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How to Give

Do you have great people and sales skills?

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Raise money. You can gain considerable media coverage and cachet in the professional arena by generating noteworthy donations. Make note of your community's "heavy hitters.

Keep in mind, too, that as a fund-raising representative for your favorite cause, you now have a legitimate reason to contact key people whom you may not have felt comfortable approaching before. Successful fund-raising is also often acknowledged through a variety of awards programs. Imagine how gratifying it would feel to be honored with an award for your selfless efforts. One more tip: Although it's not widely talked about, many high-powered philanthropic positions are "pay to play.

Be discreet when inquiring about an organization's upper echelon and remember that, first and foremost, you're there to serve. The caveat: It goes without saying that true altruism comes from the heart and a genuine spirit of giving -- anything less is merely self-serving. She is the creator of the Certified Professional Mentor R designation. By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies.

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Should your philanthropy be strategic?

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Tools for Philanthropic Impact, Session 1: Strategic Philanthropy

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Professional Development. Close Find a Job You'll Love. Here are some benefits and strategies for launching a corporate philanthropy program. Many big-ticket businesses become huge philanthropic facilitators for a variety of reasons. These businesses are truly making a difference—but they also see some benefits from it. While it offers many benefits for a business, corporate philanthropy is not just about the advantages.

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Corporate philanthropy should be driven by a truly ethical desire to give back to the community. Thoughtful selection of the right philanthropic strategy for your organization will play a crucial role in making the largest impact; your efforts ought to be focused and visible. When considering a corporate philanthropy program, identify what kinds of philanthropic pursuits best match the existing corporate culture of your business.

Creating a scholarship will often inspire a ripple effect. You will empower a person in your community, who will, ideally, go on to further improve the world with the knowledge and experience they gain in school.

The Competitive Advantage of Corporate Philanthropy

Scholarship qualifications can be catered to select a recipient that fits your corporate values. The actual process is pretty straightforward. With the right tools: design a digital application form , assemble a committee to review qualified applicants, and award allocated resources. A way to ease into this process is to work with an application management software that allows you to design basic aspects of your scholarship program online.

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Certainly, you can design and collect paper applications yourself, but the time and energy involved will likely cost you valuable resources. Businesses are inherently good at promoting their mission and making money. Starting a fundraising campaign allows you to give back in a way that leverages this skill. From here you can empower organizations who are already making a difference by giving them the funds.