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Domestic Violence around the World

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Domestic violence is a global phenomenon occurring among people of all races, ages, social economic status, educational and religious backgrounds. Family roles, values, customs and expectations are deeply rooted within a persons culture and religious traditions.

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As our society becomes increasingly multi-cultural, it is critical that we understand domestic violence within a cross-cultural context. Such an understanding will enable us to develop culturally appropriate interventions in addressing the issue of domestic violence in our communities. Many community and religious leaders are not familiar of the incidence of domestic violence among immigrant population and lack the knowledge of the effect of domestic violence on the victims, their children, the legal implications and the resources available for them.

This book is written for health professionals, religious and community leaders in a simple language to make them familiar with some unique feature of people following different religions and cultures.

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This anthology explores the feminist and legal responses to domestic violence from a cross-cultural perspective. The section on "Images of Violence" contains four chapters that examine changes over the past two decades in the legal response to "private" violence. Feminist theory has been instrumental in combatting private violence, as scholars have analyzed how the abuse of women is endemic in patriarchal societies and how institutions such as the law tend to support men's violence.

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The chapters in this section scrutinize these developments, as they focus on concepts and images that have gained currency as the foundations for conceptualizing private violence. The section on "Feminist Theory and Legal Norms" contains five chapters that examine the assumptions that underlie legal images and norms that pertain to domestic violence.

The authors develop new theoretical frameworks and alternative vantage points from which to view the problem. The section on "International and Comparative Perspectives on Domestic Violence" examines how various cultural and national perspectives influence analyses of domestic violence against women. The chapters also show the common difficulties facing women's global efforts to analyze domestic violence and to combat its structural causes and devastating effects.

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Common threads are the difficulty of naming domestic violence and the mismatch between the severity of the experience of abuse and the weakness of the legal and social tools that address the abuse. Abused women; Child abuse; Cross-cultural comparisons; Domestic assault; Domestic assault prevention; Feminism; Legislation.

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