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Before long, it had its own store, dance hall, blacksmith shop, boarding house and other buildings. Blue Tent also served as a supply base for the more remote mines in that part of Nevada County. No accurate population figures are readily available.

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Douglas and 33 for John C. A school was established in Bloomfield Road. In , it was moved to its present location on what is now Blue Tent School Road. Blue Tent had its own "Chinatown", located near the lime kiln about two miles south of the Yuba River.

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Over Chinese workers, most of them miner, inhabited the community. In , Blue Tent was connected to the world's first long distance telephone line, established in to link the mining communities around the San Juan Ridge.

The post office closed in For recreation, residents of Blue Tent participated in ice skating when the reservoir above the town froze, [17] horse racing, [18] and balls at the St. Louis House. Stone, described as "a lady of rare capability… thoroughly versed" in the art of hydropathy. Though known as a center for hydraulic mining, there was also drift mining around Blue Tent.

Hydraulic mining required large amounts of water. A ditch bringing water from Rock Creek was built by the South Yuba Canal Company in and significantly enlarged in to accommodate the growing mines. Mining also required lumber. Turner erected a sawmill in The ditch, and the reservoir it created, gave rise to another local industry, Ice cutting.

In , the Nevada Ice Co. Hydraulic mining reached its heyday in the s. Like the other communities in the region that depended on hydraulic mining, Blue Tent began to decline following the Sawyer decision. A farmer near Sacramento had sued the major mining company in state court to stop it from discharging mining debris into the Yuba River.

This debris was destroying farmland downstream. Subsequently, the mine was operated until as a drift mine. There were other efforts to resume mining. To help, in , the road between Nevada City and Blue Tent was improved, cutting the distance by a mile. Campbell, [45] and in by Eleanor Hoeft, who sought a permit to contain the debris so it would not enter the Yuba River, [46] but these do not appear to have succeeded.

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As mining declined in Blue Tent, agriculture started taking over. Two prominent families in the Blue Tent area were the Arbogasts and the Brindejohns.