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A Biography

Steve McQueen

Oct 25, Pages. His unforgettable physical beauty, his soft-spoken manner, his tough but tender roughness, and his aching vulnerability had women swooning and men wanting to be just like him. He also paints a full portrait of this incredible yet often perplexing career that ranged from great films to embarrassing misfires. Steve McQueen, adored by millions, was obsessed by Paul Newman, and it is the nature of that obsession that reveals so much about who McQueen really was.

In Steve McQueen: A Biography , readers meet a complex, haunted man who might not make many most-admired lists…. He might be alive still, as prominent, laconic, and anti-heroic a screen figure as Clint, and maybe even a notable producer and director.

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Eastwood has won just about every prize there is, and he has made the journey that probably appealed to him the most—from a working-class kid to a movie cowboy to one of the most esteemed figures and authentic stars remaining in American show business. Eastwood is an auteur and a respectable American.

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McQueen was none of those things…. As an actor, he is more compelling and mysterious than Eastwood.

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    Steve McQueen - Film Actor - Mini Bio - BIO

    Also by Marc Eliot. Perhaps more importantly, why is that part of his story so rarely told? This book answers these questions.

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    • Steve McQueen: Biography details spiritual search of late film star.
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    • Greg Laurie will follow the seeds of Christianity that were sown throughout McQueen's improbable life where a Light finally shone into the darkness of his troubled life. These seeds miraculously germinated, allowing McQueen to see that redemption through Jesus Christ is a lasting truth more glittering and real than any magic of the entertainment industry. Marshall Terrill is a veteran film, sports and music writer, and the author of more than books.

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      About the Book Join Greg Laurie as he takes a cross-country drive in his Highland Green Ford Mustang GT through the canyons of Malibu, the alleys of Hollywood, the wide and open roads of the Midwest, and the streets of New York as he traces the woolly geography of actor Steve McQueen's life, relationships, career, and spiritual journey. Greg Laurie. Marshall Terrill Biography Marshall Terrill is a veteran film, sports and music writer, and the author of more than books.