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A potpourri of wisdom pulled from personal visitations, prophetic revelation, and profound teaching, Shawn Bolz has gathered rare keys of revelation that will redefine how you approach and appreciate God. What lies before you is a holy invitation β€” to come up higher to where angels fear to tread β€” to the very throne room of God.

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The Throne Room Company is for the true and desperate seeker, the hungry disciple whose heart refuses to be satisfied with the norm. Shawn Bolz brilliantly calls our hearts to pure devotion and separation unto what fills Heaven itself β€” an intimate relationship with the God of glory. This book is that summons, and Shawn Bolz is a prophet for this coming generation. He uses prophetic ministry and fresh Biblical perspective to help people come into a relational approach with God that is both organic and revelatory.

Esther For the next few days, I want to make a shift in focus.

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Fasting in many ways is a doorway to throne room favor and encounter. But what is that door to be opened to us?

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Daniel fasted for 21 days and a door opened to the spirit realm and an archangel appeared to him. Esther had not been summoned for 30 days into the presence of the king and his throne room. We are nearing the end of 30 days in this fast and I want to believe for you and for thousands of us, that after 30 days, you will have a throne room encounter with God; or a spiritual breakthrough that can only be explained as God; or a divine whisper that will open up a passageway for your future.

The Throne Room Company by Shawn Bolz

Over the next 3 days, I want to share 3 experiences where I fasted or prayed for 30 days and then a sovereign breakthrough occurred. In , 30 days before the elections, our prayer company had journeyed to Washington D.

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We stood in front of the Supreme Court for 30 days with life tape on our mouths. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:.


ISBN - Look for similar items by category:. The Throne Room Company. Prices and offers may vary in store. Thought provoking and profoundly perceptive, The Throne Room Company has the power to revolutionize your understanding of God. In this book, Shawn Bolz reveals a fascinating message from Heaven that will penetrate the deep places of your heart.