season, or can they be stockpiled from season to season? Comment by Reyke9 Blizzard is gonna shove their giant boot up my ass for this but Found a way to auto grind this if you are a paladin.

Go prot spec 2. Equip Libram of vindication and unequip the rest 3. Go scarlet monastery, kill the scarlet bros, taunt the skeleton piles. Stand at a reasonable distance and wait for the zombies to come and hit you. Wait 12 seconds 7. It repeats itself 8. Enjoy ur charms. Sorry blizzard, never meant to break your game! Comment by karlthepagan Looks like with the event you can buy a Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard x and Ancient Heirloom Scabbard x with love tokens.

Comment by selkie47 So far for me ilvl guardian druid , the best place has been Heart of Fear. Stealth past all the mobs except for the Supplicants the flying aoe-able packs. Kill up to the first boss, leave and reset then repeat. I've done this for almost an hour, until I reached maximun instances entered, got more than charms in that time with translates in 80 bracelets. With a char, you have to set dungeon to normal. Go to the Everbloom, mount up and kill all the mobs from the entrance to the first Witherbark and then the second Ancient Protectors bosses. I went to the Witherbark route first, from the entrance pull everything in the order the pic shows, try not to take the 2 pulls next to the hut and dont pull the sleeping mandragora, he will get pulled by the other mobs later because if you do he will follow you briefly and then come back to his spot you dont want that to happen because is 1 less charm chance , so past the mandragora take the pull on the left and then pull the 3 packs channeling the boss, follow up to the right pulling the 2 packs of golden flowers in there, then jump down to the hut marked black and pull the 2 packs left and the ones in the hut.

Then wait OUTSIDE, its important not to stay inside the hut because several packs of mobs will bug and go back to their spot, so stay in the ramp, outside the hut. Wait for all of them there and AoE them down. Thats about charms. Secound route is easier, from the entrance go to the right side mounted , take all the mobs all the way to the second boss, take the 2 guys sitting in the hut, dont take the sleeping one because he will just aggro but wont follow you , get out and keep pulling until you get to the second boss.

This route is easier and they will all come to melee way faster than the first route, kill them, loot, mount up and get out. Thats about 30 charms or so. So roughly charms per run. Each run takes about minutes and you can repeat until you reach the maximum instances. Also some green items, grey stuff, all of it worth g on vendor.

With the tokens you can buy the 2 new toys and tokens , the old toy 10 tokens , 2 pets 40 tokens each and the mount tokens The mount is what we want if you want to make money, it's worth about 50k and you can buy several of them by the time the event ends by doing this runs. Store them for a couple months and sell them during all the year until the next event.

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If you find the AH with lots of mounts you can also try to buy the pets and try to make some profit there. I hope this works for you! Comment by alpanhell just once I wish they'd make currencies like this boa Comment by Droz45 In 7. Take the portal to Dalaran inside SW Keep. From Dalaran take portal to Ironforge. Turn it in. Go to the mage area and take the portal to Hellfire Peninsula. Immediately turn around and take the portal back to Stormwind.

Once again portal to Dalaran. From Dalaran take portal to Darnassus. Jump down from the ledge and take the portal to Exodar Outside Exodar pick up A Gift for the Prophet and run inside to turn it back in. Run back to the portals in Exodar near the entrance to the Vault of Lights area and again take the portal to Hellfire Peninsula.

Again turn around and port back to Stormwind. Take the portal back to Dalaran. Go upstairs in the center area and take the portal to Dalaran Crater be ready to have something to keep you alive from the fall. Fly to the west to Shadowfang Keep. Complete Crushing the Crown. Be sure to pick up and complete Follow the Recipe while you're here.

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Use your Dalaran Hearth to return to Dalaran. Take the portal back to Stormwind and turn in your quests. All done! Only one hearth needed. Some other tips: Use the Everbloom tip described in another post to farm your Lovely Charms in advance. You can skip a step wherever you like by setting your Hearth to Stormwind. Especially for dps classes, it's good to queue up for the daily dungeon and do this while waiting for your queue to pop for your daily chance at the Big Love Rocket!

Comment by Duxjan If you like myself use your top fighter to collect Lovely Charm but want to turn in the major cities dailies with an alt like your mage here's a TIP: The Lovely Charm Bracelet can be mailed by wrapping it in e. Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper available at general goods traders all over the world. It should work with other classes too. Do the quests for token. Time to farm at insta respawn spots Go to Elwynn Forest 56,66 and farm the hell outa these mulocs till lvl 10 Lvl While walking to Westfall, spamming dat makro.

Go to Westfall 51,5, 53 Farm da hell outa these little hoggers. Do the dungeon. Farm till lvl 18 or higher. Repeat or search for more insta farm spots. I mean WHAT? I was sure that at least I will get this stupid toy I still missing next year faster if I will not get it this time. I had tokens and.. So much time spent for nothing. They at least could warn. Comment by Moltarr Don't store the Love Token for the next year, they are removed when the event ends.

Comment by mayvbalms Epic fail. Come to the shop It's gone! Don't get your hopes high, just log out and there'll be none Lots of time wasted What comes to mind? Comment by Anukai With BfA now and max character levels at , where do you think the best places are to farm lovely charm bracelets? Comment by Raincloud At a mob is green so you get credit for the kill. So use the mobs in an invasion as they just keep on respawning.


I have been farming in Krokuun in Argus near the portal at I have consistently been getting about 10 Lovely Charms per 1 minute. It's on average 3 min 52 sec to get a full stack of Works best if you have an AoE or if you have a minion with an AoE. For me, my Voidwalker has an aoe so i just poke one of the mobs that's coming out of the portal, minion attacks it, and his aoe hits the other mobs coming out behind it. You do want to try and tag all of the mobs before they go down though to make sure you're getting every opportunity for a drop.

Also, try not to stand too close to the guards because if they're attacking too i've noticed less drops if they're close enough to get aggro'd by the mobs. Like with every other instance of farming, it's boring and tedious. But it's been a pretty effective farm spot. You can also farm the And Chew Mana Buns achievement here relatively quickly if you haven't already this farm is faster with a friend.

Comment by ToOurRoots For anyone planning on farming all the dailies for love tokens, here is my proposed efficient route for Horde players: 1 Start in Orgrimmar, pick up Crushing the Crown, your spritz 10 players quest, and a gift for saurfang 2 Spritz 10 players quick and turn in a gift for saurfang 3 Take Zuldazar portal Dalaran if under 4 Thunder Bluff Portal 5 Turn in gift for the high chieftain 6 Dalaran Hearth 7 Go to central teleporters and take Dalaran Crater port Caution: drop!

Comment by terzu ok guys so many comment but no one say the easy way to make Love token at first im sry im not good in english in patch 8 you cant go The Everbloom to farm Lovely Charm anymore best place to farm is so you just need put dungeon on normal go inside use mount run and pull all mobs as you can hmmmm Add to list View in 3D Compare Find upgrades Quick Facts. Changes to Heirlooms in 6.

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Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide! Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen.

Please review our Screenshot Guidelines before submitting! Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. It maintains a WoW addon called the Wowhead Looter , which collects data as you play the game! It uploads the collected data to Wowhead in order to keep the database up-to-date! Wowhead Resources. Ruins of Lordaeron, before elevators 66, Temporary version of Forever-Lovely Rose ; grants cosmetic effect to target.

Causes Peddlefeet to sparkle. Each bag has 10 charges, and creates 1 Heart Candy per charge. Grants target a cosmetic effect. Shoots a heart-shaped firework into the air. Used for The Rocket's Pink Glare. Spawns a temporary Kwee Q. Till today, the knot is still widely used in bracelet, earring, and decoration pendants in China.

It is said that if a couple is truly in love, then they could be rewarded a love lock by the God of Marriage. Throughout the history of China, jade was not only used for decoration. Jade is believed could bring people good luck, and protect its owner from bad things. Therefore, man could give their precious jade pendant to his beloved woman, to show how extremely important she is to him. Girls usually would make handkerchiefs themselves, using fancy fabric and exquisite embroidery. Hence, if a girl gives a boy her handkerchief, that means she likes him, or even fell in love with him already.

In addition, Sichuan Pepper also contains many seeds, which is the same pronunciation with kids in Chinese language. Therefore, in Chinese culture, sending a bunch of Sichuan Pepper was an implicit way to express the wish to have children with someone. However, this is no longer used nowadays. The Love Pea was originated from a sad love legend in the history of China. Years later, other guys from her village all came back, except her beloved husband. Decades later, her tears turned into color red, so did beans produced by that tree she leaned on every day.

These red beans are heart shaped, bright and firm, glittering and translucent, and would never fade or decompose.

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Gradually, these red beans, officially named as the Love Pea, became representative of great love in Chinese culture; many types of accessaries were made of those magical beans. In the history of China, it was common that a couple needed to be separated for a while, sometimes even for decades. Delicate Pendant Accessories in the History of China. Colors in Chinese Culture. Lucky Flowers in Chinese Culture.

Mysterious and Powerful Creatures in Chinese Legends.

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