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What was new? Have you practiced Lent before? What can you fast or give up this year? Had you ever struggled with the idea of the Father forsaking the Son before? Had you ever thought of what the Father went through when Jesus died? What do you think it was like for him? How does it make you appreciate God? How does it change or deepen how you see sin?

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Talk to them about the verse we read, about how Jesus was separated from his Dad because of our sin. About how hard it was, but that he did that for us. So that we can be loved, and welcomed in. Give them a chance to confess anything to Jesus in thankfulness for what he did. View all posts by Andrew Mills. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

This led us to some simple but personal conclusions. Who can understand it? We need to be honest with text — Jesus is being forsaken Jesus is stating what is true from his perspective Just as Jesus was forsaken, so too was the Father forsaken from the Son If our sin separates Jesus from the Father; it separates the Father from the Son.

The grief of the Father here is just as important as the death of the Son. Moltmann We cannot understand the depth of our sin, unless we understand that both Jesus and the Father are suffering in this moment on the cross. This shows Jesus' humanity and the depth of love he had for his mother and the disciple into whose care he entrusted her. Matthew Mark It is the only saying that appears in more than one Gospel, [13] and is a quote from Psalm This saying is taken by some as an abandonment of the Son by the Father.

Other theologians understand the cry as that of one who was truly human and who felt forsaken. Put to death by his foes, very largely deserted by his friends, he may have felt also deserted by God. Others point to this as the first words of Psalm 22 and suggest that Jesus recited these words, perhaps even the whole psalm, "that he might show himself to be the very Being to whom the words refer; so that the Jewish scribes and people might examine and see the cause why he would not descend from the cross; namely, because this very psalm showed that it was appointed that he should suffer these things.

Theologian Frank Stagg points to what he calls "a mystery of Jesus' incarnation: " While " the nails in the wrists are putting pressure on the large median nerve , and the severely damaged nerve causes excruciating pain" , the Lamb of God experiences the abandonment of the soul by God, a deeply excruciating pain that "is the essence of eternal condemnation in Hell ". This statement is traditionally called "The Word of Distress" and is compared and contrasted with the encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan Woman at the Well in John As in the other accounts, the Gospel of John says Jesus was offered a drink of sour wine, adding that this person placed a sponge dipped in wine on a hyssop branch and held it to Jesus' lips.

Hyssop branches had figured significantly in the Old Testament and in the Book of Hebrews. This statement of Jesus is interpreted by John as fulfilment of the prophecy given in Psalm cf. Psalm , hence the quotation from John's Gospel includes the comment "to fulfill the scriptures". This statement is traditionally called "The Word of Triumph" and is theologically interpreted as the announcement of the end of the earthly life of Jesus, in anticipation for the Resurrection.

Adam Hamilton writes: "These last words are seen as a cry of victory, not of dereliction. Jesus had now completed what he came to do. A plan was fulfilled; a salvation was made possible; a love shown. He had taken our place. He had demonstrated both humanity's brokenness and God's love. He had offered himself fully to God as a sacrifice on behalf of humanity. As he died, it was finished.

Chapter Two - The Secret Lake - Reflections - Volume One

With these words, the noblest person who ever walked the face of this planet, God in the flesh, breathed his last. The verse has also been translated as "It is consummated. From Psalm , this saying, which is an announcement and not a request, is traditionally called "The Word of Reunion" and is theologically interpreted as the proclamation of Jesus joining God the Father in Heaven. Hamilton has written that "When darkness seem to prevail in life, it takes faith even to talk to God, even if it is to complain to him. These last words of Jesus from the cross show his absolute trust in God: "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit It says in effect:".

I commit myself to you, O God. In my living and in my dying, in the good times and in the bad, whatever I am and have, I place in your hands, O God, for your safekeeping. The last words of Jesus have been the subject of a wide range of Christian teachings and sermons, and a number of authors have written books specifically devoted to the last sayings of Christ. Priest and author Timothy Radcliffe states that in the Bible, seven is the number of perfection, and he views the seven last words as God's completion of the circle of creation and performs analysis of the structure of the seven last words to obtain further insight.

The saying "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me" is generally given in transliterated Aramaic with a translation originally in Greek after it. This phrase is the opening line of Psalm 22 , a psalm about persecution, the mercy and salvation of God. Most of the hybrids who developed any kind of useful power tended to end up ruling a pack, but you never knew when someone who had been a plain-Jane hybrid would manifest a power that was sufficient to shake things up.

It didn't happen often, but it did happen. More telling was the fact that this guy was the first challenger we'd seen. Any of the really powerful dispossessed would wait to make their move until they had a better idea of what they'd be up against.

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The weaker hybrids would move first either because they were hoping for a lucky break or because they were pushed into doing it by someone higher up on the food chain. Isaac and Donovan. I called James on my way, so he'll be bringing Dom. Jess is still gone. I grunted. Jess wouldn't have made much difference even if she'd been here. She'd been our weakest fighter even before she'd lost her memories. Now that she was missing all of the experience she'd racked up fighting Brandon's pack for all of those years, she was even more useless in a fight.

It's going to have to be you who leads off, Jas. I don't particularly like it, but if Dom is still as bad off as you're saying, then sending her in against a hybrid is just too risky.

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It was the truth, but it wasn't the whole truth. I hated the state we'd come to. Jasmin knew exactly the kinds of games I was forced to play. If I sent Dominic in first, James would be even more pissed at me than normal, and he'd have a decent reason to be mad. Dom was seriously off her game right now. I could lead with her anyway and tell Jasmin to sit the fight out.

It would be a way to guarantee that James entered the fight as soon as things started going bad for Dom, but that wasn't the way that I wanted to run the pack. Instead I was going to send Jasmin in, knowing that she wasn't at the top of her game, and hope that James appreciated the gesture enough to jump in before things got too dire for her.

It wasn't the kind of thing I wanted to do, but it was my best chance of earning some brownie points with James, and I needed to get the pack working together again. Jasmin looked at me for several seconds and then finally nodded. I'll do my best, but I'm not going to be able to bring this guy down by myself.

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You'll have to get James in the mix pretty fast or I'm going to be out of commission for a while. We crossed into the range of the white noise generator that Isaac or Donovan had turned on when the challenger had arrived. It wasn't safe to talk anymore so I was left with nothing to distract me from my thoughts.

My asking Jasmin to lead was also telling as far as the status of my on-again, off-again ability went. I'd been told since I was little that I had the potential of developing an incredibly powerful 'extra' ability, but it had steadfastly refused to materialize until the night I'd faced off against a rival pack leader in a fight to the death that everyone knew I couldn't win. I'd been well on my way to losing the battle, and then all of a sudden, it had been like a rift opened up inside of me and sucked in power from everyone around me. I'd brought two whole packs to their knees before the rift closed, but luckily I'd been the one to recover from the experience the fastest, which had allowed me to kill the rival pack leader.

Sayings of Jesus on the cross - Wikipedia

Since then, there had been a number of times when it would have been really useful to uncork my ability and bring people to their knees. Unfortunately, each time I'd reached for my power I'd come away with nothing. When we'd gone up against a rogue cat from south of the border, there'd been the hint of something there as I'd tried to drain him of power and energy, but it hadn't been nearly as effective as the night I'd killed Brandon.

I managed to slow him down a little, but I'd slowed the rest of my pack down nearly as badly, so the net effect had only been slightly positive. The surest way for us to shut down the stream of dispossessed challengers we no doubt had coming our way would be for me to use my power to instantly level the first couple who came up against us.

Unfortunately, it was looking more and more like my power was going to refuse to come when called.

The Forsaken

Barring me being able to pull the equivalent of a tactical nuke out of my pocket, our next best bet was to demonstrate that we had a string of capable pack members that any challenger would have to go through before they'd get a shot at me. Six months ago, I would have said that everyone in the pack would have stepped forward at need to help send the right message to the rest of the shape shifter world at large. Now I wasn't so sure. Jasmin would do her best, and her lineage granted her an extra degree of deadliness that most normal wolves couldn't hope to match, but given her current state, the best I could hope for was that she'd tire him out a little and bleed him enough to slow him down.

Dom was out of the question unless I was prepared to run a much higher likelihood than normal that she wouldn't survive even long enough for Jasmin or one of the others to tap in, and Isaac was probably still pissed off at me for refusing to let him go camping with Jessica and Andrew. That meant that things depended entirely on James.

If he jumped in to relieve Jasmin and then managed to conclude the fight, we'd send a strong message that any other challengers would have to go through Jasmin and James just to get to Isaac. If James couldn't bring the fight to a resolution, then there was a chance I'd be pulled in to save James and we'd be telling everyone that all they needed to do to take our pack over was beat Jasmin, James and me. Jasmin and I came around the last corner before the front reception area, and I got my first look at the shape shifter who was going to do his best to kill us over the next few minutes.

He was a tall redhead, maybe even a little bigger than James, and he looked old enough that I suspected he was more dangerous than Jasmin had initially thought. Nobody made it into middle age as one of the dispossessed without being a very good fighter. James and Dom were both there, which I'd expected, but I hadn't anticipated James' mother would accompany them.

Addison was usually the last person to take an interest in a fight, but whenever she did show up for something, it invariably spelled trouble. I noted her presence and then confirmed that Donovan and Isaac were also there before acknowledging the challenger. The challenger smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. My name is Derrick, and I come here to challenge your right to rule your pack. I nodded as though it wasn't something everyone present had known since the second Derrick had set foot in our territory. That is your right, but we won't do that here. There is a space out back that is more appropriate for a challenge.

Derrick nodded, obviously trying to look unshaken, but still unable to fully mask the flash of relief that went through him at my implicit confirmation that the Sanctuary pack would be honoring his challenge right. It was rare, but some packs had been known to attack a challenger en masse, killing them rather than granting the challenge. It was a dangerous, short-term game to play, but it had been known to happen.

At some point though, word of their actions inevitably got out, and when that happened, the dispossessed always banded together and destroyed the offending pack. There was very little the dispossessed could agree on, but nearly all of them held challenge law as sacrosanct. Their ongoing ability to challenge for a place in a pack represented their only real hope of leaving the solitary existence to which they'd been consigned. I noted Derrick's relative inexperience with actual challenges and then motioned for Donovan to lead the way. There were traditions around nearly every aspect of a challenge, and this was no different.

The weakest member of the pack led the way, then the challenger, then the rest of the pack, starting with the other weaker members and ending with the alpha. It minimized the risk to both the challenger and the pack. The challenger could attack Donovan, but if he did so, he'd quickly be swarmed under by the rest of the pack. It also meant that there was a buffer of space between him and the pack's hybrids, so he had at least a chance of being able to flee in the event of deception on the part of the pack, as long as he didn't stop to attack Donovan on his way out.

If I'd had my choice, I would have put James' mother in Donovan's place. Both of them were crippled from what the Coun'hij had done to them decades ago, but Donovan ran the pack's financial affairs. More importantly, to my mind at least, Donovan could be counted on to support me, while Addison took every possible chance to make my life difficult. A few minutes later, we arrived. The sandy square that we'd all taken to calling Donovan's Zen Garden, was sheltered from observation by trees, both above and to the sides, and offered a chance to use the terrain to our advantage.

It was a small chance, but our experience fighting on the shifting medium was the closest thing we had to a home court advantage. The challenge rules required all fights to take place outside so that other dispossessed could watch from afar if they wanted to. The Zen Garden met the requirement of being outside, but not the bit about others being able to watch. It was another risk, but that was one of the rules that had taken a beating over the last few years. With modern technology it was getting harder and harder to keep our existence a secret, so I felt relatively comfortable running this particular risk.

Still, only time would tell whether or not the dispossessed at large would agree that secrecy trumped their need to monitor challenges. I used the brief pause afforded by Derrick walking over to the other side of the arena to look over the pack. Dominic, standing on the other side of James, looked tired, but determined.