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Chapter lxv: The Conclusion of the whole Work. Unto the Same Man. To a Certain Friend of the King's Court. The Censure, or Retraction It is a very excellent opinion of the Ancient Magicians most Illustrious Prince that we ought to labour in nothing more in this life, then that we degenerate not from the Excellency of the mind, by which we come neerest to God and put on the Divine nature: least at any time our mind waxing dull by vain idleness should decline to the frailty of our earthly body and vices of the flesh: so we should loose it, as it were cast down by the dark precipiced of perverse lusts.

Wherefore we ought so to order our mind, that it by it self being mindfull of its own dignity and excellency, should alwayes both Think, do and operate something worthy of it self; But the knowledge of the Divine science, doth only and very powerfully perform this for us. We present therefore now to you, a compleat and perfect work in these three books of Occult Philosophy or Magick, Which we have perfected with diligent care, and bvery great labor and pains both of mind and body; and though it be untrimmed in respect of words, yet its most elaborate truly in respect of the matter: Wherefore I desire this one favor, that you would not expect the grace of an Oration, or the elegancy of speech in these books, which we long since wrote in our youth when our speech was as yet rough, and our language rude; and now we have respect, not to the stile of an Oration, but only to the series or order of sentences; We have studyed the less elegancy of speech, abundance of matter succeeding in the place thereof; and we suppose we have sufficiently satisfied our duty, if we shall to the utmost of our power perform those things we have promised to declare concerning the secrets of Magick, and have freed our conscience from a due debt.

But seeing without doubt, many scoffing Sophisters will conspire against me, especially of those who boast themselves to be allyed to God, and fully replenished with Divinity, and presum to censure the leaves of the Sibilles [Sybils], and will undertake to judge and condemn to the fire these our works even before they have read or rightly understood any thing of them because such lettice agrees not with their lips, and such sweet oyntment [ointment] with their nose and also by reason of that sparke of hatred long since conceived against me, and scarce containing it self under the ashes.

Therefore most Illustrious Prince and wise Prelate we further submit this work ascribed by me to the merits of your vertue, and now made yours, to your censure, and commend it to your protection, That, if the base and perfidious Sophisters would defame it, by the grosse madness of their envy and malice, you would by the prespicacy of your discretion and candor of judgement, happily protect and defend it. Farewell and prosper. Book III. Chapter i. Of the necessity, power, and profit of Religion. Ow it is time to turn our pen to higher matters, and to that part of Magick which teacheth us to know and perfectly understand the rules of Religion, and how we ought to obtain the truth by Divine Religion, and how rightly to prepare our mind and spirit, by which only we can comprehend the truth; for it is a common opinion of the Magicians, that unless the mind and spirit be in good case, the body cannot be in good health: But then a man to be truly sound when body and soul are so coupled, and agree together, that the firmness of the mind and spirit be not inferior to the powers of the body; But a firm and stout mind saith Hermes can we not otherwise obtain, than by integrity of life, by piety, and last of all, by Divine Religion: for holy Religion purgeth the mind, and maketh it Divine, it helpeth nature, and strengtheneth naturall powers, as a Physitian [physician] helpeth the health of the body, and a Husbandman the strength of the earth.

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Whosoever therefore, Religion being laid aside, do consider only in naturall things, are wont very oft to be deceived by evill spirits; but from the knowledge of Religion, the contempt and cure of vices ariseth, and a safeguard against evil spirits; To conclude, nothing is more pleasant and acceptable to God than a man perfectly pious, and truly Religious, who so far excelleth other men, as he himself is distant from the Immortall gods.

Therefore we ought, being first purged, to offer and commend our selves to divine piety and Religion; and then our senses being asleep, with a quiet mind to expect that Divine Ambrosian Nectar Nectar I say, which Zachary the prophet calleth Wine making maids merry praising and adoring that supercelestiiall Bacchus , the chiefest ruler of the gods and priests, the author of regeneration, whom the old poets sang was twice born, from whom rivers most Divine flow into our hearts. Chapter ii. Of concealing of those things which are secret in Religion. Whosoever therefore thou art that now desireth to study thisd science, keep silence and constantly conceal within the secret closets of your Religious breast, so holy a determination; for as Mercury saith to publish to the knowledge of many a speech throughly filled with so great majesty of the Deity, is a sign of an irreligious spirit; and Divine Plato commanded, that holy and secret mysteries should not be divulged to the people; Pythagoras also and Porphyrius consecrated their followers to a Religious silence; Orpheus also, which a certain terrible authority of Religion did exact an oath of silence, and from those he did initiate to the Ceremonies of holy things: Whence in the verses concerning the holy word he sings, You, that Admirers are of vertue, stay, Consider well what I to you shall say.

But you, that sacred laws contemn, prophane? Away from hence, return no more again. But thou O Museus whose mind is high, Observe my words, and read them with thine eye, And them within thy sacred breast repone, And in thy journey, think of God alone The Author of all things, that cannot dye, Of whom we shall not treate So in Virgil we read of the Sybill The goddess comes, hence, hence, all ye prophane, The Prophet cries, and from her grove refrain.

Hence also in celebrating the holy mysteries of Ceres Eleusine , they only were admitted to be initiated, the cryer proclaiming the prophane vulgar to depart; and in Esdras we read this precept concerning the Cabalisticall secret of the Hebrews, declared in these verses, Thou shalt deliver those books to the wise men of the people, whose hearts thou knowest can comprehend them, and keep those secrets.

So we read Theodorus the tragick poet, when he would have referred somethings of the mysteries of the Jews Scripture to a certain fable, was deprived of sight. Theopompus also who began to translate somethings out of the Divine law into the Greek tongue, was presently troubled in mind and spirit, whence afterward earnestly desiring God, wherefore this had happened to him, received an answer in a dream, because he had basely polluted Divine things, by setting them forth in publike [public].

One Numenius also being very curious of hidden things, incurred the displeasure of the Divine powers, because he interpreted the holy mysteries of the goddesse Eleusina and published them for he dreamed that the goddesses of Eleusis stood in a whores habit before the Brothell house, which when he wondred at, they wrathfully answered, that they were by him violently drawn from their modestly and prostituted everywhere to all commers, by which he was admonished, that the Ceremonies of the gods ought not to be divulged.

Hence Plotinus and Origenes and the other disciples of Ammonius as Porphyry relates in his book of the education and Discipline of Plotinus sware, never to set forth the Decrees of their master. And because Plotinus , brake his oath made to Ammonius , and published his mysteries, for the punishment of his transgression, he was consumed as they say by the Horrible disease of Lice. Crist also himself, while he lived on earth, spoke after that manner and fashion that only the more intimate disciples should understand the mystery of the word of God, but the other should perceive the parables only: commanding moreover that holy things should not be given to Dogs, nor pearles cast to Swine: Therefore the Prophet saith, I have hid thy words in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.

Therefore it is not fit that those secrets which are amongst a few wise men, and communicated by mouth only, should be publikly written. Wherefor you will pardon me, If I pass over in silence many and the chiefest secret mysteries of Ceremonial Magick. I suppose I shal do enough, if I open those things which are necessary to be known, and you by the reading of this book go not away altogether empty of these mysteries; but on that condition let these things be communicated to you, on which Dionysius bound Timothy , that they which perceive these Secrets, would not expose them to the unworthy, but gather them together amongst wise men, and keep them with that reverence that is due to them.

Furthermore I would also warne you in the beginning, that even as the divine powers detest publike things and profane, and love secrecy: So every Magical experiment fleeth the publike, seeks to be hid, is strengthened by silence, but is destroyed by publicationm neither doth any compleate effect follow after; all these things suffer losse, when they are poured into prating and incredulous minds; therefore it behoveth a Magicall operator, if he would get fruit from this art, to be secret, and to manifest to none, neither his work nor place, not time, neither his desire nor will, unless either to a master, or partner, or companion, who also ought to be faithfull, believing, silent, and dignified by nature and education: Seeing that even the prating of a companion, his incredulity and unworthiness hindreth and disturbeth the effect in every operation.

Chapter iii. What dignification is required, that one may be a true Magician and a worker of miracles. About the beginning of the first book of this work, we have spoken what manner of person a Magician ought to be; but now we will declare a msyticall and secret matter, necessary for every one who desireth to practize [practise] this art, which is both the beginning, perfection and key of all Magicall operations, and it is the dignifying of men to this so sublime vertue and power; for this faculty requireth in man a wonderfull dignification, for that the understanding which is in us the highest faculty of the soul, is the only worker of wonders, which when it is overwhelmed by too much commerce with the flesh, and busied about the sensible soul of the body, is not worthy of the command of Divine substances; therefore many prosecute this art in vain; Therefore it is meet that we who endeavor to attain to so great a height should especially meditate of two things; first how we should leave carnall affections, fraile sense, and materiall passions.

Hence so great care is taken in the law of Moses concerning the priest, that he be not polluted by a dead carcase or by a woman a widow, or menstruous, that he be free from leprosie, flux of blood, burstness, and be perfect in all his members, not blind, nor lame, nor crook-backed, or with an illfavored nose. And Apuleius saith in his Apology, that the youth to be initiated to divination by magick spels [magic spells], ought to be chosen, sound without sickness, ingenious, comely, perfect in his members, of a quick spirit, eloquent in speech, that in him the divine power might be conversant as in the good houses; That the mind of the youth having quickly attained experience, may be restored to its divinity.

But the meritorious dignity is perfected by two things; namely learning and practice. Chapter iv. Of the two helps of Ceremoniall Magick, Religion and Superstition. There are two things, which rule every operation of Ceremoniall Magick, namely Religion and Superstition. Therefore to superadde the powers of Religion to Physical and Mathematicall vertues is so far from a fault, that not to joyn them, is an hainous sin. Hence in libro senatorum saith Rabbi Hemina , he that enjoyeth any of the creatures without Divine benediction, is supposed both by God and the Church to have used it as taken by theft and robbery, of whom it is written by Salomon [Solomon], he that takes away any things violently from father and mother, is a destroyer; But God is our father, and the Church our mother, as it is written, Is not he thy father who possesseth thee?

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Hence he hath permitted no creature of the world to be without Religion. All do worship God, play as Proclus saith frame hymnes [hymns] to the leaders of their order; but some things truly after a naturall, others after a sensible, othere a rationall, others an intellectuall manner, and all things in their manner, according to the song of the three children, bless the Lord: But the rites and Ceremonies of Religion, in respect of the diversity of times and places, are diverse.

Every Religion hath something of good, because it is directed to God his creator; and although God allows the Christian Religion only, yet other worships which are undertaken for his sake, he doth not altogether reject, and leaveth them not unrewarded, if not with an eternal, yet with a temporal reward, or at least doth punish them less; but he hateth, thundreth against and utterly destroys prophane persons and altogether irreligious as his enemies; for their impoety is greater then he others who follow a false and erroneous Religion: For there is no Religion saith Lactantius so erroneous, which hath not somewhat of wisdom in it, by which they may obtain pardon, who have kept the chiefest duty of man, if not indeed, yet in intention: But no man can of himself attain to the true Religion, unless he be taught it of God.

All worship therefore, which is different from the true Religion, is superstition; In like manner also that which giveth Divine worship, either to whom it ought not, or in that manner which it ought not. Therefore we must especially take heed least at any time, by some perverse worship of superstition, we be envious to the Almighty God, and to the holy powers under him; for this would be not only wicked, but an act most unworthy of Philosophers; superstition therefore altogether it be far different from the true Religion, yet it is not all and wholly rejected, because in many things it is even tolerated, and observed by the chief rulers of Religion; But I call that superstition especially, which is a certain resemblance of Religion, which for as much as it imitates whatsoever is in Religion, as miracles, Sacraments, rites, observations and such like, from whence it gets no small power, and also obtains no less strength by the credulity of the operator; for how much a constant credulity can do, we have spoken in the first book, and is manifestly known to the vulgar.

Therefore superstition requireth credulity, as Religion faith, seeing constant credulity can do so great things, as even to work miracles in opinions and false operations; whosoever therefore in his Religion, though false, yet beleeveth most strongly that it is true, and elevates his spirit by reason of this his credulity, untill it be assimilated to those spirits who are the chief leaders of that Religion, may work those things which nature and reason discern not; but incredulity and diffidence doth weaken every work not only in superstition, but also in true Religion, and enervates the desired effect even of the most strong experiments.

Chapter v. Of the three Guides of Religion, which bring us to the path of Truth. To conclude, by faith man is made somewhat the same with the superior powers and enjoyeth the same power with them: Hence Proclus saith. As belief which is a credulity, is below science: so belief which is a true faith, is supersubstantially above all science and understanding conjoyning us immediately to God; for Faith is the root of all miracles, by which alone as the Platonists testifie we approach to God, and obtain the Divine power and protection.

So we read that Daniel escaped the mouths of the Lyons [lions], because he believed on his God. So to the woman with the bloody issue saith Christ, thy Faith hath made thee whole; and of the blind man desiring sight, he required faith, saying, Do ye believe, that I can open your eyes? Therefore Linus the Poet sings all things are to be beleeved [believed], because all things are easie [easy] to God; nothing is impossible to him, therefore nothing incredible; therefore we believing those things which belong to Religion, do obtain the vertue of them; but when we shall faile in our Faith, we shall do nothing worthy admiration, but of punishment; As we have an example of this in Luke , in these words, Therefore certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call, over them which had evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, we adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth; and the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who art thou?

Chapter vi. How by these guides the soul of man ascendeth up into the Divine nature, and is made a worker of Miracles. Hence it comes to pass that we, though Natural, know those things which are above nature, and understand all things below, and as it were by divine Oracles receive the knowledg [knowledge] not only of those things which are, but also of those that are past and to come, presently, and many years hence; Moreover not only in Sciences, Arts and Oracles the Understanding challengeth to it self this divine vertue, but also receiveth this miraculous power in certain things by command to be changed.

Chapter vii. That the knowledge of the true God is necessary for a Magician, and what the old Magicians and Philosophers have thought concerning God. As in Harmony, if one string be broken, the whole musick jars, and sometimes incurs the hazard of punishment, as it is written of the Assyrians , whom Salmanasar planted in Samaria , because they knew not the customes of the God of the Land, the Lord did send Lyons amongst them, who slew them, because they were ignorant of the rights of the god of the Land. Now therefore let us see, what the old Magicians and Philosophers thought concerning God; for we read that Nicocreonte , a tyrant of Cyprus , long since asking, who was the greatest God, the Serapian Oracle answered him, That he was to be accounted the greatest God, whose head was the Heavens, the Seas his Belly, the Earth his feet, his ears placed in the sky, his eyes the light of the glorious Sun; not much unlike to this, Orpheus sang in these verses, The Heaven's Joves Royall Palace, he's King, Fountain vertue and God of every thing; He is Omnipotent, and in his breast Earth, water, fire and aire do take their rest.

Both night and day, true wisdom with sweet Love, Are all contain'd in this vast bulk of Jove. His neck and glorious head if you would see, Behold the Heavens high, and majesty; The glorious rayes of Stars do represent His golden locks, and's heads adornament. And elsewhere, Bright Phebus [Phoebus] and the Moon, are the two eyes Of this great Jove by which all things he spies; His head which predicts All, is plac'd i'th skie [sky], From which no noise can whisper secretly.

It pierceth all; his body vast extends, Both far and wide, and knows no bounds nor ends. The spacious Air's his breast, his wings the wind, By which he flies far swifter then the mind. His belly is our mother earth, who swels [swells] Into huge mountains, whom the Ocean fils [fills] And circles; hls feet are the rocks and stones Which of this Globe are the foundations. This Jove, under the earth conceals all things, And from the depth into the light them brings.

Therefore they thought the whole world to be Jupiter, and truly he hath produced the soul of this world, which containeth the world in it self. Hence Sophocles saith, in truth there is but one onely God, who hath made this heaven and this spacious earth; and Euripides saith, Behold the most high, who every where embraceth in his Arms, the immensurable heaven and earth; believe that he is Jupiter, account him God; and Ennius the Poet sings, Behold this bright sublime shining, whom all Call Jove Therefore the whole world is Jupiter, as Porphyry saith, a creature made of all creatures, and a God constituted of all gods; but Jupiter is, so far as we can understand, from whence all things are produced, creating all things by his wisdom.

Hence Orpheus sings concerning the Holy Word; There is one God, who all things hath created, Preserves, and over all is elevated. He only by our mind is comprehended, And to poor mortals He ne'r ill intended. Besides whom, there no other is And a little after, He himself is the beginning, middle and end, as the ancient Prophets have taught us, to whom God long since delivered these things in two tables; and he calleth him in the same verse the only great Creator, and immortall.

Zoroastes [Zoroaster] likewise in his sacred History of the Persians defineth God thus, God is the first of all those things which suffer neither decay nor corruption, unbegot, never dying, without parts, and most like himself, The author and promoter of all good things, the father of all, most bountifull and wise, the sacred light of justice, the absolute perfection of nature, the contriver, and wisedom [wisdom] thereof.

Apuleius also describs [describes] him to be a King, the cause, foundation and original, beginning of all nature, the supreme begetter of spirits, eternal, the preserver of living creatures, a Father with propagation, not to be comprehended by time, place or any other circumstance, and therefore imaginable to a few, utterable to none; from hence therefore Euripides commanded the highest God to be cal'd Jupiter , through whose head Orpheus sang all things came into this light, but the other powers he supposeth to be subservient, viz. Chapter viii. What the Ancient Philosophers have thought concerning the Divine Trinity.

Austine [Augustine] and Porphyry testifie, that the Platonists held three persons in God, the first of which, they call the father of the world; the second they call the Son and the first mind, and so he is named by Macrobius. The third, the spirit or soul of the world, which Virgil also from Plato's opinion calleth a spirit, when he sings, Within the Spirit nourisheth, the mind' Diffus'd through th' whole doth in its kind The lump both act, and agitate Plotinus and Philo deliver, that the Son of God, viz. Also Mercurius Trismegistus in Asclepius mentioneth the Son of God in diverse places; for he saith my God and Father begat a Mind a work diverss from himself; And elsewhere, unity begets unity, and reflecteth his flagrant love on himself; and in Pimander where he seemeth to prophesie of the Covenant of grace to come, and of the mystery of regeneration saith, the author of Regeneration is the Son of God, the man by the will of the one only God, and also that God is most replenished with the fruitfulness of both sexes.

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    Treasury of Sermons

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