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August 9, at am. Hi Luca!! My name is Maciej. I am from Poland. I love your site both this one as well as your material on YouTube. Thank you very much for your language learning tips. Keep it up. I have a very important question for you. I am currently trying to figure out what other foreign language I should start to learn apart from English. I was almost certain it should be French, but recently I got the idea of learning Mandarin or Arabic.

What do you think? Which of these languages should I learn in your opinion. My main criterion is usefulness in the future and not just learning it for fun and sake of it. I would appreciate your answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye from Poland, Maciej symon78 gazeta. Luca said:. August 20, at am. Hi Maciej.

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Arabic is an important language, and yet Modern Standard Arabic is not as spoken as you might think. The same goes for all the other Arabic countries. January 22, at pm. Besides Chinese, I would also suggest Spanish. Johan said:. August 19, at am. Your a great inspiration! They told me that I was good at math and they where good at languages. Also I was told that you had to live in a country to learn their language.

But after a while I realized that I actually spoke better English than most people in Norway because I had see so much of it on TV without subs. I also realized that I had gained a lot of culture and knowledge trough English. So I got inspired to learn some new languages. I actually just started a little over a year ago and I already have learned a lot! My German is getting better, and I am also starting to understand a lot of Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Also I have learned a lot of Bulgarian. I also try to find out good methods to learn faster.

And all you said is just so true. It is exactly the same way of learning that I am using now. I also experienced that a good way of learning is to learn away to others. I was just in Italy actually and I had been learning Italian for some four weeks. I met a guy there who could speak Italian ans Danish which I understand and he said that I had learned more Italian in those four weeks than every single person he taught Italian when he was teaching it in Denmark. Also people where very friendly when I only spoke Italian when I was buying something. August 22, at pm. Sono Dario e ho una grande passione per le lingue.

Personalmente, adesso sto studiando il portoghese. Siccome dai tuoi video mi sembra che anche tu abbia imparato il portoghese europeo, volevo chiederti che risorse e strumenti hai usato a tal scopo. Se tu potessi qualche consiglio te ne sarei davvero grato. Grazie, e ancora complimenti. Ciao Dario. E poi, naturalmente, ho avuto la fortuna di parlare portoghese nella vita reale, vivendo con un ragazzo brasiliano.

February 23, at pm. Ciao Luca. Sono ancora io. Volevo chiederti cosa ne pensi e, se hai avuto modo di usare il testo relativo al portoghese europeo, un giudizio su questo in particolare.

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Grazie e complimenti continuo a seguire i tuoi video su youtube. Aback said:. August 29, at pm. Ciao Luca, ti seguo da un anno ma solo ora mi sono deciso a scriverti. Ti ammiro molto io studio Interpretariato di Conferenza , e per me sei semplicemente un genio. Ebbene, il soggetto in questione riuscirebbe a produrre un testo imitando un accento molto simile a quello dei madrelingua inglesi che parlano italiano.

Suppongo entrino in gioco i fattori psicologici, fisici e il sound mapping a cui hai accennato in uno dei tuoi ultimi video. Grazie mille. This, apparently works. Alexandre said:. September 1, at pm.

  1. Il suo nome è passione!
  2. Masters at Arms & Nobodys Angel (Rescue Me Saga #1).
  3. Jane Austen on Love;

Do you have messenger or something like that? If so add me : asbri hotmail. Daniela Hem said:. September 6, at am. Manche Menschen sammeln Briefmarken, andere Sprachen. Aber das Problem mit dem Vergessen durch mangelnde Praxis kenne ich gut. September 7, at am. Mike said:. September 10, at am. Hey Luca what language are you studying now?

What languages are you hoping to study in the near the future? Just curious. September 13, at pm. Tere said:. September 12, at am. I just watched one of your videos. Your English is excellent, especially the pronunciation. Seeing your accomplishments, though, as well as those of other polyglots gives me hope that it really is possible. Bancov said:. September 24, at pm. Danke das du mir geschrieben hast! Ich dich und was du machst toll! Ich bin eine Ungarische Frau spreche Yugoslawisch und Deutsch! Lerne ich ganz alleine Englisch und ich habe noch nicht rausgefunden welche ist meine Methode!

Jana said:.

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September 25, at pm. Salut Luca! September 26, at am. A bientot! Trent said:. September 28, at pm. Hello Luca! Do you start at basic grammar, sentence structure, verbs, kanji? September 29, at am. Any tips for increasing my knowledge? Also, regarding the last post, are there any resources you are currently using that you recommend for learning Japanese.

October 22, at am. I would like to ask you: I just started to study Italian. October 23, at pm. Hi Oliya. You can always find lots of people on the Internet willing to give you a hand and getting some feedback on, say, Russian in exchange. If you have no Italian around you, one great way to tackle this problem is to record yourself.

Get hold of an italian text with audio. Record your voice and then compare both versions: this way will help you figure out where your problems are, in terms of both intonation and pronunciation. January 12, at am. Danny said:. November 4, at pm. This January I am planning on starting to learn Russian, I wanted to know what course you recommend specifically for Russian as I see you have already learned it, and I am a huge fan of yours and want to know what you did for Russian!

If you have any advice or pointers for me to start out self studying Russian it would be greatly appreciated! Marvin said:. November 7, at pm. Hi Luca! I really need an advice from you. The hugest part of the pie is Italian. I find it very hard. Every day I try hard to learn up to 50 words a day, but I end up remembering nothing. I read lots of magazines and books in Italian, no result.

Way too hard.

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My biggest problem is mistaking. Thanks a lot. I love your videos, really helpful. November 10, at pm. One step at a time. The inability to form sentences is a very common issue. A lot of people understand a lot but can barely speak, and this is mainly due to the way we relate to human beings and the world around us. Attitude is also key. You must know that mistakes are an incredible way of learning. The more numerous the mistakes, the better and faster your learnig process.

Many polyglots myself included have made countlless mistakes before reaching real fluency. Tell him to correct you whenever it is necessary and note down all your mistakes on a piece of paper. Also, try to get hold of a bilingual text and do the back-and-forth translation: it is very effective to improve the accuracy of expression in the target language. So, if you have a text in Italian, try to read it and listen to the audio as much as you can. Then, translate it into your own language in written form, possibily on a Microsoft Word file.

Then, some time later, retranslate it back into Italian. This passage called synthesis will allow you to check out your own mistakes, learn to form sentences in your mind and improve your general accuracy of expression. Lisa said:. November 8, at pm. In school I just learned English and a bit of Spanish apart from my mother tounge German. My big dream then became to be fluent in 7 or maybe 8 languages max.

Hi Lisa, thank you for the lovely words. I myself am studying Conference Interpreting here in Paris, where are you at? It would be interesting to have a chat on Skype. November 14, at am. Hallo Luca! Lg, Lisa. November 16, at pm. November 17, at pm. November 26, at pm. Hej Luca! November 13, at am.

November 13, at pm. I used Lo Spagnolo Per Te — De Agostini — Edizione and then I perfected it by talking to native speakers, reading magazines, newspapers, books and by watching movies. Emet said:. November 25, at pm. I learned and can speak 5 different languages: English, German, French, Arabic, and Turkish but not as good as you. How can you manage the both at the same time? November 27, at am. Debo felicitarte por tu esfuerzo a las lenguas extranjeras. Una pregunta. Se pueden estudiar dos idiomas al mismo tiempo?

Si es posible estudiar los dos al mismo tiempo? Uno por uno o de una vez los dos? November 27, at pm. Ma ti devi attenere ad alcune linee guida importanti. Per questo consiglio sempre di studiare un sola lingua alla volta, e quando sei pronto, di passare alla successiva. November 30, at pm. Ciao, signore. Mi chiamo andre gurgel e sono uno studente brasiliano. So leggere in tutte le lingue neolatine e un puo nelle germaniche.

Scrivero questo messaggio in italiano. Sarebbe un grande onore per me. December 2, at pm. Lynn said:. December 3, at am. Where to begin? First, your American accent video was utterly astonishing. I am a native American. I speak Italian, or should say perhaps that I spoke it many years ago. I never had any trouble at all in speaking but often had great difficulty understanding when the speech was very fast. I studied veterinary medicine for a year in Pisa, but understood only one of my teachers.

His very clear enunciation was an exception. This is not a criticism of you but a failing in me. I want to be able to understand Italian as most Italians speak it. Other than the obvious, listening over and over again, do you have any advice for me with regard to Italian? That reminds me of another question. Do Italians listen to contemporary literature on audio books? Would you know if this exists, and if so, where I might find it? December 7, at pm. Jan Reeves said:. December 7, at am. Thanks Jan.

Daniela said:. December 10, at am. Ciao Luca! Sei fantastico. Comunque mi presento brevemente.

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Sono figlia di siciliani. Quindi ho imparato a scuola ma anche per i fatti miei lo spagnolo ed il portoghese Brasiliano. So, 5 languages total, but for me, still not enough! Auguri di nuovo!! Sei bravissimo and not to mention, bello da guardare. Daniela P. Se hai facebook e se accetti amici che sono fans, fammelo sapere che ti aggiungerei molto volentieri.

Si impara un altro modo non solo di esprimersi, ma di pensare in generale. Certo che mi puoi aggiungere su Facebook! Alice said:. December 10, at pm. Du bist der Beweis, dass dem nicht so ist und das motiviert mich sehr. Ich bin ebenfalls total fasziniert von Sprachen. Ich bin momentan 19 Jahre alt, habe gerade erst die Schule beendet und ein Studium angefangen. Genauer gesagt ein Studium der Mathematik, also eines, das nichts mit Sprachen zu tun hat, genau wie du.

Mach weiter so! Ana said:. December 18, at pm. December 21, at pm. January 11, at pm. Jane said:. I saw your videos on youtube after trying to search up videos of which to hear someone speaking fluent Italian. Your content is very inspiring and helpful; please keep it up! January 14, at pm. Isaiah Gilliland said:. My native language is english. So I decided first to learn something I really wanted to learn in passion.

I found that in Italian :D. So far I love the language, and really, I enjoy it now more than I do english. And since Italian is your native language, I was hoping you could give a post about others wanting to learn Italian specifically. If I want to speak fluent Italian, what are the huge mistakes you notice? Antonio said:. January 15, at pm. Una lingua si impara, non si studia. Grazie per la risposta: … beh non mi resta che rimboccarmi le maniche e studiare sodo. Un saluto, complimenti per il sito e un grande in bocca al lupo per il tuo lavoro e per la vita in generale:.

James said:. January 16, at pm. Firstly, I think that anglophones are at a bit of a disadvantage, because everybody wants to speak English to us, whenever we make the slightest effort abroad. The amount of people that respond in English whenever I speak to them in their languge!! IMO we have a harder time of it because people want to speak with natives, no matter what. Second, the language education system in England is truly awful.

I have a flat tyre. I always had a hard time of learning Spanish throughout school and university, and it was as though I was putting far too much effort in without really getting much out. When I spent some time in Spain, however, all that changed because somehow the spoken language — rather than the written one — seemed to stimulate my brain a lot. Do you believe this theory that some people learn through different mediums than others? This is particularly true at the moment for French, which I am finding a lot harder than Spanish due to the variations and similarities between the vowel sounds.

How did you get round this? Does it just come with time? Or is there a method? January 19, at pm. The reason why you had a hard time with Spanish at University and you did much better in Spain is simply because you stopped studying and started learning. Learning to speak a language is an ability, something very practical. As children, we acquire this ability as a whole, without thinking about its single aspects. In school, a language is seen as an object to study : grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary are seen as different parts of the language.

Students end up focusing on the single parts and treat them separately, completely losing sight of the general picture. This is one of the reasons why learning languages at school is a painful and rather useless experience, at least for the majority of the students. As for learning styles.. When learning a foreign language, I rely on my ears and on my eyes: reading while listening is a very powerful way to get the language in you.

Everybody can do that. Then, of course, if you like listening more than reading or viceversa, go for it. Another key factor in foreign language acquisition is to do what you like to do. Being able to understand native speakers in a live context, TV, radio etc.. It is normal not to understand much at first. As I said before, I suggest you get hold of texts with audio and start listening and reading at the same time.

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