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Es tut mir leid nein, du brauchst mir nicht die Nase zu tupfen du denkst jetzt, ich sei traurig aber ich hab nur Schnupfen.

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Du bist meine beste Freundin, sagte ich. Ich will nicht mehr Schwulen-Mutti sein! Sowieso sind deine Kleider mir alle viel zu klein. Meine beste Freundin will immer nur mein Bestes. Er will jeden Schwarm als aller erstes sehn. My best friend is so good-looking If we go out on the street together Everyone just stares at these legs And I feel null Just as important as the dachshund on the lead.

Nevertheless I walked and was standing at the water in the sand Anxious whether the sea looked over to me. Very nice, very helpful. In general, these translations nicely capture the ideas of the songs, although with some odd translations of the individual words. I have the same problem trying to translate songs into German: they come out in stunted Hochdeutsch. Thanks for your feedback, Haf and Dwayne. Finally someone did it! If anyone else has got something to add, feel free to do it!

Between two questions In the gap between two days there was nothing left to say No complaints to lament and I Took the car And fell on my knees before HIM! Haltet die Ohren steif und knabbert weiter an Judiths Texten! If there are any problems you can can send an email. Nick, the world of German music is tricky.

And you can go in many directions from Wir Sind Helden. In the young kiddie genre you could try Madsen or Hund am Strand. Or go for bands like Sportfreunde Stiller or Virginia Jetzt! How would I go about posting the translations when I finish them? Feel free to add the lyrics and your translations here.

Follow the Markdown link below the comment form to see how you can format text properly line breaks, italics…. And if things go wrong I can still try to fix them later on. Wir haben gesagt wir wolln riskieren uns im Feuer zu verliern Lieber als nie was zu riskieren und uns dann doch zu verliern ohne Grund Ich werd den Kompass wohl verschenken Werd das Rettungsboot versenken Lieber als nur dran zu denken liebe ich mich an dir wund.

We said we were going to risk losing each other in the fire Rather than never take our chances, and then still lose each other without a reason I suppose I will give my compass away, send my rescue boat to the bottom Rather than just think about it, I will love you until I am sore.

I want the love of my life and at the same time something less serious I would like a man who does the dirty work and two for the finer things The fourth brings me flowers, number five the money Is my world getting to small? Hi, I just thought that I should let you know that the lyrics to Aurelie in Kamikazefliege are a little different to those in Die Reklamation.

By the way, the new menu for Kamikazefliege looks great. All right, Adam. Thanks for your translations so far. I have to admit I just nicked the cover art from last. I think I mentioned something about them in my first post. I got introduced to Wir Sind Helden by a German friend earlier this year.

Ive been checking them out on youtube. Even though I dont have a clue what the lyrics mean, as my German is zero, there songs are really cool. And, the video for Guten Tag, brilliant, its so funny, funny funny funny. I love the comic book look for the video. Anyway, any sign of Wir Sind Helden coming to Dublin???? Probably not, as no one knows them here in Ireland. However, i am spreading the word, slowly but surely. Thanks for your contribution Christine. I put a link in the list at the the top pointing to your translation along with the other one. Judith plays with this proverb as she does so often.

She uses the literal meaning of the proverb in in the second sentence: if you have to fall on your mouth, fall on my mouth while doing so so: kiss me! It also fits the pattern of the original Deutsch.

German Dictionaries; Deutsche Wörterbücher; Diccionarios alemanes

Was sind sechzig Jahre? Was ist so lustig? Was ist so lustig an Liebe und Frieden? Hello there! I had to look up a few words in a very good online dictionary dict. Work, my friend That becomes work he has to work to explain the work. So anyway, What the sheep does with the grass No work? What you do with the sheep later? No work. Generally what you do in the grass? No work, ah yep. We sing: Without work life would be empty dreary, deserted, boring So I sing tired my little ode Go to work!

And the lilies in the field have: No work, yeah but- They have no end, no Jens? He has work, hm… And if the world has no tilled fields? In spite of that, work. And if someone screams at the tent in the morning? He has work. A dog has work? Yes, the dog has work. We sing: Without work, life would be empty So I sing tired my little ode Without work, life would be empty So I sing tired my little ode Go to work! Go and 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and: You are Prussia! One and two and one and two and one and two and: ready Go to work!

Go and 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and: end. And he who rolls the stone down the mountain He has work, yep Who lifts up his leg to frolic around the mountain No work. No, the dog does work Ah, yes. Whoever builds a house, plants a tree He has work, that is clear But he who looks out of the house, who dances around the tree He does work..

They know exactly who you are — you are someone to us They say it like it is — Nobody knows you well enough And sure enough you are such and such a person — such and such! Just like you were, just like you are — is that you, must you be that? Do you hold it small? Unsuccessfully Do you hold it far or keep it close? Attention, it moves! Are you coming with me? Tell me, do you want what you see Or do you see what you want What it wants Tell me, do you want in, do you hold steps Or is your footstep too feeble?

Reject it or cover it up See what a lightning strike creates. There is a fatalism and bitter aceptance in the lyrics, and it is amongst the most poigniant of WSH songs. How you would be? Du gehst K. Hi there! First off: Awesome page you got here. Sie wissen genau, wer du bist - Du bist uns so einer Sie sagen es so, wie es ist - So gut kennt dich keiner.

Und zwar bist du vom Wesen so und so - So und so! So irgendwie! Namely your nature is like that and that - That and that! Somehow like that! When they understand you, it makes them happy - Someone like that never changes. So und so warst du schon immer - Genau so, nur kleiner Im Alter wird so was nur schlimmer - Genau so, nur alleiner. Wie gut, wenn man geliebt wird, wie man ist - So und so, und so allein! So wie du warst, so wie du bist - Bist das du, musst du das sein?

How nice if you get loved as you are - Like that and that, and so lonely!

***WARNING!*** gamed!de gameservers will scam you!

As you were, as you are - Is that you, do you have to be that? Die Freunde sind froh, alles klar, du bist so und so Auf Arbeit: alle froh, alles klar, du bist so und so. Zuhause: alle froh, alles klar, du bist so und so Und du gehst k. Also means that you finally understood which nature that person possesses.

The injured shall be the medics The last shall be the first Accept it: The meek shall inherit the earth The injured shall be the medics The last shall be the first The first accept it as the last ones: The geek shall inherit the earth. At least it still serves the purpose of understanding the song. The competition The competition never sleeps The competition The competition never sleeps. Da zieht wer links an dir vorbei Sag, was macht das mit dir? Dem ist dein Pfeifen einerlei Sag was macht das mit dir?

One for all. Just in case the wording confuses you. If anyone knows where I can get Kamikazefliege I would appreciated it very much. Ive looked every where so any info would be appreciated. So many so much? Each of the fragments Reflect the light.

"barmy" translation into German

So many kaputt, But between the flames, Between ashes and rubble, Was something good. Dein Vater ist kaputt aber du bist es nicht Zerbeult und verbogen und vielleicht nicht ganz dicht Aber irgendwo darunter bist du seltsam o. Your father is kaputt, But you are not. Bruised and bent, And perhaps not in one piece, But somewhere beneath all that, you are strangely okay, Almost intact, under everything that is woeful.

I know you want help. I know you grieve yourself. I know you want to run away. I know you are ashamed. It is okay - everyone should flee who can, When if? So viel kaputt aber so vieles nicht … [Refrain, So many so much? Your mother is kaputt, But you are not. You wear the same bandages, Layer upon layer, But somewhere beneath, you already healed, long ago. For far too long, you have held your wounds open. I know you want to run away, But you could never do that. Es ist okay - jeder soll helfen der kann Wenn du die Scherben aufhebst zieh dir Handschuhe an.

It is okay - everyone should help who can, When if? You have found it, And you must carry wear? Endlich ein Grund zur Panik Endlich ein Grund, los!

  • barmy - German translation - English-German dictionary;
  • LEveil corporel et musical chez lenfant de 3 ans : Vers laccompagnement de linstabilité (French Edition).
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At last, a reason to panic. At last, a reason, go - Panic! At last, a reason, go! At last, a home, For your wild dreams, At last, a reason - Go, jump! Back into the trees. At last, a home, For your sin guilt? Say it straight. At last, a home, For your pulse, Beat away. At last, a home, For all the dark motives, At last, a reason - Come on!

We forge new groups alliances? At last, a tunnel, For your vision glance? At last, a tree, a noose cord? Beat away. At last, a home, For everything that is unexplained. At last, a reason - Go, We hunt the approved beards? Endlich ein Grund zur Panik Augen auf, schlag, los!

At last, the diagnosis, For this sequence of events. Say it straight! Eyes open, beat away!

Die Atzen Frauenarzt & Manny Marc:Disco Pogo Lyrics

Ich hab mich in dir verlaufen wollte unverfroren deine Haare zerraufen hab den Halt verloren jetzt lieg ich dir in den Ohren. I have lost myself in you, Wanting, without embarassment, To ruffle your hair. I have lost my self-control footing? Now I am in your ears? Hab dir am Herzen gelegen die ganze Nacht Hab nur des Pfadfindens wegen ein Kreuz hingemacht und du hast gelacht.

I have lain against your heart, The whole night. I have only, with my Pathfinder, Gone in a circle, And you laughed. No above no beneath, No sun no wind, All paths tangled I stumble on blind. Bin dir am Morgen drei Runden um den Bart gegangen abgerutscht und zwei Stunden an deinen Lippen gehangen und hab mich wieder gefangen. In the morning I make three rounds? Of your beard. Slipping off?

I have lost myself in you, Would be almost frozen to death, Must sell the compass, I have lost the thread, And just keep on going forwards. Wie weit ist weit genug weg Wie weit ist weg wie weit? Ein Wimpernschlag in der Zeit. How far is far enough away? How far is away? How far? What is sixty years? The blink of an eye the beating of an eyelash? Wie lang ist lange vorbei wie lang wann ist es vorbei Wie lang ist langweilig lang wir waren schon lang nicht dabei. How long is long ago? How long is in the past? How long is too boringly? We were already long-gone.

War returns more quickly than you think. You owe yet for your oppression. We were there again. You owe yet for what you give. You owe yet for having overslept. Hallo Leute! I just recently discovered Wir sind Helden i know, late! This webpage has helped me a lot, since German is not my first language. Vielen Danke. Again, thanks for this page!! Thanks a bunch for those translations Steven and Gina. They make the collection of translations almost complete! Hello, these translations seem to fall into two camps.

Interpretation of poetry. Its int the mind of the reader. They are not and are not maent to be translations of the words - what would be the point? Thanks for this translation Christine. There definitely is space for both the free and the literal translations of the lyrics — and for plenty of explanations I guess. I only had time to skim your translation right now but I think that the beginning of the last verse may be slightly wrong.

In particular it should be a question. As a German novice I am very thankful that someone is opening up the world of Wir Sind Helden lyrics to me. Any fan of Wir Sind Helden should check out Metric. If anyone is interested in discussing this comparison feel free to email me.

Without silence. And, now, I see that would be easier if we had had lyrics in English…. Every day I analyse my life using the stations on the subway map from above without bottomless without silence restless, never clueless never out of words the words miss me.

What use are all those beautiful thoughts to me which drowned together with all the other thoughts because the heart of the mind is made of lead because all it can think of is gone. No up, no down No sun, no wind I stumble blindly down all the mixed-up paths No up, no down No sun, no wind I stumble blindly down all the mixed-up paths Through your labyrinth.

Literally: I went three rounds around your beard. I slipped and was hanging from your lips for two hours and trapped myself again. Figuratively: I sweet-talked you and slipped up, and was hanging on your every word for two hours and trapped myself again. To read into it further, I interpret it as her saying that she was trying to sweet-talk him and slipped up, which resulted in her hanging on his every word for two hours and getting caught up in him again.

I hope that clears up some of the confusion with the song. This comment is pertaining to Echolot: I think that this translation, which is a little bit looser, gets the gist of the song better and its how I would sing it in english. Hold Still Our beds are rafts and, out at sea, I will come find you Among us liquid leads in Grey shadows moving slowly past us.

I see your heart its calling through waves in the sea I see your heart I know we go down deep to the bottom.

Down here We know they will see us dancing in glistening dust We sink blessed and deaf silent and waiting quietly shadows and circles are pulling closer. Werden wir erfrieren? Werden wir ertrinken? Zu irgendwas muss der Rettungsschwimmer ja mal gut sein. Das schaffen wir also, ohne zu erfrieren, und den folgenden Radabschnitt dann auch beinahe, ohne uns zu verfahren.

Dachten wir. Und haben nach der halben Strecke jeweils einen unbrauchbaren linken Arm. Dass das Boot danach einen deutlichen Linksdrall entwickelt… liegt sicher am Wind. Bei diesem Rennen konnte man praktisch den ganzen Tag von Obst vom Wegesrand leben. Wir wollen ja mal ankommen. Im Kletterwald diesmal, das muss doch gehn! Das stellte dann zumindest sicher, das wir das Ziel mit dem breitesten Grinsen von allen erreichen, im letzten Rest von Tageslicht.

Someone has to do it, after all. And yes, it works. Einer muss es ja machen. Und ja, es funktioniert. What a perfect season final! My official last triathlon of was a sprint in Jena , immediately followed by biking once more for our company relay team. It was a great day! Read all the details in German.