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Aw, thank you! Yeah she almost never shows emotion- but you know Mandy, she can't show weakness!

Nursery Crimes

Which is sad. It's like holding in negative emotions all the time. And you're welcome. Prev Next.

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Whoever opened me trunk must have been powerful to get past the curse I placed on it! But what kind of sicko would make us fight just for their own amusement? Billy : "But if we touch those things won't we become infected with supernatural rage and start fighting each other too?

Billy's Bedtime Story

Grim : "Hey, I've got a scythe. Give me an excuse.

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Grim : "He was part of that last fight. He's been infected by supernatural rage. Those Mojo Balls are potent.

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Billy : "Ooh ooh! Does the Mojo rage spread from person to person, tearing apart families and homes, overwhelming law enforcement and society, throwing the world into anarchy, creating a world of chaos where only the strongest survive, and in the end only serving to show that we are in fact the true monsters? Grim : "I was worried that other people may try to steal me stuff, but I suppose what you said could be a problem too.

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Mandy : "Here's another feather. Could Jack be involved? We should see if any fights have broken out at the pumpkin patch. Grim : "Another feather. In the opening story, Lumpy's only eating foods that start with P - pickles, peaches and pork rinds for starters.

The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

Lumpy's recently lost his sidekick to boarding school in Alaska and needs a replacement, so he invites Billy to come along on these adventures. There was NO way Mom was going to let him jet off to Mexico City to a carnival on the back of a lost, talking, two-humped camel in the middle of the night!!

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Then he remembered - this was HIS adventure in his imagination.