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Building A Bug Out Bag Does Not Have to Be Hard

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First weekend of summer feels. It's opener out there, in the wide open air - Dr. When paired with a tent, it becomes an even better field kit with camping-ready essentials like a portable stove, InstaFire tinder, and a Sawyer Squeeze to filter water from the nearest lake or stream. The Premium Family Emergency Survival Kit contains enough provisions to sustain a family of four for 72 hours. There are a number of things to consider when looking at the type of bug out bag you might need.

I speak about the finer details of how to choose the best bug out for you in my post on bug out backpacks , but primarily, you need to consider these five simple things when considering your own needs. They are:. Hiking and backpacking bags have proven to be popular for bug out bag kits as they are affordable, durable, and are made to carry heavy contents. However, you might find that a bug out bag with more pockets, molle, camouflage, and an organizational design would be more suited to you. Tactical bug out bag — If you lean towards the more tactical bug out bag, the most popular option by far is the 5.

This backpack is specifically designed to be used in hour situations and is a popular choice among preppers for its design and use. The pack itself was designed by ex-special forces staff who customized their own packs for convenience, and when I have used it, I have found it very durable in rough conditions, and innovative with protective layers, pockets, and compartments. The reason why many survivalists and preppers choose to stick with 5. One of the most important things to look out for if you are looking for your own cheaper pack is the strength and wearability of the shoulder straps and backrests.

If you are looking to wear a backpack when bugging out that is not a purpose-built bag such as the 5. I have been trialling the High Sierra below 75L pack which has a great strapping system around the shoulders and waist with an aluminum frame that can be adjusted to fit your back. These are a great starter option for those who would prefer a more hiking style bug out bag rather than a tactical pack. The other issue is the part of the pack that rests against the back, to hack your own version of this you can insert a tough rubber lining as support. The budget of a bug out bag is up to you.

Primarily, you should be spending the bulk of your budget on the bag, the shelter, and a functioning multi-tool. The rest you can pick up variations of at different places, or you may already have it at home. The primary reason we prepare things such as bug out bags is that what you prepare now will make it easier for when, and if, you need it.

So what should you keep in a bug out bag? Instead, what we do need to consider is the primary things we need for survival. They are food, water, shelter and on the off-chance, you have a bad encounter or are in a dangerous area, a form of self-defense. So in that case, it pays to have a little bit of pre-thought when bugging out. When I first started making my own bug out bag several years ago, I was inundated with all of the survival gear I could pack into it.

It was a process of laying everything out in front of you and lining it up in order of what I needed first water , and second food and third my pile of copies of insurance details and identification which you can see at the bottom of this bug out bag list. Line your bug out bag contents in rank of importance — The best practice when starting a bug out bag is to think about everything you need and line it up in rank of importance.

Visualise the scenario you might be in and what type of emergency situation is causing you to evacuate and then think about what you might need in that circumstance as well.

Go Bag | Survival | Survival Pack | How To Build A Go Bag That Will Keep Your Ass Alive!

So make sure you shop around for the best deals. My advice is to check out catalogs on food, water and outdoors goods as sometimes you might be able to buy almost everything you need much cheaper than what some others would. This bug out bag list is not endless, and is not made to wage a personal war.

But will it greatly increase your chances of survival? For the purpose of this guide and bug out bag list, I have broken down the contents of my bug out bag into six parts which are in order of importance. Of course, most of the contents are up to you, but as a must you should have things that address the following bug out bag essentials of food and water, medical and personal hygiene, navigation and communication, bags and bottles, comfort essentials, and tools.

5 Essential Urban Survival Tips To Keep You Alive

The priority thing you need to survive is shelter, food and water. But one of the primary shortages in any disaster or emergency event is clean drinking water and food. How much water do you need to carry? Based on the following calculations, the average bug out bag should sustain someone for at least 72 hours. So as a bare minimum, this will be equal to you carrying 1kg 2. But it will need to be more than that, given you might be moving on foot. How much food do you need in a bug out bag? The average human consumes calories depending on weight and movement per day.

However, as an emergency, we could calculate for less than that.

Mike Forti, United States Air Force Survival School

Mountain House, who provide a 3-day emergency supply food kit , suggest that three-days worth of emergency food would be 1. In this total, as a minimum, you are carrying less than 3kg of food and water 6. But should try to carry twice this much at least with the water as you could be performing arduous activities and should not be at risk of dehydration. Of course, if you are planning on bugging out for quite some time, whether it be just yourself, your family or a group of friends. Consider these numbers over a week or more, this is where food and water can start to take up a lot of weight.

If you are working with this type of bug out plan , it might be a viable option to consider caching some food, water, and tools as a supply.

5 Essential Urban Survival Tips To Keep You Alive

Another method is to carry water purification tablets, which are strong and will purify your water in 35 minutes. You could also boil your water if you carry the appropriate containers to use on a fire such as cooking canteens. For some, lighting a small fire is the most logical approach as it is free, there might be plentiful supplies of fuel wood around to do so, and it keeps you warm at the same time. For me, I prefer to stick with making a small fire and using that to boil water, cook food, and act as light. The grill mesh also lets me easily cook any meat I might have been able to catch.

There is a lot that can be said for carrying a first-aid kit, and more often than not it will become a resource in an emergency situation. The most important thing to remember is only stock the stuff that you know how to use, otherwise, you are just going to be carrying ineffective items that are taking up excess space in your bug out bag.

Most importantly, you should have something with tweezers, bandages, band-aids, antiseptic wipes and other basic first-aid items. With this, I have my own extras I have found to be useful, such as a 3M dust mask, moleskin tape good for blisters and keeping gauze in place , tourniquet, suncream and a copy of my medical insurance policy. Medication — As for medicinals, all I keep is some paracetamol, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, anti-diarrheal pills and some antibacterial cream.

Hygiene — Because I like to keep things in the same place, I have included my hygiene essentials in my first aid kit as well. These are toiletry items, a toothbrush, mirror, shaver, small toothpaste tube and a flat packed heap of toilet paper quite important , hand sanitizer, and a few compressed toilet paper tablets. One of the first things you do as a prepper is to decide on a list of places you will head to for when you need to evacuate. So of course, having a destination comes with a method of navigating your way there.

As the primary means, which in most cases will be your phone, make sure you have a pre-downloaded map of your area. You can do this through Google Maps, and save a map area on your phone to use it without signal. This, in most cases, would be our mobile phones, however, if the grid goes down then we cannot contact anyone else through that means. There are methods of off-grid communication if you have other people with you, or a community of others where you can establish a mesh network.

Hand crank radios — The most important element to communication will be to be in sync with community emergency alerts, which will be aired over your local radio station channels in your area. To do this, get a hand-crank radio for your bug out bag which can be recharged with motion, saving the need to carry batteries. This one from Epica is able to charge your phone and runs on a small solar charger as well.

Not only are small bags organizers, but they can hold things like a phone and keep them waterproofed and dustproofed. Water carrying — The primary thing you need to survive is water. You cannot survive for more than three days without it. Having some stored water in your pack is great, just make sure it has not aged past a few months.

Sure you will probably have some bottles already with your bug out bag, but try tucking in a few Vapur collapsible water bottles as well, as you can never have too much water, and when you are in a real survival situation, you might not know when you are going to come across a clean water supply again. There are also some other things besides water bottles that will make your bug out bag more effective.

Not only are bottles and bags great for internal organization in your bug out bag so that you can locate your stuff quicker, but they have a number of other very innovative uses that you will need when bugging out. For one, whenever I am outdoors I always keep my iPhone in a ziplock bag.

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It is the cheapest way to waterproof it and the least bulky, and you can still use the phone in the bag. These bags are also great for storing small foods like nuts and fruits, dry shavings and grass pieces for fire tinder, medical supplies, or even water as a last resort. Another great benefit to zip lock bags is that you can see inside of them, so having your medical kit in it, hygiene supplies or foods in there means you can easily see what you have, and how much of it is in there. You stuff it with all the essentials like food, water, medical supplies, tools and anything else you might need in a crisis.

You need something else to cope with the surge of fear, uncertainty and doubt. I can think of no better tonic than taking time to build an awesome bug out bag. Now, I have to be honest. At the time I built my bag in , even I had trouble justifying it to myself as anything other than a little nutty. Have fun playing Fallout 4 for real. Not me. The universe can happily recycle my DNA and bring me back in less interesting times. A good emergency bag can really help with everyday disasters like a fire or earthquake or a protest that turns into a riot.

I once saw an episode of Doomsday Preppers where a couple learned Taglog so they could coordinate better against intruders. They suck. Get the best you can afford. If you ever really need this thing, the last thing you need is for it to be a pile of junk.

Hand pick each item carefully. The second bit of advice is to keep it up to date. Check it every six months or so and replace expired food and medicine. So take care of your bag and it will take care of you. Do your homework for each part. The number one piece to not to go budget special on? You guessed it: the bag. It needs to be durable, hold lots of stuff and balance your weight. This thing is a beast. It kicks ass. Whatever bag you pick, do your research! OK, I admit it, this one should not be number two on the list but man I love this thing!

Trimming the hedges with an electric saw is for suckers. Go at that thing like a world-hopping adventurer of old! Hack through the zombies in style with your onyx black mini-sword!

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The most important tool in your bag is a knife. And not just any knife: a full tang blade. Feel like Rambo when you pull it out. Hell you can even get an official Rambo Bowie knife! I also keep a little folding knife that clips to my pocket or belt. I use it all the time. I like it so much that when I took it to the airport by mistake one time, I took the option to mail it to myself rather than throw it away!

You need a med kit with antibiotics, bandages, burn cream, etc. Stuff it with personal medicines, pain killers, whatever. You can also get potassium iodide tablets if you do plan on surviving the nuclear holocaust. A little aspirin goes a long way too. And, of course, always remember the Bacitracin. A small cut can be a nightmare with no medical personnel on the way. You read or saw The Martian right? Duct tape can fix anything from torn clothes to busted antennas to a gaping wound.

You can make a sling with it or even a pair of shoes in a pinch. Nobody has invented anything better in the last years. Look, even if you never build a bug out bag, get one of these Hydro Flasks.