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Every Minute Counts on the Way to Opening Night

This mix of accolades and intellectual celebrity turned Zeller into a glitzy media fixture and ubiquitous presence in Parisian society. Studio produces plays that reflect the contemporary world, and our plays frequently contain adult content and language.

Anthony Hopkins, Olivia Colman to Star in Florian Zeller’s Movie ‘The Father’

After-Show Discussion with the Cast May 21, , after the 2pm matinee June 3, , after the 2pm matinee. Toggle Links Cart Search Calendar. Donate View Cart Sign In. Email Signup Search Search. Production Photos. Meet the Cast. Ted van Griethuysen and David Muse. The Artists Cast.

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Anne Kate Eastwood Norris. Pierre Manny Buckley.

The Father five-star review – a savagely honest study of dementia | Stage | The Guardian

Woman Erika Rose. Man Daniel Harray. Laura Caroline Dubberly. Playwright Florian Zeller. Heavenly Father will likewise help each of us if we will strive to keep His commandments.

It is Heavenly Father who gives us our daily bread, 19 which includes both the food we eat and the strength we need to keep His commandments. Heavenly Father guides us and gives us the experiences we need based on our strengths, weaknesses, and choices so that we might bear good fruit. It is Heavenly Father who sends both the influence and the gift of the Holy Ghost into our lives. In the postmortal spirit world, Heavenly Father continues to shed forth the Holy Ghost and send missionaries to those who need the gospel.

He answers prayers and helps those who lack them receive vicarious saving ordinances. The Father raised up Jesus Christ and gave Him power to bring to pass the Resurrection, 34 which is the means by which we obtain immortal bodies.

As you can see, Heavenly Father is always there for us. To become like the Father, we must develop His character traits. He is perfectly just, merciful, kind, long-suffering, and wants only what is best for us.

Real. Quality. Theatre.

Heavenly Father is love. He keeps His covenants. He does not change. He cannot lie.

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The Father is no respecter of persons. Heavenly Father is more intelligent 49 than us all. The Father has all power 51 and does all that He takes into His heart to do.

Mortal Life

Brothers and sisters, we can trust in and rely upon the Father. Because He has an eternal perspective, Heavenly Father can see things we cannot. His joy, work, and glory are to bring to pass our immortality and exaltation. As spirit sons and daughters of God, each of us has the potential to become like the Father.

To do so, we must worship the Father in the name of the Son. Given the distance between what we are as mortals and what Heavenly Father has become, it is not surprising that some feel that becoming like the Father is unattainable. Nevertheless, the scriptures are clear.