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Miles helped fill the Flow ten Cristal champagne flutes with. He spent one to Blair. Blair took the cup, and was not seated near the window and had nothing to look at, looked at the face of Miles. He had round eyes and brown-gold, half similar to the eyes of Mookie, the dog of Aaron.

The insolent nose and a half was dotted snub of blond hair and freckles pequenininhas clear-spike straight up. Ajulgar the way the jump from neck veins long, he probably knitting, playing basketball or something. In all, he seemed a little drawing of a character in a body of athlete. But as Blair had nothing better to do, and it was clear that he was to her, she thought it could be fun way paquerar Miles. She put her hand on his leg. Miles smiled as we thought it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Flow could not stop drooling for Serena.

I can not believe that it is not model or actress or anything like that. Serena plunged fingers on the glass of champagne and put in the mouth. Considering how he was famous, she thought it would be Flow convinced all soft and full of chat, but he was surprisingly candid. If it were not a rock star so beautiful, it could have been a total lack of style, but he was a rock star's so beautiful, so she decided to leave this detail go. Indeed, pictures of Serena were constantly appearing in social columns and magazines, she not only paid for them - not needed.

Flow continued facing Serena. It seemed he was about to faint. She opened the door of the ashtray of the limo and then closed. Aaron looked up to find Blair sitting very close to Miles, her hand inn bluntly in his knee. Without ending the game, he turned off the PlayStation 2 and stood up, squeezing between the two in the bank. Flow increased their long fingers in endless musical hair of the shoulders and gave Serena. Maybe stop at a nightclub. Jenny shook a flute of champagne and contort it in the bank.

Was legal for them to go to a nightclub. They seemed older than they were and probably had false identities. Even asking the wallet in her section of Blockbuster's porn! The last thing I wanted to see the world was entering the door of a nightclub while the cool-de-lion farm kindly asked her if it had not spent the time to go to bed. She should have gone with Nate floor. When they play more when they were alone than when they were with other people. Contrary to popular belief, Nate was not completely dead to the world.

He realized Blair is playing for that guy all the hair stuck magrelo never seen that before, and also realized that Jenny seemed a little uncomfortable. But when things get weird, Nate tends to leave the air and wait for someone else to take the initiative. A marijuana that he brought was very smooth and he wanted to go to a noisy nightclub.

After leaving Jenny at home, he could call the phone of Jeremy and to meet the boys in the bar Rivington with black cozy room, where they could sit on the couch and smoking marijuana with no one to bother them. You can stop here? Blair smiled. Will had annoyed both the Nate wanted to leave because he could not see it with your hands on another man? Do not want to go with us? Jenny made a frown. The driver of the limousine stopped the car and opened the back door for them. Nate and Jenny jumped cambaleou beyond.

Across the affected bank Chuck smiled at her, eyes a few cracks. Jenny was not sure what he meant, but I was sure that was something perverted. Good luck in the tests! Nate and Jenny were in silence in the taxi during the race for the uptown. Nate was happy to see the shops and restaurants that passed zunindo, silently counting from one to twenty non-stop in your head of doido. Jenny sat with the legs crossed twice, backwards from what was wrong.

It was mainly the fault of her, reasons. It was she who wanted a ride in the limo, to get started. The taxi stopped in front of the building of 99 with Jenny in the West End Avenue. She took the doorknob. He could not let her leave without a good night. Stoned or not, he had a good creation, and creation came with good manners. He kissed the face, the hair color of her skin roando sand.

Jenny return the smile, trying desperately to forget the last minute and pretend that the night had ended with the same perfection with which it began. Sometimes he could be so incredibly adorable! With overflowing heart of true love, Jenny broke the door of the taxi and went to the lobby of the building. Instead of taking the elevator, she ran the eight flights of stairs and broke out in the apartment. Was coming from the corridor, taking two cups of Folgers instant coffee back to the room.

Jenny took the coat of black leather and fake shot in a chair in the corner. The jacket was hanging on the back of the chair for a second, then slipped to the floor. Nobody would. The large apartment of four rooms no way effective cleaning for years. Jenny touched him to calm down. Dan seats. I could feel that something was taking.

Want to come and stay with us a bit? Jenny and Dan gave it right, but it was not always so nice to her. Vanessa was sitting in bed, even in black top and panties. Jenny seats. Only Nate and Vanessa called to Jennifer. Nate did so was because she had when they met in the park. And because Vanessa had asked Jenny. Vanessa was always nice to her. When dealing with the respect. The bed was messed up to Dan and Vanessa were the clothes of the floor. It was clear to Jenny that Dan and Vanessa had fuck.

Standing in the doorway, was constrained to move on. She did not know which of the two and was wondering, why did not care to have two answers. Dan wrinkle the forehead. He and Nate were not the same school, but by coincidence he went to Brown with Nate and Serena van der Woodsen and friends of Nate doides last month. So that could mean, Nate maconheiro was just a rich and beautiful. Nothing was wrong with him, but was not particularly special, too.

Which means that Dan killed his sister was pretty smart and wasting time with a guy who would hurt her. But at the same time, Dan could understand why Jenny was so in love with Nate. He was older, first, and was the kind of guy with beautiful and popular girl who all want to leave. At least, until realizing how he was.

Basically, Dan was the concern that ranheta Nate Jenny was pressing to do things she was not ready to do, but Jenny had arrived at home almost an hour before and did not seem upset or anything, so he decided not touch the subject. Vanessa has to shoulder. Nate was the type of idiotinha of preparatory school who lost no time, but she did not want to hurt the feelings of Jenny saying that.

I think I must make a good boyfriend. Jenny wrinkle the forehead. She closed the door of the room and Dan went to the room. He gives a good boyfriend, repeated to herself. What the hell that mean? She wanted not only a good boyfriend. She wanted what Gustave Klimt had captured so perfectly in the kiss. That feeling of electric radiant and hug-me-if-not-strong-I-sank on who is in love.

Well, not all is what we want, honey? If I had to hear Kati or Isabel do more of a stupid and plates seuscomentrios on how everything seemed purple or something, she would scream. Miles corou and looked at his brilliant black Prada shoes. Serena was feeling dizzy and that was crazy when I did not know well what would happen next. It was his feeling preferred. She shook his hand. They went to the door of the club. The lion-of-country house was pulling a red velvet rope for them to pass.

Now it was the chance to have a sweet revenge and cheap.

Gossip Girl #3: All I Want is Everything by Cecily von Ziegesar

Blair is bent to the limo, with care not to rub the sleeve of the coat of the nose while Chuck wrote "Take this Man home" on his forehead. Then hit the door of the limo. They passed by the huge lion-of-farm bearded and velvet rope. He opened and closed his Zippo. I have a lot of stuff to look tomorrow. I also have. Blair looked at Serena, who shook his head inflexible. And I can use the private room. Aaron shook his head. He was left and knew it. See you. The four observed down to the street with their hands in the pockets of the tuxedo pants, a skirt of the shirt swinging behind him.

After Flow Serena grabbed and pulled by the waist,. Blair was about to run after them when Miles took her hand. Do you mind if I do something before we go? Blair looked at him. No, she did not care. After all, she who had placed his hand on his leg in the car. Miles is bent and kissed oh-so-to-mouth delicacy. It was a polite kiss of gentleman. Blair was trying to maintain the attitude or not-to-there-of Serena. Ela could do that. I could have fun with a man casually whatever was nothing like Nate.

Moreover, after that night, she was not needed to see Miles again if not wanted. She gave a coy smile. And this time the kiss was nothing polite. In more or less three thousand words, write about a person that has inspired you deeply. Calls to demonstrate the effect of that person in your life with the greatest specificity as possible. His name was on the birth certificate Audrey Kathleen van Heemstra Ruston. When I was three weeks old, got sick of whooping and heart stopped, but his mother determined to raised, giving him a pat.

Although it was only a baby, Audrey must have learned a lesson that day because the rest of his life, even when I was sick, she lived in the most full. Whenever I feel dominated by the pressures of my evidence of advanced courses or pull on my agenda, I think of Audrey and I feel inspired. I believe that if we dedicate ourselves and work for a very objective, be rewarded. Audrey was rewarded for being discovery by The famous are even more interesting than ordinary people? We talk as if they met. We read everything that falls on them in our hands. We were sad when they go through a difficult phase or happy when they marry or earn an Oscar.

Criticize the haircut of them, when they realized fatten or weight loss, until we have the fantasy of being friends of them. And of course they have beautiful clothes, lots of houses and carte blanche to all the new restaurant of fashion. But we also have. The truth is that the only thing that makes the famous interesting is that they are famous. Unless, of course, that they really are interesting as After that, they were seen entering the Tribeca Star - to get a room, perhaps?

Rascals, Rascals. I'm sure that we know all about it in the tabloids amanh.

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B and a new man, which we call M, also in Gorgona, sharing a romantic cigarette in canto. K, I and C seemed confused as if they had stumbled out of the a limo parked just before dawn, when the driver stopped to get gasoline somewhere. Fortunately the driver was nice enough to take them back home, who was walking by the place deles. A Fifth Avenue using your tuxedo, looking sadder than deserves a cute skytech of rasta.

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Your email Q: Hi, gg I know from reliable source that flow is gay. The only reason to go with it s is for people who think he is straight. It is so cute as he always batuca on the table during the class, and he has an old orange Porsche. I do not know what he is doing with B. It is a serious piranha, p capital. Olive A: Dear Olive, T seeing what happens when you give puerility? The p passed him a trick. I am a poet and did not even know it. Seriously now, even if you never come in M, can ask him for a ride in that sweet old Porsche him.

I know that is the last notes that count for college, but you know it. And if you do not know, it is too late to learn. Take a bath with Dead Sea salts, place your purple silk pajamas favorite Versace, drink a glass of Cristal, paint your nails with the new color. You're much better than if you fill up late reminder cards with notes idiots who will never be able to read the morning.

Good luck. I'll cross our fingers for you! For you who love me, gossip girl. Blair was in the front row, close to the inspector, who by chance was the jerk of a professor of cinema, Mr. Beckham, it also by chance desprezava because he had a C in the last article on cinema. The article was about the films of Woody Allen and as they do not identify with most American viewers because they were not in New York and were not the neurotic who lived there. Now, despite being the Midwest, Mr.

Beckham was fanatic by Woody Allen. He called the article by Blair to''condescending''. That stupid. The race began with a series of issues that had to be answered in a brief descriptive paragraph. The first question was: Qu'est-ce que vous voulez faire pendant votre temps libre?

Blair liked to buy shoes extraordinarily well designed and expensive, eating steak with fries, drinking Ketel One with tonic with Serena and smoking too much. Nate used to kiss in bed while Jennifer luxury rolava DVD in the background, but now was not more so. She was too busy doing all other things. The next question was: Decrivez votre famille. It was almost fluent in French, then she knew the words to "homosexual futile", "crazy fool" and "Man fat and omega", which was describe as the sincerity with father, mother and stepfather. But Madame Rogers, his teacher of French, had no sense of humor, then it was unlikely that impressed with the description of Blair.

Instead, Blair generously described his father as an "elegant companion whose favorite hobby is the same as mine: buy shoes", the mother as "a good kind of blonde who forgot the name if no one remembered for her" and stepfather as "a happy man with a chuckle and an unusual taste for clothes, "The brother, Tyler, was easy:" It can be very beautiful when growing, but the best friends it is the PlayStation 2 and the collection of discs of the s. Blair made a break for a second. Elagostava of Aaron, although he was acting in a quiet environment and taciturn lately.

In the scale of half brother he could have been much worse. Blair smiled and said with herself, my new half-brother, Aaron, you'll probably save the world. They were just the coolest things I would say about someone. The next question was: Imaginez qu'un djinn appears sur votre paule pour vous dire qu'il vous a accordera seul want. Quel serait votre want?

Blair batucou the number two pencils on the table of wood. What would she ask? She wanted to. And wanted her mother and Cyrus were on honeymoon forever for it to not have to live with them or see them if passionate kissing in public all the time. She wanted Nate is changed to the Antarctic to never have to touch him or that his girlfriend. She also wanted a pair of very leather boots with caramel jump 10 mosey; only had not yet found the right pair. And a sheep-jacket. And one of fox fur hat with ears coverage.

She does not really care who the father was gay, but he wanted to find a boyfriend to live in New York rather than in France, so that he could take her to shop more often. And Serena wanted to be the class of advanced French to close that they feel during the race tickets and go crazy on all the stories that newspapers today count on Serena and Flow. It also means that he wanted her and Nate had followed in front and back when they were together so it was not more virgin. And it means that I have not been agreed to so late on Saturday with Miles, Flow and Serena, because it was still half of hangover.

Moreover, Miles had called her twice yesterday and left messages on the answering machine, although she had given to him specifically a false number to never hear about it. Until now was thinking about resuming the links. Saturday night was fun, but the last thing they needed now was a new boyfriend. Beckham gave a noisy hawk, Blair raised his eyes and sees the evidence.

He had yellow hair. No yellow of blond, but yellow mucus as a serious patient. The eyes of both were found and Mr. Beckham did something strange: it was red. Blair distracted eyes, scared. Balanaram his feet nervously as she looked the question. Vous avez une desire.

What desirez vous? She wanted very professorzinho film that she hated the thought of not the impression that it was in order.

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I wanted to be on the beach right now, instead of freezing your butt in a classroom barely heated. I have taken the breakfast because it was dead from hunger. I'd like a lot of things, but could only answer one. Blair said he wanted to go to Yale, but seemed totally redundant for a trainee secondary say that I go to a university, but it was better than reveal some juicy personal details to Madame Rogers, anyway.

So she designed a high-heeled botinha margin in terms of evidence and looked for Mr. Beckham again. He was still looking for her, his face a shade of thick reddish-purple. What he was doing? Up to the murder of her or wonder how Blair would be of panties? She turned eyes, disgusted. He looked at the clock Cartier platinum. Another hell of an hour ahead. Next question. Two floors below Blair, in the auditorium of the Constance Billard School, Serena was ralando with proof of American history. Serena was not exactly the type that ralava.

She had already counted the number of tips on his tail-of-horse - nine - and had answered the question about the English involvement in the Second World War with a very short essay about how during the war there were shortages of everything and the British had to open hand of nylon socks because there was not available.

Instead, these courageous women, aware of the fashion industry and painting lines on the back of the leg to give the impression that they were wearing stockings. Serena sighed. Then a girl probably spent a night with a guy and not have your picture filling all the gossip pages of the next day. Photos of Serena and Flow in Gorgona appeared. That was ridiculous. She gave a kiss-off in Flow amanhecia on the sidewalk when the bar of the Tribeca Star Hotel on Sunday, and he went out to catch a private plane to Baja, where they would redo some of the scenes clip for the new music from 45, Life of Krim, before leaving for Christmas.

He was incredibly sweet and the two had a great night, but they definitely were not a couple. A couple meant that the two see every day. Meant that they were in love. And while she and Flow could have been half in lust, they definitely were not lovers, despite the fact he has sent flowers to her. Three dozen black tulips difficult-to-find, to be exact. Serena was accustomed to winning in these guys, so the flowers do not have, since Flow not begin to send him things every day.

Sometimes a guy could exaggerate a little. Consider Dan Humphrey, for example. He followed Serena as a puppy when she returned to school in the fall, and even wrote poems that were so serious and sick of love that came to scare. Serena like that of Dan, but he was way too intense. Lucky for her, he fell in love with Vanessa, who was also intense, and they formed a great couple. But Serena was not interested in combining with anyone.

She emphasized the independence, their ability to follow the whims and do what it liked. She made a clean impulsive - form a casalzinho only restrict his style. Serena started the next question: When the U. A more pertinent question would be: Where is she would use this knowledge? The answer was totally obvious: never! Who to call what happened in the past when the future was in front of you, with surprises and sensational loucuras inenarrveis hiding behind every curve? Someone gave her a pat on the shoulder and looked at Serena.

Hanson was the teacher of Latin and inspector of the evidence of history. He was tall, thin and had a mustache who was always exactly the same size so that all the girls of Constance were convinced that it was false. She knew that was divagando, but could not be in trouble for it is written evidence could? Then she realized that Mr. Hanson had a smile beneath the mustache. He put a copy of the Post in her hands. I turned on page six, the gossip page of the celebrities, where there was a huge picture of Serena and Flow entering a taxi after leaving Gorgona on Saturday night.

It would be great if you autograph. Serena blinked. First, she did not even know that Mr. Hanson was cool enough to know who was Flow. Second, she did not intend to ask nothing to Flow. And third - If ligaaaa! She was nowhere near finishing the race! Most of the other girls had stopped writing and was looking for her and for Mr. Hanson or talking. They will be married on the eve of New Year-in Vegas. In the Bellagio. But it also.

Serena signed his name and returned the paper to Mr. Hanson, hoping that he would not give him a bad note in Latin, now that she does not pegara autograph of the Flow. He smiled all excited. The buzz in the room was getting louder. Back to work - roughly shouted Mr. Hanson returned to his desk while in front of the room. Serena looked at the evidence again. When the American forces entered the Second World War and why? But before he could begin to respond, came a swarm of dozens of members of the class, all holding copies of the Post for her autograph.

Hanson could not tell them to stop when he was himself who started everything. Five minutes, then I want to return to their portfolios. Serena laughed to herself in amazement. When he returned to school two months before, was considered a leper. And now everyone wanted his autograph. She hesitated, the pen placed on top of the photo copy of Laura. Then she wrote in her typical letter full of turns: For you who love me, Serena. Proof of English learners in the Riverside Prep was notoriously long and difficult, but Dan was not worried.

I had read of Frankenstein Mary Shelley twice and save the majority of Keats's poems in his memory anthological. Moreover, sleeping until he could write a test of English for a decent A. After building a Rouxinol''Ode''as completely as could, he turned the blue book of evidence and started writing a new poem that was espetava that turn into something that could send the proposal to the university.

Dan in general never wrote anything that was not full of poems of love angtia. This is called''For Vanessa 'Paper Cuts Lemons thrown Salt water in my eyes He was experiencing a new form of free verse and was not sure were some great lines. His face A voice You softens my edges And my engine lubricates Lubricates my engine? No, that seemed too much sex and he did not want to give Vanessa no idea where to generally show the poem to her. What he meant was that she inspired. Dan looked at the words and tried to think of a better way to say it.

Then he pulled the sheet of paper from a notebook and amassou ball. Why could not write anything good? Dan felt that the observed someone and looked to the left, where Chuck Bass, one of the biggest assholes of his class, was sitting. In the fifth series, Chuck was one of the lowest in the boys class.

Wore glasses with rims of horn and brown suits of velvet and it had seemed to go to the bathroom all the time. He and Dan have done together in fifth grade English teacher and the two asked in class, to write a poem about a part of the body. Writing was easy for Dan, he said the first thing that came to mind, a poem on his hands and all that they did it for a day. He gave the poem to Chuck, so he copy, and then prepared another poem about his own mouth that had nao nor the quality of the first half. While Dan achieved a B in the poem of the mouth and a note that said the teacher, I know you can do better.

In the beginning, Dan does not matter. At least he had helped a boy who seemed really need help. But a year later Chuck was 45 centimeters high, began to shave and use the ring pink monogram and navy blue scarf, and has become a real jerk, especially when it came to girls. He was trying to hurt the sister of Dan, Jenny, in a bathroom at a party booked in the month passado. Dan left very clear that Chuck mortally hated, but this did not matter. From time to time he also asked to Dan to help you in English, and Dan would say it a''fuck you''again. Now that Chuck was looking for the blue book of Dan, trying to read the test on his''Ode to a Rouxinou'', Dan became a blank page and said, can read this, asshole?

Fuck you! Before moving to the next question, Dan releu some of verss''Ode to a Rouxinol''in its. Secretly listen, and for a long time I was fascinated by the way light of Death. It was the perfect beginning of a poem to Vanessa. It was his secret. And that was true, Dan was half in love with death, the way they made a chimney smoked, rarely ate and drank buckets of coffee. Vanessa is the left. She kept the alive.

Dan picked up the pen again and tried to think of a more poetic sucista to write the same thing as Keats had written, but different. But even if working a lot, he could not think of another way of saying the same cosia that was at least nice. Instead, he read the next issue of proof. We discussed in class the various meanings of the symbolic creature similar to humans Frankster of Mary Shelley.

But what Frankster mean to you? Dan looked at the plate Output in bright red on the door of the gym, thinking. He always felt very scary Frankster, ms also very beautiful in some way. Frankenstein did not want to hurt anyone, but could not avoid - was a monster. In a way, was as the love and wonderful horrible, terrifying and liberating, creepy and sad, all at the same time.

Tremendous creative energy, Dan pa'gina turned the blank on the back of a sheet of blue book and wrote to Vanessa again on top of the page. Then wrote the first verse: You're my Frankenstein. Oh, well. Want to know how was the second verse? Vanessa was sitting in the back of the auditorium of Constance Billard School doing the same proof of history of Serena.

He always. He had finished the race 45 minutes earlier and now. Fuck the Page Six. Would document the real life that rolava in the city, the really interesting things that happen right under the nose of people while they are occupied by reading the Page Six. Primeiro, she wanted to wake before dawn and shot the fishermen coming to the port to deliver the fish the FIDH Fulton Market. The smell of fish on sick leave, but one thing was perfect: it could follow the journey of a fish from the boat to the market, which would be sold by type so, 65 cents per kilo, and some of the uptown restaurant where he would be served encrusted of pistachio.

An anorexic twice divorced from Park Avenue to ask, would give only a few nibble and then the rest of the dish would be thrown away. It was exactly the kind of irony that Vanessa loved: a bittersweet irony. She was pessimistic and Dan was a romantic, and she could not understand why Dan had spun so disturbed with sex. For her, the more Dan and the more he hoped the oversized sex, writing poems about it and losing sleep for concern, most were for the disappointment. But she could not find a delicate way to do it see it unless it and tie up his clothes off.

What it is bad idea. Vanessa smiled to herself and the thoughts turned to film. After the fish market she wanted to spend the day with one of those strips that ciclicstas always cycling in pairs by the Central Park and that never seemed to connect all the boys in Sheep Meadow were doides and beer bebessem age without having to do it. What she wanted was discovered was that they already arrested someone, or if you were trying to tone up the muscles of the legs with all those headed. Indeed, the police department that she probably would not film the police on a bicycle without any permission, but was not a bad idea at all.

Finally, she wanted to go out with a hot dog vendor. See his house, the damlia it, the dog. See if he had regular customers. If perhaps, while expecting that people buy hot-dogs, he read a book challenging, type The rainbow of the seriousness of Thomas Pynchon, and dreamed of leading men a day. Or maybe he just fiasse happy to be a seller of hot dog and eat hot dog every day for free. A movement in front of the room drew the attention of Vanessa. The lemingues of Constance were moving away from the chair of Serena.

And thank you, Serena - shouted Mr. Vanessa was looking as Serena again seperar earnestly the tips of the hair. But Dan had agifo like an idiot around Serena and Vanessa could not bear, so she asked a girl who barely knew how to act the role of protagonist. In Serenaentrou of Dan, but only for five seconds.

And before that Serena could cause a lot of damage, Vanessa attacked the head scraped the rul collar and black boots to fight to restore his heart broken. Vanessa descruzou legs and crossed again. The idea of rescuing a bad Dan did want to love sex with him even more. She sighed impatiently. Holidays, she and Dan would spend much time together with little supervision of adults. Whether he was ready or not, it was only a matter of time before they did.

T seeing? Despite the tough way for Vanessa and her disdain for the whole human species, it was not just another curious girl of 17 years. We are all equal. The proof of calculation had been quarry total and all were reloading with burgers, fries and Cocas to pass by the chemical, which probably would be much worse. Nate thought that the restaurant should invest in some of ceiling fans to remove the smell of fried onions that hangs in the.

He also thought about Jenny and Blair in that way not very defined and carefree that tended to use most of the things. Jennifer did not know of since the evening of Saturday, which was weird, because in general she sent text messages, small encrypted by phone or e-mails fresh short in his address to the St. Jude's School. Maybe she just was busy studying for tests. Nate and took away the plate of the Nokia pocket. Doeria not have anything for her a text message, just to keep morale high during the tests.

Oh, how much consideration. Srt good! Qnta trde you lv cmprs bj N. Jeremu his arms stretched thin and turned his head to relax the neck. Nate has the shoulders. Anthony put a bunch of ketchup-soaked fries in the mouth. He played in almost all the sports teams of the St. Jude's, then you could eat chips all day and still continue curvy. Nate assentiu while it had an image of the head butt mesh of Blair with the tight black dress. Blair was just fine. The boys had stopped by Nate sacanear dating a student of eighth grade for some time, but from time to time made a reference to the enormous breasts of Jenny.

It was hard not to make way. Nate smiled. After the forehead wrinkle, trying to remember how Jennifer was on Saturday, but just what came to mind was a jumble of brown curls, the neckline estupenso and his shy smile. He took a few drinks of Coca, the semicerrando look beautiful green and thinking hard. What actually happened very rarely. It was weird, but Nate never really sat down and compared the two girls. He loved to Jennifer - it was less demanding than Blair and a half that left with their own thoughts, while Blair always wanted to know in what he was thinking or where he went and with whom.

Jenny did not pressure the way Blair did, like forcing him to apply for Yale so that they could live together near the campus or give him expensive gifts so that he felt obliged to reciprocate the gesture and buy something for it, too. And Jenny had those incredible breasts, while the Blair were only half there. Were legal, but not spectacular. Despite the defects of Blair, however, he always felt that the two actually knew - afianl, they were reared together. And throughout the time girlfriend, he felt that was going toward something.

There was a destination, as the red pin that he thrust in nautical charts when it was in his boat in the port from somewhere. The destination was in part sexual - they did everything, but this was the obvious next step. The life of the two was in the same rhythm, separately, but together, as the floats of a Hobie Cat The two had 17 years. The two would be formed in June. The two went to college next year. He and Jennifer were in totally different rhythms and unfortunately the sex was not even on the horizon. She was Next year, and for two years after that, she would wear the uniform and would go to the Constance Billard every day, while he was in college doing God knows what.

Most people would be disconcerted by the difference in age, but Nate thought it means reassuring. While he was adrift in uncharted waters of the future, Jenny would be anchored. He could write to her, or call, or come back and see it and nothing would have changed. Charlie got the intact pickles with a fork and put in dish of Nate as a dead fish.

Think pdoe chemical to prove? Looked at the clock. The other three boys assentiram anxious. Nate smiled and stood up. I thought I had solved something in his head, but was not sure what it was. Eleven girls sit in circles on the floor behind a sunny window in the cozy corner of a room that school classes designed especially for intimate, as the health of the last series of elementary school.

The floor was a carpet carmine fuzzy green carpet instead of institutional resvestia the ground that the rest of the school. The walls were painted in a lively blue-knapwood, with the edges in white flashing. There was a small blackboard without frame, with very colorful chalk, draw diagrams for the teacher and, most important, had no portfolio, allowing the girls to relax the body and actually speak to them to move the head.

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  • Who gave lessons to the class was Miss. Doherty, a professor of dance New Age hippie who was 25 years old, a beautiful body by tonificado yoga, reddish-brown hair long and a pale face that was always entirely without makeup. It was the only professor in the department of. The Miss. Doherty left the girls who choose the topic of discussion, then they usually spent much of the lesson talking about boys. She fell in the hands carefully perfectly dyed brown hair, lights that were once a month at the John Barrett Salon since the second series.

    Jenny was sitting close to Kim, marvel because it was all perfect. The nails well-cared for, the brozeado artificial gold, the basis Chanel subtly applied, eye shadows and gloss on the lips, ears Cartier earrings and white cotton blouse Agns B. Maybe, if Kim was not so long passase producing, had more time to know the boys. Doherty has a quiet smile and benevolent. And if your friends have friends boys, do not be shy Doherty, think we have to love the guy who is with us? Jessica had menstruado in the third set and said they had lost their virginity in the fifth. Originally, it is that had the biggest heart of the class, but last year the breasts of Jenny exceeded that of Jessica.

    Doherty put a fuse of stubborn hair behind the ear and smoothing the brown eyebrows, obviously trying to prolong the discussion. But before he could do anything,. I mean, maybe take some time for the two realize they are in love, but if you're not, then I think you should finish. The whole class, including Miss. Doherty, the consistently. Dohrty was facing because Jenny Humphrey never spoke in class and she did not know that Jenny was so full of opinions. The girls saw because all knew that Jenny can steal Nate Archibald from Blair Waldorf, which was even surprising, and had not have done it as Jenny unless it was trance, and very.

    Does Jenny Humphrey was even more piranha, secretly, than Jessica Soames? And now she admitted that? When he realized that all looked to, Jenny corou. Doherty gave their seats and smile without lipstick. Love was one of her favorite topics. Some people confuse the passion even with a flu! Some girls Jenny laughed and smiled to herself.

    She knew that the lady. Doherty was talking about. Sometimes Jenny felt so dizzy and weak when he was with Nate and that he could have pneumonia or something. Doherty continued. You only have 14 years. It is not going to marry the guy right? You're learning to stay with people. It's like trying clothes. You must try all different styles and sizes to see which one looks better on you. She did not want to try all styles and sizes.

    I just wanted to Nate. Alicia asked Armstron maliciously. She torcia its pulseita pink leather. The rest of the class to look again. Then she was admitting that he had trance with Nate Archibald or denying it? Jenny never talked about sex, but now realize that Jessica wanted to say''stay''with a man. She pulled a wool rug of the carmine. For her, sex was not the issue. It was love. How long should wait before I say that Nate loved that? How long should expect him to say? She raised her hand again, but Azaria Muniz first to raise it. Doherty, it is true that we must switch between different shampoos, when to wash your hair not addicted?

    Doherty looked to Azaria means confusing.

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    • You raised your hand? Jenny looked at the ceiling, choosing the words carefully. But before he could begin, the Jessica rudely interrupted. The rest of the class erupted in risinhos. Jessica was always the most outrageous questions,. Doherty quietly. Jenny felt the cheeks become red. Penis, penis, penis! The word was always a laugh.

      Jenny covered the mouth with his hand. Jessica's eyes were narrowed. It is the most sensitive part of Nate?

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      The tip? Jenny stopped smile crossed his arms. Meanwhile, out in Central Park Dan watches Vanessa make a film and realizes how talented she is. The two of them acknowledge their love and desire for each other, and kiss passionately. Throughout the narrative, comments by "Gossip Girl" reflect on, and foreshadow the action. At the book's conclusion, one last "Gossip Girl" commentary hints at questions to be explored in future books. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

      All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. View the Study Pack. Plot Summary. Part One, p. Part Two, p. Part Three, p. Part Four, p. Part Five, p. Part Six, p. Part Seven, p. Part 8, p. Part 9, p. Part 10, p. Part 11, p. Topics for Discussion. Print Word PDF. This section contains words approx. Themes Style Quotes.