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I am looking for a book that I think was from the early 80's. It has dinosaurs and taught colors.

Each page was a different Dino. And the whole page was the color scheme of the Dino. I know I'm not giving a lot of inso but that is all I remember. Thank you! Looking for a book and record set, from the 60's I think. Unfortunately I don't have much info, but here's what I remember:.

Book is from the 70's's. A mother or step-mother wants to be rid of one of her daughters, so she send her into the woods during a storm to find either strawberries or flowers, which, of course, are not blooming, and tells her not to return without them. The girl meets 12 brothers who represent the 12 months. The brothers help her out by making flowers bloom early, etc. This one may be too recent. It shows a girl running through the storm on the cover: The Month-Brothers by S. Also there is The Month Brothers as adapted from the Samuel Marshak play, by Dorothy Nathan, illustrated by Uri Schulevitz This has a picture in a circle on the front of two Russian gentlemen, the brothers, in long coats, in the snow.

As usual, the real bargain is in the middle of the list. Windy Hill's books are in beautiful condition. If she says Fine, she means it. This book was reprinted in I cannot recall the title or author of this specific children's book - it was very large, the cover was blue, had a large tree with random household things growing on it seems like paper clips, measuring tapes, etc The book had lots of scenarios of households and towns I'm guessing it was published sometime in the 80's This book has quite a few stories and they all have unusual endings or something funny.

One of the stories is a man lying in bed at night and he sees two eyes, so he thinks, at the foot of his bed. I think he shoots at it and it was his big toes with the moon shining on them, which made them look like eyes. I think one of the other stories in the book was something about a golden arm. The story in which the man shoots at his own toes is "Thing at the foot of the bed".

Here are the contents: Some people say -- Funny ones: -- Thing at the foot of the bed -- Here we go! It was republished, so check for various covers to see if one matches your memories. The book I'm looking for has to be from the late 's. Very cool illustrations of a young girl totally dressed in the mod style black and white dresses and the bob-style straight haircut.

It had something to do with her shopping for clothes. She carries too many boxes and falls and in the end I just remember an image of her wrapped up in bandages. Any idea what this book is? Ive been racking my brain for days about a book that I read in my third grade glass in All I can vaguely remember is a boy that has three wishes or three magical powers he can use or take with him on his journeys with his dragon or big bird?

I think Ive lost my mind, but I know the book exists. I remember him walking alone on a frozen snow-covered lake in a blizzard perhaps????? He looks so sad I LOVE that book. Please help Hi, Thanks but that's not the book I DO have that one I'm trying to remember the name of a book I read in the early s, about a Plains Indian boy with a club foot.

He was left behind when his village had to move, and he along with possibly an elder caught and tamed a wild horse. One phrase that sticks in my mind is "Faster than any man can run," which may have been the subtitle, or perhaps part of a cover blurb. I've tried Googling to no avail. There's a chance it was a school library or Scholastic book sale book. It is still available.

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I'm hoping to find a book from possibly the late 70's to the early 90's. The only thing I can remember is that it was about a man or boy who had a hole or tear in his clothes and kept taking other parts of his clothes to patch it This is from 50's or 40's. Mother Goose with a big red hat on cover with other animals.

I'm looking for a book that I thought was called '' Return to The Sea''. It's about a wooden toy shaped like an Indian in a boat and it travels thru rivers and streams until it turns into driftwood.

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I haven't seen a copy since the 's. See if the artwork on this looks familiar. Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling C. Hollings We have collectible copies in stock frequently, but there are modern reprints with trimmed margins. A wonderful book! I remember a book from my youth would have been from 's - probably later 70's rather than earlier about a girl who goes into a quiet and elaborate mansion. Inside, she discovers portraits of approximately 7 to 9 beautiful women, one was named Mavis. The portraits come to life.

It was purchased at a book fair when I was in elementary school probably 4th grade or so. I'm 46 now. They used to make themselves into swings and slides and other fun things. Looking for an old children's story about a girl visiting a chateau and enters the basement somehow and can't find her way out. I am looking for a picture book, maybe from the 80s, about an ant.

The local giant saw it and had to teach the ant the importance of puntuation. I'm also looking for this book! Google has been less than helpful and no one I talk to know what I'm talking about. I remember it being in one of those 'textbooks' issued in elementary school. Hopefully someone will answer this post soon! In one of the books I can remember it was four or five teens going on a trip to an island. Before they went they had all gotten their own colored backpacks.

I can't remember any names and don't remember any details whatsoever from the other books. I have been looking for years and its bugging me not being able to find them. I know its not much but anything will help. I also recall the four children receiving coloured suitcase to take on their adventure. They solve mysteries and live with their grandfather.

Hope that helps! I had a set of books, may have been little golden or something Okay so there was this girls book i read in elementary school.

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It was a like a series. It was about two best friends. I am searching for a book that I know I read in It is a children's picture book. It came from the library and was wider than it was tall. The story is about a cat that walks along a wall. I'm sure there must have been something else that happened, but I don't remember that.

What I remember is the grey stone wall and the bright, bright, bright pink and red flowers along the wall. I've been looking for this book for years and have not found it yet. I remember reading it to my grandmother as a 5 year old and have always considered it the first book I read independently.

I am looking for a book that I read in about year 4 or 5 it was called Stolen I think, the cover was dark with the title written in white. It was about an old woman who stole girls and tricked them into giving her their youthful bodies. It was British; it was a series of stories that were non-traditional and funny. One was about a boy named Peter who found a very small mermaid. He brings her home and she proceeds to wreak havoc in his house - climbing the curtains, roasting his goldfish, etc. Another story is about a little girl who finds a pair of magic spectacles which, once on the wearer, starts making demands and pinches her face when she doesn't comply.

The other story I remember is about a girl who finds a magic wand and wishes herself long eyelashes and long golden curly hair. The gnome who owns the wand sees her and, having seen her before, realizes that she must have his wand. She tries to run but the golden hair gets caught in the bushes and she trips and falls and loses the wand.

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I loved this book and would love to have it for my daughters. I would be happy for any information you can find. I posted this elsewhere in the site but I'm not sure if it was the right place so I'm posting it here. I hope that's ok. That's fine to post it on both pages. I think more people see it here, but there are quite a lot of posts on Fairy Tales, too. Im looking for a book my mom used to read to me. It was about unicorns and a little girl. Dont know the name of the book, i believe the cover of the book was night sky blue. Im trying to find out what book it is. Hi these might be what you're looking for, two unicorn books I know of.

In both books the girls go to other lands where unicorns live in residence. I hope this helps and if they are not what you're looking for I'd recommend them as a good read anyway. I have been looking for a boxed set of fairy tales from my childhood. I believe there were 3 hardcover books in the set and they fit into a box with the spines facing outward, each book had stories in them.

Some stories were about princesses and their princes, others were not. I know my set was given to my cousin in approx and I had them for at least 5 years before that. I have no other information so any direction would be great.

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It was a thin hardcover book that my Mom repeatedly checked out of the library. The book is about various different household objects that have been thrown out because there is something wrong with them. They are walking down a country road and pick up more objects as they go, with each new object asking where they are going. The book ends with the objects finding an abandoned old house and settling inside. We used to read a christmas book in the library, we would all gather around and the teacher and she would read to us.. Its a Christmas story about a little boy that gets a blanket for christmas..

But you could always check some of those in case. If you do a Google search on it you'll find a picture of the cover and maybe it will ring some bells. It does involve Christmas but it is different from your description. Bob or Eddie or whoever gave me a few dollars for popcorn and soda, encouraging me to sit as far away from the grownups as possible.

Perhaps there was a wink involved. This is not the part of the evening that sticks out in my memory. Neither, ironically, do the next 98 minutes. When the movie ended, I had to be pried from my seat. I think the imprints made by my fingers clutching the armrests tightly for minutes were there until the theater itself was gentrified along with the rest of Brooklyn. I remember the drive home, not to my own home which would have been a small comfort , but to the Brooklyn home of Jones or Brett or whoever. Like my writing? Dig exotic Places? Joshua Samuel Brown. Skip to content. Onto the influential Mothers.

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