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It is divided in consequence into two opposed portions, different in matter, manner, and length: A from 1 to including an exordium of 52 lines ; B from to the end. There is no reason to cavil at this proportion; in any case, for the purpose and the production of the required effect, it proves in practice to be right. This simple and static structure, solid and strong, is in each part much diversified, and capable of enduring this treatment. But the only serious weakness, or apparent weakness, is the long recapitulation: the report of Beowulf to Hygelac. This recapitulation is well done. Without serious discrepancy it retells rapidly the events in Heorot, and retouches the account; and it serves to illustrate, since he himself describes his own deeds, yet more vividly the character of a young man, singled out by destiny, as he steps suddenly forth in his full powers.

Yet this is perhaps not quite sufficient to justify the repetition. The explanation, if not complete justification, is probably to be sought in different directions. For one thing, the old tale was not first told or invented by this poet. So much is clear from investigation of the folk-tale analogues. Even the legendary association of the Scyldingcourt with a marauding monster, and with the arrival from abroad of a champion and deliverer was probably already old. Not an unusual event in literature. For the contrast— youth and death—it would probably have been better, if we had no journeying.

If the single nation of the Geatas had been the scene, we should have felt the stage not narrower, but symbolically wider. More plainly should we have perceived in one people and their hero all mankind and its heroes. This at any rate I have always myself felt in reading Beowulf; but I have also felt that this defect is rectified by the bringing of the tale of Grendel to Geatland. There is in fact a double division in the poem: the fundamental one already referred to, and a secondary but important division at line After that the essentials of the previous part are taken up and compacted, so that all the tragedy of Beowulf is contained between and the end.

But, of course, without the first half we should miss much incidental illustration;we should miss also the dark background of the court of Heorot that loomed as large in glory and doom in ancient northern imagination as the court of Arthur: no vision of the past was complete without it. In any case we must not view this poem as in intention an exciting narrative or a romantic tale. The very nature of Old English metre is often misjudged. In it there is no single rhythmic pattern progressing from the beginning of a line to the end, and repeated with variation in other lines.

The lines do not go according to a tune. They are founded on a balance; an opposition between two halves of roughly equivalent phonetic weight, and significant content, which are more often rhythmically contrasted than similar. They are more like masonry than music. In this fundamental fact of poetic expression I think there is a parallel to the total structure of Beowulf. Beowulf is indeed the most successful Old English poem because in it the elements, language, metre, theme, structure, are all most nearly in harmony.

Judgement of the verse has often gone astray through listening for an accentual rhythm and pattern: and it seems to halt and stumble. Judgement of the theme goes astray through considering it as the narrative handling of a plot: and it seems to halt and stumble. Language and verse, of course, differ from stone or wood or paint, and can be only heard or read in a time-sequence; so that in any poem that deals at all with characters and events some narrative element must be present.

We have none the less in Beowulf a method and structure that within the limits of the verse-kind approaches rather to sculpture or painting. It is a composition not a tune. This is clear in the second half. In the struggle with Grendel one can as a reader dismiss the certainty of literary experience that the hero will not in fact perish, and allow oneself to share the hopes and fears of the Geats upon the shore. In the second part the author has no desire whatever that the issue should remain open, even according to literary convention.

There is no need to hasten like the messenger, who rode to bear the lamentable news to the waiting people ff. They may have hoped, but we are not supposed to. By now we are supposed to have grasped the plan. Disaster is foreboded. Defeat is the theme. In structure actually it is curiously strong, in a sense inevitable, though there are defects of detail. The general design of the poet is not only defensible, it is, I think, admirable.

Indeed this must be admitted to be practically certain: it was the existence of such connected legends— connected in the mind, not necessarily dealt with in chronicle fashion or in long semi-historical poems—that permitted the peculiar use of them in Beowulf. This poem cannot be criticized or comprehended, if its original audience is imagined in like case to ourselves, possessing only Beowulf in splendid isolation.

But it used knowledge of these things for its own purpose—to give that sense of perspective, of antiquity with a greater and yet darker antiquity behind. These things are mainly on the outer edges or in the background because they belong there, if they are to function in this way. But in the center we have an heroic figure of enlarged proportions. But for the universal significance which is given to the fortunes of its hero it is an enhancement and not a detraction, in fact it is necessary, that his final foe should be not some Swedish prince, or treacherous friend, but a dragon: a thing made by imagination for just such a purpose.

Nowhere does a dragon come in so precisely where he should. But if the hero falls before a dragon, then certainly he should achieve his early glory by vanquishing a foe of similar order. There is, I think, no criticism more beside the mark than that which some have made, complaining that it is monsters in both halves that is so disgusting; one they could have stomached more easily.

That is nonsense.

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I can see the point of asking for no monsters. I can also see the point of the situation in Beowulf. But no point at all in mere reduction of numbers. If the dragon is the right end for Beowulf, and I agree with the author that it is, then Grendel is an eminently suitable beginning.

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Triumph over the lesser and more nearly human is cancelled by defeat before the older and more elemental. I will conclude by drawing an imaginary contrast. To any one but an historian in search of facts and chronology this would have been a fine thing, an heroic-elegiac poem greater than history. It would be much better than a plain narrative, in verse or prose, however steadily advancing. But even so it would fall far short of Beowulf.

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Poetically it would be greatly enhanced if the poet had taken violent liberties with history and much enlarged the reign of Oswald, making him old and full of years of care and glory when he went forth heavy with foreboding to face the heathen Penda: the contrast of youth and age would add enormously to the original theme, and give it a more universal meaning. But even so it would still fall short of Beowulf.

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It glimpses the cosmic and moves with the thought of all men concerning the fate of human life and efforts; it stands amid but above the petty wars of princes, and surpasses the dates and limits of historical periods, however important. At the beginning, and during its process, and most of all at the end, we look down as if from a visionary height upon the house of man in the valley of the world. Grendel is maddened by the sound of harps. When new Beowulf was already antiquarian, in a good sense, and it now produces a singular effect.

For it is now to us itself ancient; and yet its maker was telling of things already old and weighted with regret, and he expended his art in making keen that touch upon the heart which sorrows have that are both poignant and remote. If the funeral of Beowulf moved once like the echo of an ancient dirge, far-off and hopeless, it is to us as a memory brought over the hills, an echo of an echo. There is not much poetry in the world like this; and though Beowulf may not be among the very greatest poems of our western world and its tradition, it has its own individual character, and peculiar solemnity; it would still have power had it been written in some time or place unknown and without posterity, if it contained no name that could now be recognized or identified by research.

Yet it is in fact written in a language that after many centuries has still essential kinship with our own, it was made in this land, and moves in our northern world beneath our northern sky, and for those who are native to that tongue and land, it must ever call with a profound appeal—until the dragon comes…. Source Citation Tolkien, J.

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Polly Vedder. Detroit: Gale, Literature Resource Center. Powered by WordPress and Tarski. February You are currently browsing the monthly archive for February El caso Sherlock Holmes sigue abierto. Estatua de Sherlock Holmes en Londres. Noviembre Teatro. The hip new way to indicate you are texting. Jenny and I were thumbing most of math class today.

Y quien avisa no es traidor. Lugar: Teatro. Hora: horas. Bulevar Sur, esq. Artwork by SoleilNYC. See more. View all albums Photos. Fueron duras sus palabras hacia los profesores, pero su sinceridad lo caracteriza. Amiga venezolana, pues te entiendo perfectamente, hice componente docente, y tengo la posibilidad de dar clases en liceo. Saludos, positivo articulo que nos lleva a reflexionar, que hay que redirigir los programas educativos de nuestros estudiantes a todos los niveles e implementar esas herramientas que ayuden a hacerlo atractivo.


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Los valores inculcados en el hogar y la parte instructiva que se. En ocasiones los docentes olvidan la importancia de los valores en la vida de sus estudiantes. No olvidemos de colocar la pieza del rompecabeza en el lugar adecuado, mejor dicho, no olvidemos de colocar esa pieza, esa pieza que va a convertirnos me incluyo en los hombre y mujeres completos que la sociedad necesita.

Al neoliberalismo no le interesa tratar con hombres integales sino tratar con personas que son apropiados para su negocio. A pesar del supuesto plagio que te indican, me alegro de que hayas publicado esto. Speech is frequently hesitant with some sentences left uncompleted. Able to identify and produce correct intonation, word stress and rhythm patterns with.

The pronunciation contained some individual word pronunciation errors. Around errors. The pronunciation is exceptional and mirrors a native speaker. Shows a clear understanding of word stress and intonation. Only errors. The pronunciation is inconsistent and made it difficult to understand. Pedro Vazquez :. No votes yet. Accent The learner's ability to pronounce words shared by the people of a particular country or region of the language they are learning.

Quite close to that of a native speaker People thought this 2. People thought this 0.

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Definitely a non-native speaker People thought this 0. Fluency The learner's ability to speak continuously by chunking and linking words together. Speech is relatively smooth; some hesitation and unevenness caused by rephrasing and searching for words People thought this 0. Smooth and fluid speech; few to no hesitations; no attempts to search for words; volume is excellent People thought this 1.

Speech is frequently hesitant with some sentences left uncompleted People thought this 0. Intonation The learner's ability to understand the relative emphasis that may be given to certain syllables in a word, or to certain words in a phrase or sentence. People thought this 1. Able to identify and produce correct intonation, word stress and rhythm patterns with People thought this 0.

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