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District Courts

By the same paragraph it also has power to collect, control and disburse all monies, capital and recurrent, for the judiciary and to deal with all matters relating to policy and administration. By virtue of section 3 1 of the Act, the institute shall serve as the principal focal point of judicial activities relating to the promotion of efficiency, uniformity and improvement in the quality of judicial services in the superior and inferior Courts.

The capacity of the superior Courts to perform their role transparently and efficiently becomes central for an effective and efficient Judicial system. In particular, there has been weaning confidence in the performance of the superior courts in regard to justice delivery.

A command from the Lord

Such concerns make it imperative to identify issues and problems militating against a credible justice delivery system that would command the confidence of the citizen. Judicial Officers are the mainstay of the Judicial system. The National Judicial policy as it relates to Judicial Officers is therefore, a fundamental and basic aspect of the National Judicial Policy.

Compliance with their provisions shall be mandatory.

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However, the main focus of the policy is to provide the framework of the performance by Council of a secondary, but important, role of relating and assessing the result of judicial education delivery to actual performance of Judicial Officers. However, the policy also recognizes that there are other possible Secondary Judicial education delivery centers to which the National Judicial Institute can perform collaborating, consultancy and expert roles in designing state based Judicial Education Programmes.

National Judicial Council

Such training shall be either in-house or externally provided. Participation in courses organized by the National Judicial Institute shall be compulsory for Judicial Officers and support staff in the Judiciary. Such measures will include measures to:. To this end the Chief Justice of Nigeria may commission the Law Reform Commission to initiate legislation to promote bureaucratic efficiency of the court and remove procedural obstacles to expedition in civil cases and criminal trials. The criminal cases should be given priority because of the sub human conditions in which persons awaiting trial or undergoing trial are kept.

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Fundamental Rights cases should also be on the fast track. The number of Judges to be appointed should be commensurate not only to the population but also to the workload in the State or Court, as the case may be. The Strategies and Mechanism will be administered and supervised by the Chief Registrar. This study will, among other things, include a study of the practices of the Regisgtry of each Court; efficiency of services rendered to the public by it; and the process of Judicial decision-making.

Such committees will be empowered to receive confidential and privileged information. All institutions and authorities must respect, protect, and defend that independence. Similarly, there is no indication that Judges lack decisional independence.

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Consequently, the Policy should seek a clearer and wider definition of the powers of the Chief Justice of Nigeria than hitherto. The Foundation of a Peaceful and Just Society. The Meaning. If society is to function successfully, it must be able to impose on itself a legal structure to ensure adherence to core values. Peace and success among the members of a society can only be fostered if a righteous moral code is used to establish enforceable boundaries of behavior.

Every nation, state or province, and municipality is obligated to have a system of courts to uphold the Noahide Commandments. Beyond this, all societies must also establish civil laws according to righteous principles, with civil courts ruling on civil matters, since these inevitably arise in daily life.

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  • Common Courtroom Phrases.

For example, a court system has the right to limit male citizens to only one legally contracted wife at a time including both formally registered marriages and common-law marriages , if this is judged to be a benefit for the society. Even if there are no courts which expressly follow the Noahide Commandments, as in our day and age, every Gentile is still obligated to constrain himself or herself to believe in and follow the Seven Noahide Commandments.

It is praiseworthy to encourage others to do so as well, and to support laws in your own society which move toward the letter and spirit of the Noahide Commandments. Scriptural Sources.