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I could picture the places, the forests, the towns, and the characters in the book. This is Valerie Zambito's first novel, but it didn't read that way. I felt like I was reading the work of a seasoned writer. I enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to when Book Two comes out! View 1 comment. The stories kept me on the edge of my chair as I devoured all of the books in this series.

Valerie makes the characters real and to follow them on their life path was amazing. You cared enough about the characters to hurt for them. Awesome read!! Loved this book, I downloaded it as it was free on kindle and was so impressed I bought the second book straight away. It kind of has the feeling of a lord of the rings type of fantasy about it.

Looking forward to reading book three in this series. Really enjoyed this story! It was a real page turner, action packed with great characters and plot. Looking forward to Book 2 from this author. Dec 22, Richard A. Wolfenden rated it it was amazing. An all nighter! I truly recommend that you allow yourself time to read the book in an all night frenzy of fantasy-ict enjoyment! Oct 03, Yasi Deravi rated it liked it.

Beginning to an interesting series This book is part of a series; I thought this book would be a great standalone book. It ended really nicely. This book has the typical fantasy series plot.

Four teenagers part of a prophecy. Of course there is the bad guys who destroys their home. But overall it is a very fast read and entertaining book. Feb 16, Mary rated it liked it Shelves: did-not-finish. Enjoy the story as far as I read. Maybe I'll pick it up again at a later time when I'm in the mood for a well-written cute story. Mar 09, Dtsuneo rated it liked it. Compelling story, stained by basic faults in the craft of writing The story-telling is superb, compelling a reader to keep reading and reading.

Unfortunately, basic errors of writing limited full enjoyment. Weak control of tenses, inappropriate placement or omission of commas, comma v. Editing had apparently been limited to use of a spelling checker, which would have missed flagging correctly spelled but misused words. Unfortunately, the same kinds of errors appear in so many indie works, even when the acknowledgments might include the name of an "editor. Though stumbling along with my irritation at the basic writing errors, I did enjoy the author's world-building and the underlying substrate of morality based on culture norms rather than formal religion.

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And the fantasy So impressed!!! It's been a while since I've read a book with just the right amount of detail and extremely well done character development! All characters even those we love to hate we exquisite! The development of characters through the book was amazing! I must admit after reading the short synopsis of the book and even though the first chapter or so I was thinking this book is not for me, maybe years ago I can not wait to read more!

Thanks to the author for sharing part of her amazing imagination!!! The detail of this book is simply incredible! It paints a vivid picture of the land and people. How Valerie was able to describe the land as a whole, each individual area and each of the characters in a manner that puts the reader there and allows them to become part of the story blows my mind! I do not think there is a single part of this book that I didn't enjoy!! The book brings fantasy, real life and even the age old heaven n hell battles together!! I actually waited two days to review this book as I am in awe of this book and the life that the author was able to bring to the book!!

I will certainly be reading the rest of this series! If the rest of the book brings you into the story as this did and explores some of the worlds that this book touched on during the heroic adventure yet hold ample mystery because they were only a minor part of this novels overall journey I absolutely can not wait!! The only down note that I can even think of is the one scene with MA content. I do believe that the book could have been just as if not better without the one scene and then it would be appropriate for a larger age range, I for one would have LOVED to have passed this one on to my daughter.

But not yet In fact, it includes some fairly explicit sexual innuendo. What Mrs. Zambito does is far more varied and insidious, and therefore realistic. I like it. It also allows for an interesting foray into different types of power. It is a very small part of the book after all. It feels down right sappy at times, in a good way. I did have a little trouble with the lack of contractions. Despite that, Island Shifters is an enjoyable example of the indomitable power of the human or elven or dwarfian spirit to persevere and of good triumphing over evil.


Island Shifters by Valerie Zambito is a strong start to a fantasy series. Magic is an inborn talent, but it is one that is shunned and leads to banishment. These shifters are charged with being the first line of defense of their home countries, even if almost no one remembers the reason for it. The introduction to the magical system is pretty interesting. There seem to be four major kind of shifters each with a specialized form of magic.

There are fire, earth, mind, and body. There are more thing Island Shifters by Valerie Zambito is a strong start to a fantasy series. There are more things revealed later in the book and it is set up to reveal a lot more in the follow ups. There is some romance involved though it remains more of a background thing than a major plot point. The interactions between the characters are a fairly strong point of this book.

I really enjoy the way that Rogan and Airron lighten the mood in some places with their banter and pranks. Bajan is also an amazing character, though I think it is the idea of him more than a personality thing. The pacing of the book is pretty decent for the most part. There were a few parts where I thought things slowed down and it seemed like the characters did some things I had trouble reconciling with their overall personas.

This is a strong start to a fantasy series and I'm curious to see where the rest of the books go. Strong recommendation to fans of traditional quest based fantasy stories, easily enjoyed by most people who like fantasy in general. Review copy provided by the author. Island Shifters should appeal to fantasy fans who enjoy the tried and true good vs.

The book is well-written and has a fascinating world. The world Zambito created is rich and imaginative. Just when I thought I had things figured out, a new layer to the Island of Massa would be revealed. I really enjoyed the map at the beginning, which a Island Shifters should appeal to fantasy fans who enjoy the tried and true good vs.

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I really enjoyed the map at the beginning, which added a lot of depth and made me feel like I was taking the journey with these characters. I wish more fantasy authors would do this.

Book Tour: Island Shifters: An Oath of the Blood by Valerie Zambito

The plot is fast-paced, and there is almost always something interesting going on. The beginning is a bit slow, as it takes until chapter eight for the main action to start. But once you get there, the story is entertaining and hard to put down. There are lots of fight scenes and epic battles, and enough twists and turns to keep you occupied. I think some of the characters, like Rogan and Airron, could have done with a bit more developing.

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However, there is plenty of punch that will keep fantasy readers entertained. It has been a long time since I have read a book that reached out and grabbed me refusing to let go. I found myself sitting in bed going to read "just one more page" hours later my eye lids have I would finally force myself to put it down and get to sleep. Valerie writes an intriguing tale that brings the characters to life.

Filled with unexpected twist and turns be prepared for the unexpected. Although part of It has been a long time since I have read a book that reached out and grabbed me refusing to let go. Although part of a series, this is a standalone book it does not leave you hanging but finishes the tale. Book 2 includes the same characters yet is a whole new story. Yes there could have been a few things that could have been done differently but that is to be expected.

Now, when the subterfuge of strange visitors from afar turns deadly, will the childre It is nearly unthinkable. A child has disappeared. But, Beck and Kiernan Atlan know exactly who has their daughter, and she is the waking nightmare that has haunted their dreams for years. The kidnapper will stop at nothing to exact revenge on the sh On the island of Massa, heroes are born not made.

The idyllic lives of four young shifters living in the exiled land of Pyraan are shattered when a tour of legion duty gives witness to a brutal enemy invasion. However, this lessening of power has not kept the Patriarchs of the West and the Pramans, or the followers of the Written, from fighting several crusade-like wars for possession of them. And Else, a young Praman warrior, finds himself sent on a secret mission to infiltrate his enemies in the Patriarch, but finds himself slowly becoming a crusader against his own people and the instrumentalities of the dark.

Throughout the series, political, religious, and military conflict on a grand scale are constantly smoldering or erupting into flames. Add to this the mysterious and magical Deryni people, who were once overlords of the kingdoms but are now in hiding, and you can see that there is a bit of fantastical in this medieval political drama.

Terisa Morgan lives alone in a New York City apartment, surrounded by mirrors. The daughter of rich but uncaring parents, she wonders at times if she even truly exists. Even though Terisa has no magical powers, she decides to travel back with Geraden. But with people able to appear and vanish out of thin air, Terisa truly attempting to vanish, for the enemies of Mordant will stop at nothing to see her dead! A grimdark that is equal parts gory battle, ambiguous morality, epic worldbuilding, gray characters and gallows humor; all of it combining to make this one fun?

Yeah, I know it shocked me as well, but it is really is true: The Grim Company is fun to read. Read my review for all my thoughts. Once a hero of the common people of the land, he and his fellows are now reviled. With all their hope almost gone, the fallen Greatcoats live to fulfill one final mission given them by their beloved king; a mysterious task that none understand, but which holds out hope for the salvation of the land.

One that not enough people have tried. The story begins in The Initiate , where we are introduced to a world where Order rules over Chaos. However, all know the Chaos gods seek to return. Into this eternal battle for supremacy comes Tarod, a dark-haired outcast with a power he does not understand. He winds up at The Star Peninsula, a mysterious spot of land magically cut off from the rest of the continent, and is accepted as an Initiate by the Circle, a group of acolytes of Aeoris, Supreme God of Order.

This sets in motion events which will have shattering repercussions not just for Tarod, but for the world. Chronicles focuses on the a race of shapeshifters who once were the honored allies of the King of Homana, loved for their dedicated loyalty. Yet the handful of survivors cling desperately to their ways and to a prophecy that foretells their part in the restoration of a magical race who once ruled the world. And as each book ends, a reader can feel that the ancient prophecy is so very close to being fulfilled. The Dread Empire novels are a precursor, if you will, of the gritty, no-nonsense Black Company series that would define Glen Cook as a fantasy writer.

Each of these characters coming to life, gifted in some way, yet totally unprepared for the struggles they must face, and it these flaws which make each one of them seem so very alive and realistic. Naturally, since this is Glen Cook, you can also count on well thought-out and engaging military tactics, because with Cook that is the norm.

War here is full of gritty realism and utter unpredictability. Military plans succeed or fail on the oddest bit of luck or bad timing, and every victory or defeat is not a certainty until you read that the battle is won or lost. Major characters die as well, so do not ever believe that someone is safe, because they are not! Now, I know Moorcock gets loads of love regarding his Eternal Champion series, but to me, Elric steals all the glory, and my favorite Corum is not given enough.

For that reason, the Man with the Silver Hand is in the top five, and his two series The Swords Trilogy and The Chronicles of Corum are must reads for true fantasy fans. Corum comes from the gentle, peace-loving Vadagh people, whose civilization is ancient in age, and who devote themselves to scholarly pursuits.

And while their race might be slowly being eclipsed by the rise of men, or Mabden, the Vadagh do not seem to mind, as long as they are left alone to slip into extinction one dream at a time.

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  • And that is just the first trilogy! After book one, though, John Marco does something stupendous, shifting the remaining story to the viewpoint of these so-called villains and developing them into real people, who are more gray than black or white. Indeed, at the beginning of the series, I absolutely despised one Biagio, an evil piece of work if there ever was one, yet by the end of the series, the focus of the tale is that same Biagio, whom I now found myself rooting for — against my better judgment, I must add.

    And while this subtle shift in focus took place, Mr. Marco beguiled me with epic battles, grand intrigue, love triangles, and twists and turns galore. In this faery land, a horrendous war was fought against an evil god.

    Book Tour: Island Shifters: An Oath of the Blood by Valerie Zambito

    Joy and hope returned to the lands. Goodness and light had triumphed over evilness and darkness. An unrivaled age of tranquility was assured to last forever. A generation lives and dies. History becomes legend. The gods do not seem to care, even once mortal Fealoth. All looks lost. Yet even she does not know if the insanity laying behind his eyes will save the world from the evil one or deliver it to him! Morigu: The Desecration.

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    Gil Patterson, graduate student, is having horrible nightmares: Dark visions about terror and panic in the night-time street of a medieval-type city. Thankfully, they are merely dreams. Quickly, Gil discovers her dreams are actually visions of another world and the weird guy in her kitchen is the wizard Ingold Inglorion, the would-be savior of humanity. Fabulous story. One I read every few years. And a trilogy I would strongly encourage you to try. Yay for this list! Thanks for mentions of Jennifer Roberson and Barbara Hambly, especially. Did you know that DAW is continuing both series?

    I also enjoy Juliet E. Lynn, C.