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The reason for popularity of the rose flower may be its wide variety in terms of color, size, fragrance and other attributes.

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The rose has been a symbol of love, beauty, even war and politics from way back in time. The variety, color and even number of Roses carry symbolic meanings.

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The Rose is most popularly known as the flower of love , particularly Red Rose. Roses have been the most popular choice of flowers for the purpose of gifting across the world. They also act as a great addition to home and office decor.

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A bunch of roses or even a single rose works wonders aesthetically and considerably enlivens a place. Besides fresh cut roses , artificial flowers like silk roses in different colors are also widely used as decoration.

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Species Roses are often called Wild Species Roses. Species Roses often have relatively simple, 5-petaled flowers followed by very colorful hips that last well into the winter, providing food for birds and winter color. The most popular Rose species for sale today is Rosa rugosa owing to its superior hardiness, disease resistance, and extremely easy maintenance. Species roses are widely hybridized. Wild Species Roses include many different varieties. Wild Species Roses usually bloom once in the summer.

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Old Garden Roses have a delicate beauty and wonderful perfume, not often found in modern hybrid tea roses. Old Garden Roses are a diverse group from the those with a wonderful fragrance and great winter hardiness to the tender and lovely tea roses, which are best suited for warm climates.

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  • Old Garden Roses comprise a multifaceted group that in general are easy to grow, disease-resistant and winter-hardy. Old Garden Roses grow in several shrub and vine sizes.

    Although colors do vary, this class of Roses are usually white or pastel in color. These "antique Roses" are generally preferred for lawns and home gardens. Old Garden Roses are the predecessors of Modern Roses.

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    This group of Roses are very popular. The Modern Rose is the result of crossbreeding the hybrid tea with the polyanthus a variety of primrose.

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