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Academic journal article Australian Journal of French Studies. This article draws on Pierre Bourdieu's analysis of the relationship between contemporary developments in print-capitalism - such as the vertical integration of means of production and distribution - and the literary avant-garde, and takes it in two directions. The first questions the extent to which these developments have, or have not, weakened the hold of Parisian publishers - and the dominance of French literature - on literatures in French published outside France.

The second, related angle of enquiry questions the decline of the avant-garde at the expense of a thematics of the "real" that takes a number of forms, one of which is the postcolonial. The thrust of the argument is that this contemporary transitional moment sees French literature in a state of flux within broader, transnational configurations. He begins with an acknowledgement of the vanity of prediction, but proceeds to identify two factors that will, he writes, shape French literature in the twentieth century. The first is science, which he sees as forming new habits of reading to which writers will need to respond.

The second influence relates to the decline of a traditional form of education that he identifies with a training in Greco-Roman languages and literatures and the study of the French neo-classical canon. This fading of the classical is, he argues, accompanied by a greater openness to foreign literatures - the Russian, English and Italian novel, Norwegian drama, German philosophy.

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He is not, however, fearful of a decline in French intellectual vigour. If not by any means brilliant, he was very much part of the literary milieu of his time, helping to shape how French literature was perceived and which works were to be consecrated. He provides the perfect example of those who, if we are to accept Pierre Bourdieu's analysis, constituted, and supported, the autonomy of the literary field.

A hundred years later, Bourdieu delivered an address entitled "La Culture est en danger" at the International Forum on Literature hosted in Seoul in September Wilkin review Laura J. Burch pp.

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