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I worked on the R2 and R3 revisions. This involved reading and writing the internal, binary format of MS - Word, including stylesheets as well as reading and writing StarWriter, Lotus 1 - 2 - 3 and WordStar documents. It was my first big pr oject, it started during my study and I was responsible for technical implementation and coordinated 3 further programmers.

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My thesis was based on the central dialog management of this application. As a technical project manager I was responsible for much of the software architecture and the good part of the implementation. Development of filters and a program generator for data structures. Study: Wirtschaftsinformatik, Fachhochschule Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe Hervorzuheben sind seine. Net - und SQL - Detailkenntnisse. Der Berater hat sich sehr schnell in die Teamstruktur eingefunden.

This allows the configuration of tests from software building blocks and their distributed on multiple processes, threads and host computers. The test workflow is being controlled by a configurable XML script. The architecture encourages the segmentation of tests into building blocks and their reuse.

The consultant independently developed concepts for tracing, logging and exception handling as well as a generical interface for the creation and integration of the software building blocks. The result of his activities is a complete and integrated product with which we are extraordinarily content. The Consultant integrated himself quickly into the team. The planning of his work packages was very reliable and at any time extremely transparent.

KG vom Elektronikkonzern, vom Entsprechend seinen Anregungen entwickelte er generische Komponenten zur Visualisierung und zum Ausdruck von Objekten. Diese wurden mehrfach wieder verwendet.

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Nach erfolgreicher Implementierung dieser Komponenten wurde der Consultant damit beauftragt, Teile des Medienmanagements umzusetzen. A us diesem Grunde kam hier die Ansteuerung von FritzFax zum Einsatz, welche von dem Consultant vorgeschlagen und realisiert wurde. Die Komponenten Meldungs - und Medienmanagement befinden sich derzeit mehrfach im Einsatz. Dabei kamen verschiedene Technologien zum Einsatz. Die abgegriffenen D aten wurden mittels Java - Servlets aufbereitet und graphisch auf einer Hintergrundkarte visualisiert.

Die I hm zugewiesenen Aufgaben erledigte er zu unserer vollen Zufriedenheit. Dokument generiert am German - Cobasoft GmbH. Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. Highlight all Match case. Toggle Sidebar. Zoom Out. More Information Less Information. Enter the password to open this PDF file:. Cancel OK. File name: -. File size: -. Title: -. Author: -. Subject: -. Keywords: -. Creation Date: -. Modification Date: -.

Creator: -. PDF Producer: -. January 10, System. Oder: wie caste ich ein Array? NET Framework 3. NET 4. NET 3. NET automatisch in AssemblyInfo.

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May 18, Bericht:. April 27, Bericht:. NET Framework 4. May 19, Enterprise Library 4.

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Beta Candidate von ReSharper 4. NET Compact Framework 3. November 13, Zweiter. October 28, Neue Methoden und Typen in. NET 2. October 22, Man lernt nie aus NETHeute ist tot, es lebe. Oder: Was wollt Ihr denn? October 04, ASP. Wie sieht die Architektur aus? July 28, Old economy vs. NET Kickoff am 2. December 11, ViewState am Boden November 30, Rock me Amadeus! November 03, SharpDevelop2 2.

NET 1. September 04, May 03, Nine tips for a healthy "in production" ASP. JVolution is a web application developer specialising in content managed and database driven websites, our expertise is in developing the functionality behind complex e-business and ecommerce services. Knuepfer Verlag GmbH is projecting, designing, implementing and hosting content management solutions in the field of tourism and its related environment.

Supported by a large database of information, we are able to provide fresh, extensive and dynamic content that perfectly fits into self-managed parts of your internet or intranet application. With OpenCms we found a great Java based solution, that naturally supports the flexibility we need for the great variety of our customers needs.

LineQuest is specialized on web-based services and solutions. The best-known product is the Online-Survey-Portal www. Due to this portal customer conduct online surveys at a low price on their own. Maerg is an italian e-commerce company selling pet supplies through the www. Maerg offers his experience on IT and marketing services to help other companies to develop e-commerce businesses. MakoLab is an innovative and rapidly growing IT Company. Makolab is a leader in the web application design, for both Internet and desktop systems. MakoLab provides hosting services for OpenCms solutions.

Manex is a network and software engineering company. Since , we have been proposing consulting and development services. Please see our website for more info. I'd be happy to consult you in implementing customized modules and templates, embed other functions like shops or administer your server. Tourism oriented enterprise level content management solutions based on OpenCms.

We also offer high availability through customizable CMS specific web hosting solutions. We offer full service with high quality standards in consulting, design and development. With OpenCms we found a perfect Java based solution, that is flexible enough for the great variety of our customers needs. Medienkonzepte is a consultant, developer and designer specialized in interactive solutions for an outstanding user experience. Medienkonzepte offers advanced skills to bring a concept to market - our team will not focus only on one aspect of a project but take care for the full range of tasks around a digital solution.

NAOS Technologies's function is to provide efficient and cost effective solutions for internet, based on Open Source technologies. NAOS Technologies supplies products and professional services concerning content management, documents management, E-mailing and web hosting. Neodesy Limited specialises in web-based and mobile solutions. Our experienced consulting and technical team works with the client through all stages of a technology project, from conceptualization and analysis requirements to development, hosting and support.

Neodesy's areas of strength include:.

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With the aim to build profitable web-applications we guarantee our clients a useful appliance of new technologies. Besides technical and functional criteria we are focussed on the long-term benefits for our clients. Nextres develops and markets the next generation of mission critical business systems to the airline and travel industries.

Nextres Onyx airline reservation system lets airlines take advantage of an innovative inventory design, featuring a sophisticated pricing engine and multi-channel distribution. Nextres' software platform is open source centric, with Linux as operating system, JBoss as application server, Apache as front-end and OpenCms for content management. We are specialists for content management, e-business and customer relationship management. The company provides IT solutions, webdesign and online-marketing for perfect communication and interaction in sales and marketing processes.

Our team designs and implements customized IT-solutions and is skilled in OpenCms. NIT Trading Ltd. Plamen Stavrev, Mr. Svetoslav Rankov and Miss Ljubomila Alexandrova. The company integrates the skills of experienced IT specialists, the enthusiasm of young software developers, the creativity of good designers, and the precision of financial consultants. Our mission is to keep our clients ahead informed at all stages of the development cycle, to obtain a complete understanding of our client's businesses and goals and to satisfy not only their wishes but also their needs Our Proposition - We fully understand Your requirements and further create custom solutions that deliver optimum value to Your enterprise by yielding an excellent ROI.

The right mixture of knowledge, expertise, education, creativity, and cultural background contributes for our successful business. OpenCms with it simple and flexible design, clean and true ideas, written in Java language and use of the Java EE platform is a very special professional level CMS for us.

Open Answers offers OpenCms hosting and integration services. We are a Spanish company leader in providing IT consulting and global solutions based on Linux platform and Open Source software. We offer to our customers and partners our value-added services and highly qualified personnel, so we are involved in many critical projects with some of the biggest companies and public agencies in Spain. Opensoft is a Portuguese company specialized in the development of technological solutions, supported by consultancy and project management services.

The company positions itself as a key supplier of technological solutions, working closely with its customers in order to address the existing challenges and identify emerging opportunities. Founded in , it is a company in constant growth and evolution, mainly due to its highly experienced and qualified teams, with a superior education in computer engineering.

We can offer much experience with OpenCms projects. Panoptic www. A talented team of developers and consultants combines deep technical expertise with a strong end-user focus to streamline content-driven business processes across the value chain and develop the IT solutions to support them.

Pomegranate Software offers development, consulting and enterprise scale hosting services for OpenCms. Proteon Development is a full-service solution provider that provides design, development and hosting in the broadest sense. Web Site Portal, evolved services and advanced technological solutions. We have a large record of proven expertise in the following industries: Telecommunication Service Providers, Public Administration, Banking and Insurance, Energy and Environment, Health Care, Industry, Universities and research centres.

Our core competences are consulting, conception, design and software development. The company is focused on professional web page development and providing internet and intranet solutions for organization working in the different busineses. SIA iPilot is developing OpenCms extensions as also integrating OpenCms in the different applications and providing consulting services for OpenCms installation upgrade and suport for the clients. SMB, a German company specialized on Enterprise Java Technologies, is providing the full range of services from consultancy to software development.

KG offers a wide range of services from individual software development to supporting different open source technologies like OpenCms.

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  5. DaDaBIK: Low-code / No-code Web Application Builder, since 2001.
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Synyx has been supporting OpenCms for several years during which many large projects have been implemented using OpenCms. Implementing open source components offers vendor independency and major cost benefits. Software development, database management, e-business and corporate communication is our business. We design, realize and operate complex and business-critical applications for internet, intranet and extranet and develop innovative concepts and products. Te Lintelo - IT is a small company which provides consulting, development and product integration for wide technology solutions applied to common enterprise processes: CMS and CRM.

Besides the development and professional services in consultancy, technical architecture, project management, software development and hosting we can re design your website UI. The Reference offers strategic solutions in enterprise content management systems, mobile websites, business KPI definition, search engine marketing and web analytics. Since based at , the Top Solution delivers information technology IT services that provide real business value to our customers.

Alkacon Software - Die OpenCms Experten

Our fully integrated array of IT staffing, application management outsourcing, and industry-focused IT solutions is backed by a time-tested suite of formal methodologies, a proprietary database of best practices, and a wide range of strategic alliances and partnerships. TopSolutions development and delivery model is based on blend of onshore and offshore resources carefully balanced to deliver the right combination of cost-effectiveness, quality, and risk management for each client organization. Now the company specialized on Financial Services group and provides a wide range of services to clients in the banking, finance, securities, and insurance sectors.

Alles zusammen generiert Ihren und damit auch unseren Erfolg. Sie erhalten alle Leistungen aus einer Hand oder nutzen flexibel einen Baustein aus unserem Portfolio. UShareSoft's mission is to deliver an easy to use software appliance factory, formally named UForge. It provides a unique SaaS platform to create business ready software appliances. We make it simple for individual developers, communities, and professionals to build from open source software, integrate their applications into ready-to-run automated software such as software appliances, virtual appliances or cloud computing images.

Verinet is an international server hosting provider with 10 locations in Denmark and 34 international locations. Verinet is hosting 6. See our website for OpenCms solutions. Our solutions are endowed with the most advanced technologies for electronic safety, and we have a vast range of products related to the called e-administration, or electronic administration. We make real the utopian promise of other times; we put the administration to the citizen service.

We have a wide experience implementing solutions based on OpenCms for diverse governmental organizations and public administrations, relying on a specializing department for the design and development of applications under this technology, with a great amount of tools and own modules. Whether you are new to global trade or are already multinational, we combine language, technology and web experience for your profit.