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He shot 48 for nine holes aged 3. He had a glittering amateur career, winning the US Amateur Championship three years in a row from He is the only man to do that. The Tiger Woods Foundation helps children worldwide with education and has reached 10 million. He and ex-wife Elin Nordegren have an year-old daughter named Sam and a 9-year-old son named Charlie. He is 3rd in the European Tour all-time wins list with 41 victories despite never playing a full European Tour season.

He attended Stanford University for two years but did not graduate and instead left early to turn professional.

He became the first billion dollar sportsman. He has spent weeks as 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking, more than double Greg Norman who has spent the second-longest amount of time as world number one. He had a stutter as a child and overcame it by taking classes at school and talking to his dog at nights.

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He was born in Cypress, California. I was never the biggest. I was never the fastest. I certainly was never the strongest. In the top ten most famous athletes in the world, if not actually at number one, Tiger Woods has had an unparalleled career, both professionally and in the public eye. The career of Tiger Woods can be seen as a modern-day retelling of Icarus, but he is intent on turning back the clock and bring himself back to prominence. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, here are 40 of the most interesting facts about the life and times of Tiger Woods.

Tiger was famous for wearing red on the final day of tournaments. Which, incidentally, meant that red was the color Tiger almost inevitably had on when he won and he did a lot of winning in the early days. So what gave him the idea? Once again, the proof is in the pudding. While at Stanford University, Tiger Woods studied economics. Although maybe they just meant he was smart? Fair enough, right? Tiger, though, went in a… different direction.

Son of a Vietnam War veteran who started playing golf when he was just two.

His post-Masters celebration involved less champagne-and-caviar, and more buckets-of-cholesterol. Turns out, Tiger loves his fast food. No way. He attributed his incredible control to his childhood love for video games. He also claims that playing video games helped him overcome a fear of failure. If you were one of the biggest celebrities in the world, endured a massive public scandal which made you reevaluate the importance of privacy in your life, and also owned a giant foot yacht, what would you name the boat?

Well, Tiger Woods named his Privacy. Given his family background, it may not be surprising to learn that Tiger Woods is a Buddhist. Raised in the religion, he claims that his infidelities and fall from grace can be attributed to him deviating from his Buddhist awareness and practices. Which is kind of sweet, in a round-about way. Though he is both Thai and a Buddhist, Tiger actually declined his opportunity to gain Thai citizenship after being offered it during a tournament in Thailand. Sorry, Thailand. If it helps, though, Tiger might not have been the most enthusiastic Thai person in any case.

Even coming from someone as wealthy as Woods, 3 million bucks is a serious donation.

17 Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods

Tiger is considered the player responsible for bringing golf into the modern mainstream and helping bring more money into the sport. Since he arrived on the scene, the attendance and draws grew to staggering rates, and so too did the purse earnings for tournaments and players involved. As they should! The guy almost single-handily put golf on the map in North America. The man should have a statue in the lobby of every Nike office in America.

Adding to the list of endorsement was TAG Heuer. What is a professional golf watch, you may be asking? Well, they created an innovative shock absorption design which allowed the watch to soak up to 5, Gs of force, which, of course, is way more than a golf swing can actually produce. Even though he is no longer considered one of the best golfers playing, to this day he is still the highest-paid. From to Tiger Woods wrote a column for Golf Digest magazine in which he gave golf instruction.

Which has to be valuable stuff, right? The foundation focused on promoting golf in the inner-cities and is still in operation today, employing over 50 people.

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In the multi-million dollar foundation, there is also the Tiger Woods learning center, which operates five different campuses throughout the United States. These campuses provide college-access programs to youth and provide learning facilities to level the playing field, both in golf and in education. Tiger Woods holds 17 Guinness World Records. Which, by the way, is pretty illustrious company.

It also sounds like the set-up to some dusty old dad joke. How good was Tiger Woods in his prime?

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  4. This led to some courses increasing their yardage, including the famed Augusta National. Even though some thought that Tiger Woods may kill the competition, research out of the University of California demonstrated that players actually rose to the occasion when playing against Tiger and performed better. Tiger Woods is considered the best golfer of all-time. In terms of rankings, he held the number one ranking for a record total of weeks throughout his career. He also held this top spot for the most consecutive weeks and his 11 PGA Player of the Year awards is a record.

    Though Tiger is considered by many to be the best overall golfer of all-time, he is still second in the most prestigious record golf has, which is the career major tournament wins. Earl Woods knew all about the accomplishment of Jack Nicklaus, and he made it a mission for his son to one day break all the records held by Nicklaus. The clock is running. The career of Tiger Woods started off with a bang. He is the youngest player to win the career Grand Slam, which is winning the four top major tournaments.

    This feat has been achieved three times by him. Open by an absolutely ridiculous 15 strokes. Tiger was the nickname given to a young Eldrick Woods in order to pay respect to a close friend of Earl Woods. While serving in the military, Woods became close friends with the Vietnamese Col. Vuong Dang Phong, who was nicknamed Tiger, and Earl felt the need to honor when he had a son of his own. Earl Woods was an athlete in his own right. Before turning to golf, he played college basketball for Kansas State University.

    During these years in college, he was one of the first African-American athletes to compete in college basketball.