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Technically, no. For her part, Quint took a health coach specialized training program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition , which provides nutrition and diet education as well as business basics.

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She says that training and accreditation is just as important for the life coach as it is for the client. Also note that most life coach certification programs will earn you a general credential. Life coach certification courses are almost never free.

As is often the case for service-based businesses, the best referrals come through word of mouth. Start by offering free, mini, or discounted sessions to people already in your network, like your friends, family, and friends-of-family. Some other strategies for attracting life coaching clients may include connecting with other life coaches in your area, upping your visibility by participating in conferences and hosting free webinars, and considering pay-per-click advertising.

If you have an all-digital business, your digital presence becomes paramount. For example, you need a decent computer and camera to take photos of yourself, record videos, and conduct sessions. Both Toterhi and Quint have different packages, levels of service, and areas of focus that they offer their clients.

Quint offers a variety of packages, including The Breakthrough one minute session , The Makeover a dozen minute sessions , and The Quickstart one minute session. How you break down and price your services is entirely up to you. Have a clear goal in mind when you start out with your client. If you reach your goal, you can set up another one. But this is a business all the same, and you have to figure out what your time is worth in order to charge people accordingly.

In terms of what to actually charge, Toterhi says that depends on how you approach working with clients. Will you do it by project?

How To Make 12222 Your Year Of Action, According To Life Coaches

Is travel involved? View your circumstances from other perspectives. Discover the depths of your emotional self.

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People don't like feeling sad, disappointed, frustrated, angry; so they usually do everything they can to avoid them. If you're tired of feeling like there should be "more" in life, then life coaching is for you. Oftentimes, our priorities shift after baby arrives. Are you a parent first, then a career professional, and then a life partner? I love working with new parents to help them rediscover who they are.

Young Professionals. Ah, the world is full of possibilities! But that vision you have of your life is fuzzy and jumbled. I work with young professionals to navigate those big first milestones of adulthood. Many people, with a decade or so of work under their belts, suffer a third-life crisis that usually starts with "What am I doing with my life??

Ready to talk? You'll discover, through dialogue, the BEST habits you should be implementing to reach your goals, and how to overcome your obstacles in the most congruent and expedited way. Now includes an option to save annually, or add Brendon's online courses too! This was my first session.


I can't think of a better way to start then with letting go of baggage. I would not be here today if I had not done the work these last five years. Thank you for recognizing the baggage, but also saying there is not a place for it here now! The past may have shaped who I am today, but it doesn't get to hold me back. I'm enjoying developing new habits of setting intentions and reflecting on joys and planning for the hurdles that might catch me off guard. Thanks for the 'tough questions' coaching session. I made a list of the things about me that prevent me from leading at levels I'm capable of.

I appreciate the Sentence Completion exercises found in the accompanying Leadership Training Worksheet. Very helpful in this regard. I feel so much more ready to take on the next potential year! It is very thought provoking and provides many easy steps to assist in being a high performer.

I Saw a Life Coach—and She Changed Everything

Now includes an option to pay annually, or add Brendon's online courses too! I grew up in a small town in Montana, and I didn't have a lot of mentors. So success came too slowly.

I struggled alone too long. It was frustrating. So here I am today, for you, a successful entrepreneur, someone who runs an 8-figure per year business and coaches the world's most influential people. Let me share with you what I know. Most people who call themselves "coaches" have never even had a high-level client they were paid handsome sums of money to coach one-on-one for years.

I think that's important to understand. I'm doing this program because I LOVE watching people change their lives, achieve their dreams faster, and discover the joys and fulfillment of living a higher performing experience in life. That's what HPX stands for: the "high performance experience" of life. I designed this program for people like you, who want to take their personal development to the next level. I want to give you the same psychological and performance tools I use every single day to be productive, purpose-driven, and high-achieving.

I've coached the world's BEST.