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Pair it with some classic sweet and sour ribs, hot soups, and a side of steamed fish in lemon sauce, a glass of herbal juice or a beer if you prefer for a perfect meal out. Starting life as a vet, then a drummer in a few popular bars around the city, the owner of Siamlor has now turned his focus towards noodles of a very unique kind. Think Chinese noodles with Lanna flavours, think green curry noodle soup, think cheese toppings…strange but surprisingly delicious. With more than 10 menu items to choose from, this strange fusion noodle shop attracts people from far and wide, promising curious flavours and freshly made food every day.

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Try the Thai spicy soup with cheese or the northern nam prik ong noodles a kind of northern Thai style tomato relish or the soothing calm notes of a green curry served with green egg noodles. Finish off the meal with their signature Kung Fu drink-dessert, a glass filled with coffee ice cubes topped with whipped cream, perfect for the summer months. The atmosphere is clean, neat and exciting, with a constant buzz of chit chat from the almost always full tables. If you are a chicken lover, the Korean fried chicken is by far the best thing on the menu, served in two styles, garlic sauce and Korean sauce, a sweet burnt chilli style sauce that glazes the skin perfectly.

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Open Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. A video clip exposes misconduct of tourists. Villagers in Mae Hia rallied to remove a mobile phone base station in their neighborhood, which they believe has been causing fatal illness.

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Over 20 Facebook accounts have been hijacked by a tech savvy theft who used the accounts to get access to personal financial information. A single lamp hangs over a drummer, bathing him in warm light. It sways back and forth, illuminating a colourful red backdrop.

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A sizable group of people spill out into the street. Some dance while others silently observe. In Food for Thought we dive beneath the surface of our conventional way of thinking. Taking dialogue as a starting point, we challenge each other to try on different views and enrich our own perspectives. Join the community and think with us! In Food for Thought is going on tour and you can join! The Project.

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A tasty encounter with ideas from across the globe. What do we do?

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How can philosophy help us in daily life? Cook, dine, and discuss with us!