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Some pages are blank. I am indebted to Dr Charles Knighton for his estimate of the number of words. Pepys to James Houblon, 2 Oct. John Matthews, M. Victoria County History of Huntingdonshire, vol. Pepys to Mr Loke, 23 Apr. Evelyn suggested the naval history to Pepys first in a letter 30 Jan.

Will Hewer to Pepys, 16 Nov. Will Hewer to Pepys, 15 Nov. Pepys to Esther St Michel, 1 Oct. Will Howe had served Sandwich alongside Pepys from before Pepys to Howe, 8 July , ibid. Obrian Skinner applied to Pepys in Jan. Old Daniel Skinner died 21 Jan. Trinity College. Pepys to Lord Brouncker, 17 Dec.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys / Samuel Pepys

His letter to Mr Parry, 7 Apr. Verrio was a Catholic who had special permission to work in England, J. Kenyon, The Popish Plot , p. Pepys to Lord Brouncker, 13 Mar. Cited in J. If this is so, Pepys is excluding the First Dutch War, fought under Cromwell, which again seems likely.

In Parliament

They cover a formidable range, from ancient history and ancient Britain, naval architecture and engineering works, battles, fishing rights, trade, Anglo-French rivalry, Italian and French military studies, old coins marked with ships, drinking cups in the shape of ships, biblical references to ships, etc. Pepys to John Evelyn, 7 Aug. It is not clear whether this is the same occasion as the one described in the journal for Monday, 22 Oct. On 19 Oct. The toadstools are described in his Memoires Relating to the State of the Royal Navy of England for Ten Years Determined December , published in from the report and recommendations he made from on.

For his rude references to her, Diary, passim; for his not allowing Elizabeth to call on her, 15 May John Evelyn to Pepys, 3 Oct. Evelyn can hardly have been referring to Elizabeth, dead now for fifteen years. John Evelyn to Pepys, 14 Jan. This house was demolished in You can still appreciate how good its position over the water gate must have been.


The author is not known, but was thought to be Thomas Innes, a Catholic superior of the Scotch College. Peachell wrote to Pepys in Feb. Pepys recommended him for a naval chaplaincy with Lord Dartmouth in Sept. Pepys to Sir Robert Southwell, 10 Oct. Dryden was the laureate, but perhaps he was not on duty on this occasion. See pp. Pepys to Balthasar St Michel, 11 Dec. Letters from John Jackson 24 Feb. Pepys knew Barbara as pretty Bab when she stayed at Seething Lane in and joined in dancing, sightseeing to Bedlam, theatre parties and outings with Elizabeth, a few years before her marriage to Gale.

The Petty Papers, ed. Marquess of Lansdowne , vol. His advice to Penn, The Petty Papers, ed. Marquess of Lansdowne, vol. Her claim to the throne was good as long as James II did not have a son, which is why the birth of his son in June was a crucial factor in the opposition to him, and why William took seriously allegations that the baby was not the child of James and his queen but had been smuggled in. Henry Sheeres to Lord Dartmouth, 24 Nov.

Club, belongs to Lieut. He let me have a copy and said I could make what use I liked of it. The signature only appears to be written by the King. He noted that Frederick Pepys Cockerell born in was dead by the time he published this volume in Frederick Pepys Cockerell put other facsimiles on the market with reproductions of the portrait and advertised them in the Burlington Magazine for Jan. This explains why there are so many facsimiles about. Bower died in His collection remains at Chiddingstone, but the letter is not at present on display.

Compare 11 Dec. William to Admiral Herbert from Windsor, 16 Dec. Pepys to Captain Thomas Langley, 1 Jan. Roger Pepys died at Impington on 4 Oct. His will is dated 31 Aug. Information from Sheila Russell. Anthony Deane to Pepys, 29 Oct. But by Apr. Tanner , 15 Mar. Peter Skinner to Pepys, 27 Sept. Howarth, show Mrs Fane was discharged in p.

Sir Francis died 9 Oct. Julia Shallcross was mistress of Woodhall until her death in , when it went to her sister Isabel Hutchinson, and it seems reasonable to think Mary sometimes stayed with Julia at Woodhall after For Hickes, J. For Sheeres, 3 Mar. IV, p. I believe the old gentleman means fairly, and hath sent no underhand compliments to his old master, having professed the contrary; but young men and ladies may sometimes be libertines and forget good advice.

Henry Clarendon was the second earl, son of Chancellor Clarendon; he had been arrested and sent to the Tower in and was not in favour with King William. Clarendon dined with Pepys on 27 Apr. X of the Sandwich Papers also no. George Hickes was known to Pepys from at least the s when he was dean of Worcester. Thomas Smith to Pepys, 16 Apr. Tanner, vol. He was the younger brother of Christopher, first Viscount Hatton, a founder member of the Royal Society.

Charles Hatton was born in the mid s and became a close friend to Pepys in the s. For example, Pepys to John Evelyn, 8 Oct. At the end he announces his intention of writing more naval history and continues:. But whatever more or less I may meet with from better Hands toward the improvement of this Schitz [i. The letter continues to p. For instance, Pepys ignored circumstances when he compared the size of the navy in 76 ships with 24 ships , because in the country had just mobilized a fleet for an intended war and been unable to pay off the men, lacking the money to do so; while in May there were in fact 39, not 24, ships in service, and they were the normal summer guard.

And so on. Pepys to John Evelyn, 9 Jan. Sheeres, like Pepys, was kept under surveillance as a suspected Jacobite and was arrested on 3 Mar. Pepys to Thomas Gale, 15 Sept. They were renumbered in I of the Diary, p. From H.

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Pepys to John Evelyn, 7 Nov. Pepys outlived Creed, which must have pleased him — Creed died in and his widow put up a fine memorial stone in Titchmarsh Church, Northants. Humfrey Wanley to T. Tanner, 16 Apr. Heyworth , pp. Humfrey Wanley to Smith, 23 Apr. Humfrey Wanley to Pepys, 15 Apr. Heyworth, pp. In spite of all this, Wanley failed to persuade Oxford to back him. Diary, 25 July , when Pepys and Will called on Gauden there. It is true he hath been censured for laying out so much money.

Pepys evidently felt safe confiding his political feelings to Julia Shallcross. All that is known of this letter is given by G. Later, in Aug. He planned to visit the Houblon sons in the winter of —, but it is not clear whether he managed to do so.

Gresham's Bequest to Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn

There were to be another four bookcases. The ninth was installed by , and the last three delivered after his death.

The Letters of Samuel Pepys

The drawings were done by Sutton Nicholls, folded and preserved in the catalogue. VII , p. The attribution comes from the Houghton Library Harvard inventory made in the early nineteenth century, a transcription of a lost original. Pepys to Sir Littleton Powys, 20 Jan. Tansy is a herb whose juice, yellow and bitter, was used to flavour puddings for Easter. Dr George Hickes to Pepys, 1 Sept.

Humfrey Wanley to Pepys, 25 Sept. I am indebted to Charles Knighton for this information from the Magdalene College archives. It appears in a section covering the years and , fol. Pepys to John Jackson, 19 Oct. Pepys to John Jackson in Venice , 8 Apr. I, PP. Pepys to John Evelyn, 19 Sept. Pepys to Charles Hatton, 19 Sept. Pepys to John Jackson, 8 Oct. Diary, 7 Sept. John Jackson did not manage to deliver the message, but he did see the queen in Apr.

Pepys to his cousin Angier of Hawley, 14 Mar. MSS, 20,, fol. For your true being is not discerned by perceiving your physical appearance. Ivan Roots , p. Pepys was working for Edward Montagu and wrote his earliest surviving letter to him, about Cromwell and the question of kingship, in November , so it is possible he got to hear something of the speech and remembered it. Deists believed in one God who requires worship, piety and virtue of mankind, forgives sins and punishes and rewards in the after-life; and that nothing more needs to be added.

Pepys to Matthews, 21 Apr. See description in diary of William Nicolson, Bishop of Carlisle, 17 June , referred to below and printed in Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, vol. Pepys to Henry Hyde, 4 Aug. Pepys to Dr Arthur Charlett, 14 Nov. I have been able to trace wills by Mrs Frances Skinner and by two Skinner daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, but none by Daniel Skinner Snr or any of the sons; the women appear to have been dominant in the Skinner family.

Glasier to Pepys, Dec. Mary Ballard to Pepys, 1 Mar. Pepys to Sir George Rooke, Apr. John Jackson to Will Hewer, 20 Apr. It seems likely that Pepys had heard from Wanley of similar ones set up by Archbishop Matthew Parker in for his valuable library at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge and taken them partly as a model in order to safeguard his own in the future.

Heyworth, p. Parker had left elaborate instructions to ensure that the books should not be removed. He also provided that, should Corpus Christi be negligent, the library must pass to Caius, and should Caius also fail, on to Trinity Hall. Parker was markedly successful in achieving his aims for his library. So was Pepys. The Trustees of the library were too busy to meet, and Pepys died before they managed to do so; meanwhile the library was kept locked up and inaccessible to those who wished to consult it.

See P. Pepys may have wanted to avoid similar problems. The verbal bequest appears at the end of the list of mourning rings bequeathed by Pepys, printed in Private Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers of Samuel Pepys, ed. This was in , the reason given by Evelyn that he was unable to make a large enough settlement on his granddaughter.

It is possible too that he did not want Jackson on other grounds such as his humble origins or his character. X, pp. From Post Boy, 5 June , no. James Vernon, principal secretary of state — who had an eye on Pepys in Aug. Mayor, Cambridge under Queen Anne , P. Unfortunately her grave cannot be located now, and the Boteler gravestones are concealed under carpet in the church. The house at Clapham, which is thought to have been on the north side of the common, near what is now Victoria Road, was pulled down about In the old church was also taken down, but Clapham remained rural until the nineteenth century Victoria County History of Suney, vol.

Wheatley gives the figures in his Pepysiana , p. Smith to Lady Holland, 20 June Sir H. Maxwell —5 , vol. This remark made in The moves took place in , and In it occupied the south-east room on the first floor of the second court, which was rendered fire-proof. It was not restored to the room Jackson had chosen for it until — which is perhaps why I did not see it when I was an undergraduate in the early s.

Lewis on whether they were likely to be prosecuted. Both thought it was now safe the Obscene Publications Act had been passed in It must be said that Bryant bravely quoted the opening passage in full in the first volume of his biography, which appeared in Hewer prevents this. Sloane MSS, , fols.

I of the Sandwich Journal. Magdalene College Letters. Pepys Library unofficial MSS. Aylmer, G. Bond, M. Houblon, biographical, not entirely reliable. Dick, Oliver Lawson ed. Firth, C. Commonplace Books, Lee, M. Long, C. MacFarlane, Alan ed. Also Jones, Clyve, and Holmes, Geoffrey eds. Robinson, H. Spalding, Ruth ed. Webb, Rosamond ed. There is also W. Matthews, British Diaries —, It is currently being transcribed.

Carkesse, James, Lucida Intervalla poems , Carkesse, a Navy Office clerk, dismissed in for corruption, became mentally unbalanced. Phillips, John ed. A mixed bag of poems, literary, royalist, scatological. The shorthand used by Pepys. I: The House of Commons —, Campbell, Gordon, et al.

Wilson, J. Ranft, B. Tanner, J. Heyworth, P. Notes Prologue 1. Part One: — 1. The Elected Son 1. There are ruins of a Roman villa under the church. Diary, 30 May David Masson, The Life of Milton —94 , vol. Letter of the Venetian ambassador, 15 May Diary, 15 Mar. Diary, 14 July , 13 Oct.

Diary of Samuel Pepys — Volume 13: November/December 1661 by Samuel Pepys

Diary, 1 Nov. Diary, 13 Oct. Purnell, Magdalene College , p. Cambridge and Clerking 1. Mayor ed. See Diary, 30 Jan. See Diary, 25 May Diary and note for 23 Aug. Love and Pain 1. Diary, 27 Feb. See Diary, 3 Sept. Diary, 10 Feb. Diary, 6 Aug. Diary, 25 Feb. Diary, 15 Nov. Diary, 3 Sept. Diary, 4 July , 13 Aug.

Matthews, Mr Pepys and Nonconformity , p. Lithotomia Vesicae, pp. Diary, 5 Dec. A House in Axe Yard 1. So he told Pepys: see Diary, 21 June National Maritime Museum, Sandwich Journal, 47,60ff. A Diary 1. Diary, 5 Feb. Diary, 10 Nov. For diaries mentioned in text, see Bibliography. Diary, 15 May Diary, 2 Oct. Changing Sides 1. Diary, 12 May Diary, 16 Mar. Diary, 17 May Diary, 3 May Diary, 17, 19 May Given as direct speech in the Diary, 2 June Diary, 18 June See Diary, 15, 19 June National Maritime Museum, Sandwich Journal, vol.

I, item Diary, 10 Aug. Diary, 15 July, 7, 22 Oct. Diary, 7 Nov. Diary, 22 Oct. Diary, 3 Oct. See M. Noble, Lives of the English Regicides , p. Diary, 16 Oct. Diary, 20 Oct. Diary, 6, 7 Nov. Diary, 19 Nov. Diary, 4 Dec. Families 1. Diary, 1 Jan. Diary, 8 Feb. Diary, 22 Sept. Diary, 14 Mar. See Diary, 28 June Diary, 12 Nov. Diary, 18 July Diary, 11 Aug. Diary, 24 Feb. See, for example, Diary, 18, 28 Jan. Diary, 24 July Diary, 2 Apr. Diary, 28 May Diary, 12 Oct. Diary, 16 May Diary, 22 May, 15 June Diary, 24 July, 25 Oct.

Diary, 31 Aug. Diary, 12 May, 3o June Diary, 21 Apr. Diary, 29 Apr. Diary, 6 June Diary, 10 Oct. Diary, 9 Oct. Diary, 8 Apr. Diary, 26 Aug. Diary, 31 Dec. Diary, 7 Feb. Diary, 2 Mar. Diary, 24 May Work 1. Diary, 8 Nov. The Catherine was finished in May Diary, 16 Aug. Diary, 29 Sept. Coventry to Pepys, 21 Apr. Diary, 25 Nov. Diary, 3 June Diary, 30 Sept.

Diary, 2, 3 Mar. For the amount of his fortune, 30 May Diary, 28 June, 1 Sept. Diary, 23 Dec. Diary, 22, 27 June , 11 Feb. Diary, 20 Nov. Diary, 1 Aug. The truth is, I know one that if you shall think fit to have it propounded to, I dare go far in assuring you the work shall be done to your mind… His employment in another capacity I confess is very full, but half the trouble which this will add will be saved by the ease it will bring him in the many letters, orden, messages, and mental labours he now is exercised with.

It was suggested by Sir Robert Slingsby, the first comptroller. Povey to Pepys, 16 Feb. Pepys to Povey, 15 Mar. Diary, 18 Oct. Jealousy 1. Diary, 10 Apr. Diary, 11 Nov. Diary, 5 Oct. See, for example, 12 Sept. Diary, 24 Apr. Diary, 26—8 Apr. Diary, 2 and 3 May Diary, 9 June Diary, 15 June Diary, 13 July Diary, 13 and 15 July See Diary, 12—25 Aug. Diary, 19 Aug. Diary, 19 Sept. Diary, 9 Sept. Diary, 18 Nov. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

I went this morning with Sir W. Pen by coach to Westminster, and having done my business at Mr. Montagu's, I went back to him at Whitehall, and from thence with him to the 3 Tun Tavern, at Charing Cross, and there sent for up the maister of the house's dinner, and dined very well upon it, and afterwards had him and his fayre sister who is very great with Sir W.

Batten and Sir W. Pen in mirth up to us, and looked over some medals that they shewed us of theirs; and so went away to the Theatre, to "The Joviall Crew," and from hence home, and at my house we were very merry till late, having sent for his son, Mr. William Pen, [The celebrated Quaker, and founder of Pennsylvania. And after supper parted, and to bed. We are delighted to publish this classic book as part of our extensive Classic Library collection.

Many of the books in our collection have been out of print for decades, and therefore have not been accessible to the general public. The aim of our publishing program is to facilitate rapid access to this vast reservoir of literature, and our view is that this is a significant literary work, which deserves to be brought back into print after many decades. The contents of the vast majority of titles in the Classic Library have been scanned from the original works. To ensure a high quality product, each title has been meticulously hand curated by our staff.

Our philosophy has been guided by a desire to provide the reader with a book that is as close as possible to ownership of the original work. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful classic work, and that for you it becomes an enriching experience. Product Details. When they wrote notes to each other, Pepys signed himself "Dapper Dickey", while Knep was " Barbry Allen " that popular song was an item in her musical repertory. The diary was written in one of the many standard forms of shorthand used in Pepys' time, in this case called tachygraphy and devised by Thomas Shelton.

It is clear from its content that it was written as a purely personal record of his life and not for publication, yet there are indications that Pepys took steps to preserve the bound manuscripts of his diary. He wrote it out in fair copy from rough notes, and he also had the loose pages bound into six volumes, catalogued them in his library with all his other books, and is likely to have suspected that eventually someone would find them interesting.

This tree resumes, in a more compact form and with a few additional details, trees published elsewhere in a box-like form. Pepys' health suffered from the long hours that he worked throughout the period of the diary. Specifically, he believed that his eyesight had been affected by his work. Pepys and his wife took a holiday to France and the Low Countries in June—October ; on their return, Elisabeth fell ill and died on 10 November Pepys never remarried, but he did have a long-term housekeeper named Mary Skinner who was assumed by many of his contemporaries to be his mistress and sometimes referred to as Mrs.

In he became an Elder Brother of Trinity House and served in this capacity until ; he was Master of Trinity House in — and again in — In he was involved with the establishment of the Royal Mathematical School at Christ's Hospital , which was to train 40 boys annually in navigation, for the benefit of the Royal Navy and the English Merchant Navy. In he was appointed a Governor of Christ's Hospital and for many years he took a close interest in its affairs.

Among his papers are two detailed memoranda on the administration of the school. In , after the successful conclusion of a seven-year campaign to get the master of the Mathematical School replaced by a man who knew more about the sea, he was rewarded for his service as a Governor by being made a Freeman of the City of London. He also served as Master without ever having been a Freeman or Liveryman of the Clothworkers' Company He was elected along with Sir Anthony Deane , a Harwich alderman and leading naval architect, to whom Pepys had been patron since By May of that year, they were under attack from their political enemies.

Pepys resigned as Secretary to the Admiralty. They were imprisoned in the Tower of London on suspicion of treasonable correspondence with France, specifically leaking naval intelligence. The charges are believed to have been fabricated under the direction of Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury. They were released in July, but proceedings against them were not dropped until June Though he had resigned from the Tangier committee in , in he was sent to Tangier to assist Lord Dartmouth with the evacuation and abandonment of the English colony.

After six months' service, he travelled back through Spain accompanied by the naval engineer Edmund Dummer , returning to England after a particularly rough passage on 30 March The phantom Pepys Island , alleged to be near South Georgia , was named after him in , having been first "discovered" during his tenure at the Admiralty. From to , he was active not only as Secretary for the Admiralty, but also as MP for Harwich. He had been elected MP for Sandwich , but this election was contested and he immediately withdrew to Harwich.

When James fled the country at the end of , Pepys' career also came to an end. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in and served as its President from 1 December to 30 November Isaac Newton 's Principia Mathematica was published during this period, and its title page bears Pepys' name. There is a probability problem called the " Newton—Pepys problem " that arose out of correspondence between Newton and Pepys about whether one is more likely to roll at least one six with six dice or at least two sixes with twelve dice. He was imprisoned on suspicion of Jacobitism from May to July and again in June , but no charges were ever successfully brought against him.

After his release, he retired from public life at age He moved out of London ten years later to a house in Clapham owned by his friend William Hewer , who had begun his career working for Pepys in the admiralty. Pepys lived there until his death on 26 May He had no children and bequeathed his estate to his unmarried nephew John Jackson. Pepys had disinherited his nephew Samuel Jackson for marrying contrary to his wishes. Hewer was also childless and left his immense estate to his nephew Hewer Edgeley consisting mostly of the Clapham property, as well as lands in Clapham, London, Westminster and Norfolk on condition that the nephew and godson would adopt the surname Hewer.

On the death of Hewer Edgeley-Hewer in , the old Hewer estate went to Edgeley-Hewer's widow Elizabeth, who left the acre hectare estate to Levett Blackborne, the son of Abraham Blackborne, merchant of Clapham, and other family members, who later sold it off in lots. Lincoln's Inn barrister Levett Blackborne also later acted as attorney in legal scuffles for the heirs who had inherited the Pepys estate. Pepys was a lifelong bibliophile and carefully nurtured his large collection of books, manuscripts, and prints. At his death, there were more than 3, volumes, including the diary, all carefully catalogued and indexed; they form one of the most important surviving 17th-century private libraries.

The most important items in the Library are the six original bound manuscripts of Pepys' diary, but there are other remarkable holdings, including: [61]. Pepys made detailed provisions in his will for the preservation of his book collection. His nephew and heir John Jackson died in , when it was transferred intact to Magdalene College, Cambridge , where it can be seen in the Pepys Building. The bequest included all the original bookcases and his elaborate instructions that placement of the books "be strictly reviewed and, where found requiring it, more nicely adjusted".

Motivated by the publication of Evelyn's Diary , Lord Granville deciphered a few pages. He laboured at this task for three years, from to , unaware until nearly finished that a key to the shorthand system was stored in Pepys' library a few shelves above the diary volumes. Others had apparently succeeded in reading the diary earlier, perhaps knowing about the key, because a work of quotes from a passage of it. A second transcription, done with the benefit of the key, but often less accurately, was completed in by Mynors Bright and published in — Wheatley , drawing on both his predecessors, produced a new edition in [67] —, revised in , with extensive notes and an index.

All of these editions omitted passages chiefly about Pepys' sexual adventures which the editors thought too obscene ever to be printed. Wheatley, in the preface to his edition noted, "a few passages which cannot possibly be printed. It may be thought by some that these omissions are due to an unnecessary squeamishness, but it is not really so, and readers are therefore asked to have faith in the judgement of the editor.

Various single-volume abridgements of this text are also available. The Companion provides a long series of detailed essays about Pepys and his world. The first unabridged recording of the diary as an audiobook was published in by Naxos AudioBooks. On 1 January Phil Gyford started a weblog , pepysdiary.

Steve Coogan played Pepys. The film Stage Beauty concerns London theatre in the 17th century and is based on Jeffrey Hatcher 's play Compleat Female Stage Beauty , which in turn was inspired by a reference in Pepys' diary to the actor Edward Kynaston , who played female roles in the days when women were forbidden to appear on stage. Pepys is a character in the film and is portrayed as an ardent devotee of the theatre.

Hugh Bonneville plays Pepys.

Pepys has also been portrayed in various other film and television productions, played by diverse actors including Mervyn Johns , Michael Palin , Michael Graham Cox and Philip Jackson. BBC Radio 4 has broadcast serialised radio dramatisations of the diary. In the s it was performed as a Classic Serial starring Bill Nighy , [70] and in the s it was serialised as part of the Woman's Hour radio magazine programme. A fictionalised Pepys narrates the second chapter of Harry Turtledove 's science fiction novel A Different Flesh serialised —, book form This chapter is entitled "And So to Bed" and written in the form of entries from the Pepys diary.

The entries detail Pepys' encounter with American Homo erectus specimens imported to London as beasts of burden and his formation of the "transformational theory of life", thus causing evolutionary theory to gain a foothold in scientific thought in the 17th century rather than the 19th. Several detailed studies of Pepys' life are available. Arthur Bryant published his three-volume study in —, long before the definitive edition of the diary, but, thanks to Bryant's lively style, it is still of interest.

In Richard Ollard produced a new biography that drew on Latham's and Matthew's work on the text, benefitting from the author's deep knowledge of Restoration politics. The most recent general study is by Claire Tomalin , which won the Whitbread Book of the Year award, the judges calling it a "rich, thoughtful and deeply satisfying" account that unearths "a wealth of material about the uncharted life of Samuel Pepys".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Samuel Pepys. Portrait of Pepys in by John Hayls — London , England. Clapham , Surrey , England. Further information: The Great Plague of London. Further information: Great Fire of London. Simplified Pepys family tree. William Pepys of Cottenham Cambs. John Pepys of Cottenham and Impington Cambs. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Pepys Library. Retrieved 28 May Retrieved 17 September This was because religious ceremonies were not legally recognised during the Interregnum. The couple regularly celebrated the anniversary of the first date. The stone was removed through this opening with pincers from below, assisted, from above, by a tool inserted into the bladder through the penis. Turner's in Salisbury Court. And did resolve while I live to keep it a festival, as I did the last year at my house, and for ever to have Mrs.

Turner and her company with me. In April , Pepys wrote, to his nephew Jackson, "It has been my calamity for much the greatest part of this time to have been kept bedrid, under an evil so rarely known as to have had it matter of universal surprise and with little less general opinion of its dangerousness; namely, that the cicatrice of a wound occasioned upon my cutting of the stone, without hearing anything of it in all this time, should after more than 40 years' perfect cure, break out again.

His bladder was gangrenous, and the old wound was broken open again. The Diary of Samuel Pepys. Prose: Literary Terms and Concepts. New York: Rosen Publishing. Latham, Robert; Latham, Linnet eds. UK paperback ed. Berkeley [u.