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DevClass: “Kubernetes 1.14 opens up for enterprise Windows users, mascot zoo grows”

More Contact us Publish with us Subscribe. Print Save Cite Email Share. Show Less You do not have access to this content. The Social Enterprise Zoo employs the metaphor of the zoo to gain a more comprehensive understanding of social enterprise — especially the diversity of its forms; the various ways it is organized in different socio-political environments; how different forms of enterprise behave, interact, and thrive; and what lessons can be drawn for the future development and study of organizations that seek to balance social or environmental impact with economic success.

Recommended for students, researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and managers of social purpose organizations. This content is available to you. Download PDF About the editors and contributors. Chapter 1: Introduction Dennis R. Young and Cassady V.

Feeding the Social Enterprise Zoo: Variants between Corporate Forms - Emes

You do not have access to this content. Chapter 2: Designing the zoo Dennis R. Young and Wesley Longhofer.

Chapter 3: The ongoing evolution in social enterprise legal forms Cassady V. Chapter 4: Habitats in the zoo Janelle A. A -k flag as well as a kustomize subcommand have been added, so that users can author and reuse the declarative resource config authoring features of kustomize, the module for customising K8s YAML configurations.

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  • Feeding the Social Enterprise Zoo: Variants between Corporate Forms - Emes.

Other enhancements to Kubernetes as a whole include persistent local volumes, which were available before but have now graduated from beta, and process ID limiting moving to beta. This means that locally attached storage volumes can now be used as persistent volume sources to implement distributed file system and database scenarios.

Admins can now also reserve a number of allocated PIDs per node within a pod and assign priorities to pods, helping in low resource scenarios.

Edited by Dennis R. Young, Elizabeth A.M. Searing and Cassady V. Brewer

It also includes a list of important tips for upgrading, so maybe give them a once-over before skipping ahead. Docker will support the new Kubernetes version in the next Docker Enterprise release.

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Distributors such as Canonical have already announced support for the 1. Newsletter sign up Archive. Home Containers Kubernetes 1. And another addition to the OS project mascot zoo… source: GitHub.

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