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A less renowned Twain story, but a compelling retelling of the Mayrter's life. Excellent reading by Mr. Excellent book, full of action and pathos.

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And of course Greenman's reading is simply wonderful. Thank you, John. TheBookworm Manchester, UK.

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Absolutely wonderful writing! The reader was simply great to listen to. Even as a non Christian person, the story of Joan is incredible and moving. I cannot but admire Mark Twain for his wonderful book, and the trials Joan went through as a young woman in her time. This retelling should be an example to all young women! However, I have to wonder if I'd have that opinion if John Greenman had not read it so excellently?

Toggle navigation LibriVox Audio Books. Chapters 00 - Vol. Reviews Excellent reading of an excellent book 5 stars. Brilliant Reader 5 stars. I am especially grateful to MM.

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My English critics have a special claim to my gratitude. To the memory of Joan of Arc they consecrate a pious zeal which is almost an expiatory worship. Andrew Lang's praiseworthy scruples with regard to my references have caused me to correct some and to add several. The hagiographers alone are openly hostile.

They reproach me, not with my manner of explaining the facts, but with having explained them at all. And the more my explanations are clear, natural, rational and derived from the most authoritative sources, the more these explanations displease them. They would wish the history of Joan of Arc to remain mysterious and entirely supernatural. Volume II has cracked front hinge and the top page corners look gnawed, but do not affect the readability of the text and are barely noticeable with the text open. Scans available.

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Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, Vol 1 by Mark Twain

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The Life of Joan of Arc, Vol. 1 and 2 by Anatole France

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