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If You Build It, They Will Come

As the Snow Queen prepares to use an ice attack on Hook, Emma arrives just in time to use her powers, allowing the Snow Queen to get away upon getting distracted by helping David free Hook before the large icicles could fall on him.

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Emma was surprised that the Snow Queen knew Emma's name, but Elsa suspects that the Snow Queen might be lying about her remembering their past experience and about her past with Emma, although Emma assures Elsa they'll find out together. Later that night, the Snow Queen is approached by Gold, who asks if Emma remembers her. As it turns out, Gold tells her that Emma will remember her eventually, but when he asked if she needs his help, the Snow Queen declined, and stated that when she's ready to make a deal, she'll come to him.

Gold says that he eagerly awaits that moment and walks away.

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As Emma tries to remember her past encounter with the Snow Queen, Hook confronts her, and explains that after losing Neal, Graham and Walsh, she did not want to lose Hook either. They then share a kiss together. While all this is going on, Regina and Henry team up to attempt to find out the identity of who the fairytale book author is.

Before they can do that, Robin arrives to tell Regina about Marian's frozen state. As Regina is quick to suspect Elsa, as she believes that darker magic is behind this but Elsa denies it to Regina. They believe a true love kiss will wake Marian up, but after Robin kisses her, nothing happens. David and Henry surmise that the cold is creating a barrier, preventing the kiss from working, like when Frederick was turned into gold.

Later on that evening, Robin confesses that he knows why the kiss did not work, although he kissed Marian, he's still in love with Regina. Regina then tells Henry to bring her a box and pulls her heart out before her body freezes, indicating it is alive and promises Robin that she will find a cure for his wife.

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This episode is named after the ice cream flavor that the Snow Queen gives to Marian that puts her under a frozen spell. This outing posted a 2. In Canada, it delivered 1. The episode was met with good reviews, most of it directed towards the performances from Elizebeth Mitchell and Jennifer Morrison. In a review from Entertainment Weekly , Hilary Busis mentioned several good points about this episode, including this one: "And so Once continues to play its favorite game: Families Are Complicated, Y'all!

A new baddie who's secretly related to one of our heroes is hardly uncharted territory, but at least Mitchell's presence is livening up the Frozen arc. And while I'm still not sure that Once has done enough to justify devoting this much time to characters from a movie that was released less than a year ago, season 4's third episode did at least have a little more time to spare for the folks who have been around since the pre-"Let It Go" days. Though we still don't know what the deal is with that damn Fantasia hat.

Amy Ratcliffe of IGN rated the episode 7.

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She's a quieter sort of villain, and that's a nice change. We inched closer to finding out how Elsa got trapped in the urn and where Anna is, but the episode fell flat in a few places because characters didn't act like themselves. TV Fanatic gave the episode 4.

Once Upon A Path

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. July 31, Retrieved October 6, The Hollywood Reporter. Retrieved 1 October Entertainment Outlook.

TV by the Numbers. Retrieved October 14, October 21, Retrieved November 19, Retrieved October 12, Once Upon a Time episodes. After many days, this fellow free-climbed to the top on removable protection; his mother wept with joy, and his father poured himself a drink.

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Everywhere, enthusiasts cheered, cynics jeered, photographers gathered, and journalists scribbled. The climb was a gear-protected 5. Some days later, this fellow met an enchanting young woman in the forest. She raised her brow and asked why the bolts had to come down. I thought it offered a terrific natural test, and I wanted to rise to the challenge without pulling the climb down to the convenience of a drill.

Lake Louise has been a top Canadian cragging venue since the late s. Many routes were originally established on natural gear, though by the late s, most popular climbs had been retrobolted.

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Today international crowds flock to this amazing quartzite sport destination not just for its quality rock but also for the jagged peaks that tower above and the glacier-fed emerald lake. Typically, more people equals more eco-abuse. What if The Path had an artery of closely spaced bolts, so any gym rat could have a shot—without dedication or consequence, or even wonder or mystery? Would more people try it? Would The Path maintain its majesty or become just another greased-up 5.

And perhaps Starbucks would welcome the business opportunity, too. How would all that affect our natural experience? But ideals matter. Being green is a thin line. So who draws it? These tiny moments keep us feeling alive. But bliss has its repercussions, and what some call advancement, others call annihilation. We find a proto-crag, load up one or two people, burn fuel for 20 minutes, two hours, whatever, and trim tree branches, hack trails, and drill holes.

We write guidebooks, and then we bring our dogs and our friends, and we lay down rope tarps. We piss, we shit, and we trample, and our plastic wrappers blow away. We heap so much abuse on these special places we supposedly love. Without action, our impact will worsen.