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Overall, completing all assignments is key to your semester grade success. All homework assignments are due at the beginning of class the day after they are assigned unless otherwise announced. Any questions or concerns about a homework assignment need to be discussed with Mrs. Fadel before d ue time.

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Fadel of known future absences. Upon return to class, students will retrieve any make-up work from Ms. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your absent make-up work is completed and turned in by the due time , otherwise at Ms. It is also YOUR responsibility to complete and turn in all assignments by the due time , otherwise at Ms. Retakes are available on any summative assessment. Students are required to thoroughly prepare before doing the retake by working on corrections of any missed learning targets and within two weeks of initial assessment.

Accommodations and modifications will be included according to the needs of any student with an IEP or Plan. There will be limited extra credit opportunities each semester. Students must work on extra credit outside of class. Parents will receive progress reports via parent portal ParentVue as well as progress reports via US mail every three weeks.

Parents are encouraged to access ParentVue at least once a weekly basis. A student caught with a cell phone in hand will turn the phone over to the teacher immediately without further distractions to the class.

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A cell phone that interrupts the learning environment may be turned over to the teacher without further distractions to the class. First offense will result in a verbal and written warning. Fadel immediately without any distractions. Fadel at the beginning of each daily class and will receive it back at the end of each class for the rest of the semester duration.

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Por ese motivo, la nota de 10 diez es raramente concedida. Modelo de Transcript. Escribinos a: relinter ubp. Familiarizarse con el entorno social. Conocer la ciudad y alrededores. Salud: hospital, consultoras, centros comunitarios y organizaciones relaciones al manejo del cuidado de la salud.

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