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Every day is a wonderful time for prayers for and support of Israel! As if the Scriptures and the headlines were not reminder enough, this year the month of May holds several days that focus our attention on Israel.

Jewish Documentary - Full Film

Two important events in the history of Israel are listed below. Not everyone celebrates this day, however, as those who do not wish Jerusalem to be in the hands of the Jewish People consider it a tragedy. History of Israel is miraculous. Both days are celebrated with special speeches, parades, parties, and songs Psalms of hallel praise.

The history of Israel is one miraculous story after another.

A Brief Time-Line of Jewish History

Join us in prayer for Israel — it is time to favor Zion with our love, support, compassion and prayers! We pray for the temporal peace resulting from lack of harassment, violence, and terror from agitators and evil doers.

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For Jewish People everywhere we pray for the internal peace that salvation through Yeshua brings. And we pray for the eternal peace that will only be fully experienced when Yeshua, the Sar Shalom, our Prince of Peace, comes to reign and rule forever! Let us know how we can pray for you. In our community, we are fortunate to have survivors of the Holocaust, who are able to share their stories with us firsthand.

Here is just one such story: shalomdc.

Jewish History - Timeline - Chronology - Important Dates

In the coming days, we are going to be observing two more holidays. The two days fall one right after another, literally. As soon as the sun sets after the national day of mourning, Israelis start partying, with fireworks, barbeques, and huge parties marking the 68 th birthday of the State of Israel. It might seem a little weird to go from being sad and mourning the loss of so many soldiers who have given their lives for Israel over the past 68 years to celebrating and being happy.

The sacrifice that was made by those who died for the country led to the creation of the State. Therefore, it makes sense to remember the losses before celebrating the end result.

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