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VisitBritain's role is to attract tourists, that is why such a competition is a great opportunity for them to find beautiful pictures to ''raise [Britain's] profile'' l. Say if this statement is True or False. Explain your choice in your own words and justify with two quotations from the text. This statement is False.

In fact, the article does not criticize the competition, it is very positive about the concept, describing it as one of the ''world's most exciting photography competition'' l.

Santé végétale : vers un réseau de surveillance mondial ?

From the clues in the text, we know that the scene takes place in ''summer'' l. This is confirmed later by the expression ''a warm summer evening in England'' l. Comment on the overall mood of the people outside. Justify with two elements from the text. William Boyd's text describes the people outside as happy, ''careless and untroubled'' l. The narrator's description also mentions ''laughter'' several times, line 3, line 4, line 9 and Some social event is probably taking place outside, perhaps a wedding reception or a birthday party since the narrator mentions a ''marquee'' l.

The narrator wants to capture the atmosphere of that evening, she uses the expression ''capture that moment'' l.

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In the analysis of her motivation, the narrator also mentions her intention to ''stop time'' l. This passage shows that photography has the power to capture a moment, not just the various elements that one can see, but also the mood, the atmosphere of that moment and not only share it with the world, but also freeze it and save it from time.

Document C involves two types of photographers: the tourists and Elena Marimon Munoz. Using elements from the picture, give two reasons why the tourists are taking photographs.

Bac / baccalauréat avec mention bien

From what we can see of the way the tourists are composing their shots, focusing on Stonehenge itself and the light from the, they are taking photgraphs to capture the light and the monument itself. Also, if you look closely, you notice that mostshots are taken above the owner of the camera's head, so I believe that the other goal of the tourists is to take a picture to see what they cannot appreciate while standing in a crowd.

Yes, Elena Marimon Munoz's photograph, depicts Stonehenge and the beauty of the light in that particular moment. However, we see that the bottom third is composed of the crowd of tourists, so obviously, Stonehenge is not her only focus. Finally, when you take into account the title that she gave to her photograph, it becomes clear that her subject is more the relationship of today's Brits to their past, and the contrast between modern and ancient technologies, than the monument itself.

Comment on the power of photography as shown in the three documents. All of these documents show a different facet of the power of photography. In document A, with the competition, we see that photography has the power to convey beauty, attract and inspire people. Document B shows a more existential or philosophical aspect of photography which is to stop time, to capture fleeting moments and extract them from the unstoppable flow of time. Elena Marimon Munoz gives an acceptance speech at the British Life Photography Award ceremony on the virtues and limits of photography.

Write her speech. Dear President of the British Life Photography Award Committee, dear jury members, fellow competitors, ladies and gentlemen. It truly is an honour to be standing here in front of you tonight. It is an honour and a great pleasure but actually I'd rather talk about photography than about myself. You see, unlike me, photography is a fascinating subject.

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Most photographers in the room have probably experienced those moments when you feel almost all powerful, a demigod with the power to stop time. As well as other moment when your camera feels utterly inadequate. I hope for your sake that you've had more of the former moments. When you manage to grab a look, a smile, that precise ray of light hitting the waterfall so exquisitely….

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And you know if you hadn't been there, no one else would feel what you've felt. But you captured it and you saved it from time.

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Prometheus stole fire from the gods to bring light to humanity, and you used light and some digital magic and you stole beauty for the whole world to see. Yes indeed, photography is a powerful thing. And the most intriguing aspect of a photograph is that if you know how to look, it tells you more about the person who took it than about its subject. You see, in a way, a photograph never really captures a moment, but rather the photographer's feeling about that moment.

And sometimes what we, as photographers, feel is powerless. When some of my colleagues go to warzones to report on the horrors of war, I know they feel the limitations of our art. We can show the world what we see, but we cannot stop it from happening or change anything about it. And yet we keep trying because a picture will always be worth a thousand words. I hope that next year's contestants will once again prove the saying true.

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