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Therefore, if you truly want to spread the word about your fundraising ideas, start blogging today. The real power of social media comes by engaging your donors, volunteers and supporters. It is the easiest way to promote your events, website or blog. You would be surprised to know that the World Wide Web is your ultimate resource pool for fundraising.

You can choose one of the many online crowdfunding websites like Fund My Travel or Travolta.

A great thing about these websites is that they let you advertise and appeal for your volunteering travel abroad. You have to set up a profile, create a write-up about your travel, invite all your friends, use pictures, videos and make it as interesting as you can. Here is a list of crowdsourcing or fundraising websites from where you can raise fund online:. To convince people that they are giving their money to a worthwhile cause and the program you are participating in will give something back to the society, you will have to sell your purpose. Advertise your volunteering plan in your social club, sports club or gym.

If you are a student or college goer, prepare a plan of the particular program, print it out and paste a copy on your school, college or university notice board.

You can also visit some universities website that directly handles volunteering for their students. You can also circulate the enclosed press announcement to publications like your local newspaper, alumni magazines, church bulletins, or any organization bulletins. Working professionals can circulate an email in the office or put up a notice on the corporate portal. This will surely be a wonderful start for your fundraising quest. Volunteering is a life-changing experience and to make this experience worthwhile you have to plan in advance.

Remove all bottlenecks, start saving in advance. Most of the volunteers that sent us reviews wanted to volunteer more. These volunteers came on a short trip of weeks. If you are planning for a longer volunteering trip then you should start planning 6 to 7 months in advance. Start as early as possible and keep in mind that fundraising will take time and effort. Try to cut out your weekly luxuries, make your weekly savings calendar. Students or college goers can do some part-time job. If you are already working somewhere and want to take up a volunteer trip without spending much, you can approach your HR to initiate corporate group volunteering.

It is a good idea to approach small or local business and communities for your volunteer program fee. Often small businesses are happy to donate in exchange for their business promotion. Be sure to check out our fundraising guide to get your goal started. Click here to visit our Privacy Policy. Volunteer and Intern Abroad since Enquire Now Chat with Alumni Fundraise your program Apply Now. Contact Us. By Lauren Melnick 3 months ago Tweet. Categories Internship , Support , Volunteering. Subscribe to our newsletter. Download a Brochure.

Give us a call Follow Us. GVI in 10 slides. The feelings, the fulfilment, the life-changing new perspectives — they have to be experienced to be truly understood. However, the next ten slides will get you started on your journey with GVI. Programs with Impact Everyone who participates in a GVI program makes a meaningful contribution to a project with clear long-term development or conservation goals. In close partnership with local communities and organisations, we work to set up collaborative projects.

Long-term commitments to communities and environments allow us to build successful partnerships and enduring relationships. A selection of the successes resulting from these partnerships can be seen in our new Impact and Ethics Report. Read our Impact and Ethics Report.

Measuring our Impact GVI is pioneering a new approach to measuring the joint impact we have in local communities and ecosystems , and also on our programs participants. We believe that the effective measurement and transparent reporting of our impact is important.

It ensures we can be held accountable by our participants, our partners, and the communities and environments where we operate. Measuring our Impact. Sometimes, doing what we believe to be good can actually have negative consequences. This approach to empowerment and ethics is what our Badge of Ethics symbolises. Learn More here. Safety and Support Our award-winning support and safety processes have been finely tuned over more than two decades.

Why do you have to pay to volunteer abroad, anyway?

We combine established processes with a highly active local and global network of GVI employees who demonstrate a family-like care for the well-being of our participants. Each of our staff members is vetted, selected, employed, trained, and managed by GVI. All locations feature accommodation, transport, meal providers, and local medical care facilities that have undergone a full risk assessment by our in-country staff using international risk assessment standards.

Meet our team. Life on a GVI base is a fun, challenging, inspiring, developmental, educational experience. It can be tiring and even tough at times.

Top 40+ Volunteer Fundraising Tips | International Volunteer HQ

But, it's always rewarding. Click on the video to the right to have a look around. People with a shared vision Connecting with other participants from around the world is a major part of the GVI experience. We share a similar vision, and if we're being honest, we're all a little bit eccentric too. Watch Participant Videos.

9 Tips: How to Ethically Fundraise for Your Volunteer Trip Abroad!

Connect with us. All GVI programs include learning opportunities, work experience, and qualifications.

Volunteer Abroad For Cheap! (Gap Year)

Learn about the importance of local community engagement for achieving conservation outcomes, gain experience in conducting coral health surveys, and earn qualifications like a PADI Divemaster or ILM Leadership Certificate. Develop skills, experience, and knowledge in a range of subjects from international development and social innovation to marine conservation and education.

Find out about Internships. The students and novices are wonderful, not only to teach, but to know as people.