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History And Formation

An innovative independent cinema, which is bringing quirky cultural happenings to Swansea High Street, is the picture of health, thanks to start up support from Business in Focus. And its owner now has plans to turn her successful business model into a franchising opportunity, since so many people have shown interest in replicating her success in their own town.

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Things are going so well that Anna is bringing her innovative approach to other parts of the wider Swansea Bay area — by organising a pop-up, drive-in screening overlooking Rhossili beach, and has plans to run more impromptu happenings like this one across the region. I live in Swansea and it is important to me to be able to do something in my own town, that brings something valuable to the community, so I have been very pleased with the way it has gone.

They also helped me to iron out my business plan, which needed quite a bit of work, and they supported me to plot out the future of the business. I am very much somebody who lives in the moment, so they helped me adjust my thinking, to consider the longer term.

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I was also supported by Business Wales, with accounting, marketing and social media. Business in Focus also offers its clients a free mentoring service for a full year, so we can give them support in those important early stages.

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We can provide assistance with funding options, business planning, market research, legal compliance and insurance, even offering premises with flexible terms — all the necessary foundations that can make the difference between success and failure for a start up. Thinking of Starting.

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Growing And Running. Consider your Financial Resources. Starting a laundry business may or may not be capital intensive; depending on the scale you are starting on. You may decide to get a franchise to reduce the level of risk but this may result in lesser control over your business and additional overhead in the form of royalties and all other expenses.

Yet, a franchise is a nice option because of its marketing and operational benefits, among others.

However, you can start this business right from home especially when you have little or no money. It will be a wise decision to first and foremost take out time to conduct detailed cost analysis before investing your time and money into the business idea. The truth is that some businesses fail simply because proper cost analysis was not carried out prior to starting the business.

As a matter of fact, some entrepreneurs back — out after conducting detailed cost analysis of the business they intend starting. In some cases some entrepreneur would have to go back to the drawing board to re — strategize and perhaps raise more money to finance the business. Consequently, if you intend starting your own laundry business, it will be to your best interest to conduct a detailed cost analysis before starting the business.


Conducting cost analysis will basically give you the total cost of starting and running a laundry business in your chosen location. The report you get from your cost analysis will help you set realistic financial goal for your business starting cost and running cost. Let us examine a detailed cost analysis for starting a laundry business;. On the average, the cost of starting and running a standard laundry business with basic commercial laundry equipments in a decent location would range from 2.

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It is important to state that there are some peculiar factors that might reduce or increase the overall cost. The bottom line is that it is important to have an idea of the amount required to start and manage a standard laundry business. Draw your Business Plan.

A business plan is very crucial to the success of any business. You have to describe the way you would like to run your business in writing. List the services you will provide including specialized ones such as pick-up and delivery, wash-and-fold, etc. Here is a sample laundromat business plan template you can start with.

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You should also determine your target market and demographics. Are your target customers apartment building residents, busy professional or college students? This is an answer you must find and a good way to find such an answer is by conducting a feasibility study. You should also carry out research on how well other laundry businesses in your locality are surviving and meeting the population requirements.