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She asked me my name Sophie and zodiac sign Scorpio and told me to wait 20 minutes. I imagined her whispering some chants and adding some oils, but when she returned, the candle looked like a third grader's art project. She had etched a drawing of a house, my name, the Scorpio sign, and a pentagram into the candle, which wouldn't be weird except for the fact that the candle was also now covered in glue and copious amounts of silver glitter. If I was a ghost and someone tried to conjure me with that thing, I would just laugh hysterically and haunt their ass off for being such a dumb ass.

While unpacking I realized I had left my ghost candle at a friend's place. I don't know when I will die. I asked a Ouija board once when I was little, and the board said I suspect I may have been moving it myself because that is an awfully long life. After realizing I left my candle behind, I slept alone with my cat in my sleeping bag. I have always been odd and a bit of a loner. As a young child I thought I could see ghosts, and loved dressing up as an angel. My parents grew quite concerned, because I would speak about my ability to jump off buildings or cliffs without anything happening—I would just fly away, I said.

One time, before I could even walk, I jumped off my parents' very high bed, breaking my collar bone. At the same time, I could really use a ghost in my life. I sometimes find myself feeling lonely, but despite my inclination toward solitude, I crave friends, sex, love, and companionship. Although I experimented with cliques in college, I've never had a large group of friends. It doesn't suit me. I am distrustful of humans and a bit paranoid, so I must find someone exceptionally special to let him or her in. The cocky way to define my limited close relationships would be to say that I am extremely picky; the truth is I am kind of fucked up.

I fear that if someone gets close enough to me and learns all my quirks and fears, they will change their mind about wanting to become close to me. That's the appeal of a ghost friend: She's dead, so any odd behavior I display would be trumped by the fact that she's a fucking ghost. But there is no ghost, and I must find contentment and strength in my solitude.

If I don't, I could end up like the woman who lived in my apartment before me, dying alone and annoying the next tenant who has to spend extra time on the phone because some dead chick died before canceling her internet account. The Year My Volcano Exploded. Retrieved January 30, Ekoda-chan Anime". Works by Zero-G. Hidden categories: Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia Articles with Japanese-language external links.

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My Roommate Is a Cat. Slice of life [1].

My Roommate Is a Cat - Wikipedia

Anime television series. Anime and Manga portal. October 15, [7]. June 15, [7]. February 15, [7]. January 25, [7].

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December 13, [7]. While visiting his parents' grave, novelist Subaru Mikazuki has a chance encounter with a stray cat and brings it home to live with him. He watches the cat behave in unexpected ways leading him to come up with all kinds of ideas for his next novel to share with his new editor, Atsushi Kawase. While working nonstop on his novel to meet a deadline, the cat starts scattering food on the ground and scratching the door to his room.

The cat reacts angrily when Subaru tosses the scattered food into the trash. The next day, the cat scatters food again and Subaru overexerts himself causing him to collapse.

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Concerned about him not answering his phone, Kawase breaks into Subaru's home to wake him up and Subaru sees that he ate the scattered cat food. The events of the episode are then told from the cat's perspective as the cat followed Subaru because he had food. Unaware that cat food is not intended for human consumption, she offered some of her own food to return the favor after seeing him working hard without eating, and got angry for wasting it as food was hard to come by while she was a stray. The cat sleeps on Subaru's laptop , preventing him from working.

Hoping to get her off by offering her food, Subaru finds out that he is out of cat food. After Kawase phones him to name his cat in the novel, he begins to think about names for the cat. He returns home and finds the cat nestled in his reference books. After Subaru speaks out a bunch of random names, he gets a reaction to the name Haru, which is connected to a book he had when he was a child.

From Haru's perspective, the laptop was a warm place until it powered down, leading her to discover Kawase in the apartment dropping off food, and the box of reference materials. Her reaction to the name came from the name of a girl who once fed her, and ever since then the name became synonymous with food. Haru messes up Subaru's parents' altar, and as Subaru cleans it up, he recalls his parents.

They loved to travel, but Subaru would not join them on their trips in order to keep reading books. Kawase makes a visit to Subaru's house to talk business and convince Subaru to hold the meeting outside his house, but to no avail. Subaru is interrupted again when Haru messes up his manuscript, and once more when his pen runs out of ink. While getting some more ink, he stumbles upon an old picture album of his parents that Haru knocks over.

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He recalls their deaths that happened when a tour bus they were riding got in an accident. That got him to realize that he needs the emotional support that Haru has been providing, and Subaru accept Haru as a member of the family. From Haru's perspective, she reacts to the spirits of Subaru's late parents that only she could see, leading her to mess up the altar. Then, she chases them to the album. Having been accepted by Subaru, his parents pass on thanking her for looking after Subaru.

Kawase tells Subaru to get a collar for Haru. Subaru returns to the pet shop to buy a collar, and Nana reminds him that he needs to make a visit to the veterinarian as stray cats usually carry diseases. At the veterinarian, Haru is examined and while waiting for Subaru and she is apparently frightened by the other animals there.

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Subaru takes Haru home and sees Nana passing by as she lives in the same neighborhood. Subaru puts the collar on Haru and succeeds after luring her out with food. From Haru's perspective, she was frightened by what the veterinarian was trying to do with her, and while it appeared to Subaru that the dog, revealed to be his next door neighbor's pet named Taro, was threatening Haru, the two were actually trying to become friends and Taro got too excited.

Back home, Haru loves the bell part of her collar, but Subaru removed it because it was too much of a distraction for his work.

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Nana visits Subaru's home and sees that he gives Haru too much food. To gradually decrease the intake, she gives him a bottle that dispenses food by rolling so that Haru can eat and exercise at the same time. Nana leaves forgetting to take her home key with her, and Haru is too attached to it that she would not let go. Subaru takes Haru to Nana's apartment and he meets her two cats Roku and Hachi. Haru becomes highly attached to Hachi. From Haru's perspective, the Nana's apartment key has a familiar smell prompting her to take possession of it.

Hachi turns out to be Haru's little brother, and Haru becomes friends with Roku. Nana clears the air and introduces his brother Yugo, who happens to be a big fan of Subaru's novels. Shortly afterwards, Subaru heads back home with Haru. From Haru's perspective, she is happy to see Hachi again, but feels that her new purpose in life is to provide companionship to Subaru as he now considers him family in addition to Hachi. On the way home, she recalls her time as a stray cat with four younger siblings.

They were helped out by a stray tiger cat, Tora, and a stray black cat, Kuro, to build up their survival instincts. Two of Haru's siblings were adopted by a family during a picnic leaving Haru with just Hachi and one other sibling. Then one day, the cats were threatened by crows and Tora and Kuro would fight them to allow Haru and her siblings to get away, which would be the last time she saw those two.

While Haru was searching for food, Hachi went missing, while the other sibling was killed by crows.

My New Roommate – Version 1.1

The episode ends with Kawase coming over with a bag full of fan mail for his latest novel with one of the letters coming from Yugo. Kawase asks Subaru to hold a book signing event, but he refuses. Later that day, Subaru's childhood friend Hiroto Yasaka comes over with his siblings Nagisa, Hayato, Narumi, and Misora with his parents out of town on a business trip. The kids play with Haru while Subaru is overwhelmed by their presence.

They order takeout from a local Chinese restaurant and then the children play hide and seek.