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John was on his way to the TED conference when a girl on the plane asked him, "What really leads to success? So he spent the next ten years researching success and asking over extraordinarily successful people in many fields what helped them succeed. In his books and talks,he shares a wealth of wisdom from the world's most successful people -- knowledge that can help others succeed in their own way, whether it's escaping poverty, building a business, raising a family, or changing the world.

It's such a boost of confidence. This book really gives you a lot of self-esteem about who you are, and that you really can be somebody.

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Bill T. In Session 7 of TED, we explore its bounds in design, art, dance, music, data visualizations and urban planning. Stay beginners.

What It Takes: Seven Secrets of Success from the World’s Greatest Professional Firms (a review)

In his typically candid style, Richard St. John reminds us that success is not a one-way street. Duration: Watch Richard St. You have JavaScript disabled.

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Menu Main menu. The reason these people are at the top of their game is because of these. A surefire way to be ho-hum is to do whatever everyone else is doing. I am not a fan of ho-hum.

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When I founded WordStream, some people might have thought me to be a nutcase. Oh, I had ideas. Were they good ideas or bad ideas? I assess them quantitatively. Some ideas worked really well. Ideas—the new, the crazy, the shocking, the unorthodox, the off-the-wall, the anything—are marketing fodder. You just have to go forth and try them. The fact is, they just happen. But you have to be open to them. Do marketing without testing the results of your marketing.

I can think of nothing more foolish and wasteful than marketing without testing.

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When you come up with your marketing idea, immediately put it into motion. And then measure the results. If testing sounds intimidating, let me try to make it a bit more palatable. In the universe of marketing, there are roles as diverse as a social media manager and front-end developer. My point is this. Instead, you have to borrow the brains, skills, and strategies of others.

A parallel concept of first-mover advantage is the early adopter advantage. If you were an early adopter on Twitter, then you probably nabbed a great Twitter handle, started building a loyal tribe, and established yourself as more authoritative than the million users who joined after you. If you were an early adopter of content marketing, then you were able to benefit from the traffic, brand signal building, and SEO power of links early on.

When you see something promising in the marketing world, jump on it. You can bail if you need to, but at least try that thing out!

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Make your decision to quit based on data, rather than disgust or impatience. Disclaimer: Some channels just take time to gain steam. For example, doing SEO linkbuilding requires months of work.

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Building Reddit karma requires time. If I were doing today some of the marketing hacks that I was using in , you would laugh in my face. And I would deserve it. Quit when you need to. A few years ago, it was vogue to talk about the T-shaped marketer. Then someone thought they would improve on it with the m-shaped marketer.