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Turkish Ioo. Arts at Dresden Society of Asses Festival. For Menzel read Meusel. Observanda externa. Hague For deries read series. Military Report. Trade with India considerations. Antidote to miseries of human life Carys amatory poems. Frce trade with India demonstration of. Royal society retrospect of the labours.

Jersey Atheism Lascelless speechremarkable eggMr. Ignis Fatuus Defence of the Country. Parisian Sanhedrim transactions. Collins travels to Gibralter Malta Syria. Thornton Abbey a religious novel. New pleasing instructor. British Museum state and regulations. Baldwins political recollections of Egypt.

Really? I Need to Register as a “Foreign Agent”?

Hungary statistics. Johnston Ramboe Defence of the Country Army. Kemble J P Dr Bells sermon on education of the poor. Bells Gaguils estimate of the probable duration. Linnaeus on a botanizing excursion. Cotton manufacture in France. Bengal Robsons state of the poor Bills in Chancery Observanda interna. Lamark Now, dear reader, given the U.

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The roots go back to several previous periods of officially-induced paranoia, enacted to achieve manipulation of public perceptions. Of course, we had the era of checking under your bed for communists until Joe McCarthy finally made the mistake of accusing the U.

Army of being run by the Reds. But there was still room for idiotic domino theories used to enrich weapons and chemical merchants and turn Vietnam into a pointless bloodbath and continuing experiment in toxic chemical synergistics. And we move through to the recent adjustments, in attempts to vilify Muslims. To its shame, it did. But, uniquely in America, the press was never shut-down, hamstrung, or shut-out by the government because it refused to spread the officially-sanctioned BS. Until now. It set criminal penalties for advocating the overthrow of the U.

The fact that it was repealed on June 27, , in ch. That should have been the final word on the whole thing. Supreme Court decisions in reversed a number of convictions under the Act, and seemingly, at the time, rendered it unconstitutional. And, oh, by the way, all of those things have been reported, and continue to be kept current, in detail, on RT America.

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It being a news source where stories are reported with citation of actual sources that are named and identified — which is downright uncommon by the recent emphatically gossipy standards of U. All of which seems to have produced a situation wherein one of the global news outlets that regularly displays the most journalistic integrity is now the only news source that is required by the U.

Back when the Nazis were the fascists who stole press freedoms. Which adds another dimension of extreme irony to this, if you think about it. Constitution, as declared by the Supreme Court in ? Why did RT America, a globally-acclaimed, internationally popular news source, comply with the order to register? Hold on. The latter is produced in and broadcast from Washington, D.

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Now, back to FARA. That occurred since that big corporate fish was swallowed by the bigger corporate shark that now calls itself Spectrum. And we are on the verge of Sinclair Media swallowing Tribune, to expand beyond its current control of local TV outlets that recently ballooned to stations.

Despite the fact that corporate execs from both Facebook and Twitter declared under oath to Congress, just last week, that RT played no significant role in influencing the U. It is RT — and its vast global audience — that will be impeded or separated from news gathering in the U. It is RT whose on-air guests will feel the intimidation of needing now to file U. Given the assertion of new intimidations imposed by our government, independent journalists must now reckon that we may make our situation worse by reporting on this and informing the public. Especially by continuing to report the erosion or outright theft of the Constitutional rights we hold in common with every other U.

And even as we oppose the corrupt partisan duopoly that assures enrichment of war profiteers and an ever-expanding corporacratic empire of banksters and military-industrial-cybersecurity oligarchs at the expense of U. Meanwhile, more of our tax dollars will now be required to process all those forms and filings and declarations that the U.

Justice Department is suddenly requiring from journalists and anyone with any affiliation with one particular news outlet.

Peter Strozk testimony at House committee hearing resumes as FBI agent faces more questions

Even as the current administration promises elimination of unnecessary government regulations that cause productive enterprise to lose time by compliance with stupid regulations. F inally, we must note the slogans and banners that flutter above the players. Larry Wines is editor of the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, and a former newspaper political columnist.

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I had been listening to some of my favorite programs on RT and then many of those programs dropped RT and moved to other broadcasters. The reason was the fear of being associated with anything Russian. I could not understand their reasoning. The saddest part is that even some liberal news shows are buying into this new Russian paranoia and in my opinion only because of party politics and that Clinton lost. Thanks for your comment, Luis. He was classy, doing it on-air and thanking viewers, but it was surprise when he left.

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That presented a problem for NBC, which then had all its embedded reporters rah-rahing with the invading troops. So Jesse was paid seven-figures to buy-out his contract and keep him from hosting another TV show, elsewhere, on TV for years.

See a Problem?

Even with U. No, this persecution of RT and RT America is obviously because all-things-Russian are being villified, and as you say, it is painfully obvious that there is a full-court press to foment Russian paranoia. As for it being driven by the fact that Hillary lost? I see both major political parties as two interlocking halves of the corporate partisan duopoly, who craft scenarios for using social issues to keep us tribally divided, even as they laugh all the way to the bank with their quid pro quo corporate campaign contributions.