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More Unique Stories About U.S. Presidents!

Contact the office of former President Barack Obama. Find the contact information for former President George W. The Honorable William J. Find the contact information for former President Jimmy Carter. When sending letters to former presidents, the proper form for addressing the envelope is: The Honorable president's name.

Learn about presidential libraries and museums. The U. The next presidential election will be November 3, The election process begins with primary elections and caucuses. These are two methods that states use to select a potential presidential nominee.

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In general, primaries use secret ballots for voting. Caucuses are local gatherings of voters who vote at the end of the meeting for a particular candidate. Then it moves to nominating conventions , during which political parties each select a nominee to unite behind. During a political party convention, each presidential nominee also announces a vice presidential running mate.

The candidates then campaign across the country to explain their views and plans to voters. They may also participate in debates with candidates from other parties. During the general election, Americans go to their polling place to cast their vote for president. But the tally of those votes—the popular vote—does not determine the winner.

Instead, presidential elections use the Electoral College. To win the election, a candidate must receive a majority of electoral votes. In the event no candidate receives a majority, the House of Representatives chooses the president and the Senate chooses the vice president. Summer of the year before an election through spring of the election year — Primary and caucus debates take place.

Fun Facts about Our Nation's Presidents

For an in-depth look at the federal election process in the U. Contact the White House to request a presidential greeting. If you would like to extend an invitation to, have questions for, or would like information about the president, the White House, or the status of a request, contact the White House. Ask us any question about the U.

We'll get you the answer or tell you where to find it. Close Search Search. American Flag Branches of the U. Ford " that Ford's biological father Leslie King physically abused his mother Dorothy Gardner early in their marriage. When the future president was just 16 days old, Gardner left her husband. Gardner then remarried Gerald Rudolph Ford, who adopted her son. He was renamed after his adoptive father. The couple went on to have three sons together, while King went on to remarry and have three daughters.

According to the New York Times , Ford wasn't aware of his biological father or half sisters until he was He had younger siblings: Gloria, Ruth, and Billy. Carter was years-old when Billy, the youngest of the bunch, was born, according to " Redeemer: The Life of Jimmy Carter. Carter and his younger sister Gloria were competitive as children. According to " Jimmy Carter: A Character Portrait ," Carter once shot his sister with a BB gun as a kid, and she later retaliated by throwing a wrench at his head.

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Gloria Carter Spann later became a motorcyclist rights activist. Carter's other sister took a somewhat different path. Ruth Carter Stapleton became a Baptist evangelist. He also promoted the now-defunct Billy Beer brand, which he reportedly hoped would make him "the Colonel Sanders of beer.

She later remarried car dealer Roger Clinton Sr. But all wasn't well with the family. The future president reportedly had to intervene when his stepfather physically lashed out at Cassidy and Roger Jr. And Roger Jr. While Clinton was serving as the governor of Arkansas, Roger was convicted for selling cocaine. During his brother's presidency, the rhythm-and-blues musician also participated in a cultural exchange program with North Korea that was not sanctioned by the State Department.

Roger's antics allegedly earned him the Secret Service nickname " Headache. As Clinton exited the White House in , he issued a pardon for his brother, erasing his drug conviction, The New York Times reported. George W. Bush, the eldest child of former president George H. Bush, famously went on to follow his father's footsteps all the way to the White House. But Bush's political success didn't seem destined, or even likely, when he was a young man.

The Bush clan's firstborn son often felt "overshadowed" by both his father and his younger brother Jeb, according to Clarke Rountree's " George W. Bush: A Biography.

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Robin, another one of Bush's younger sisters, died at the age of three from leukemia. The family tragedy forged an "enduring and powerful link between Barbara Bush and her oldest son," The Washington Post reported. Today, Jeb is the most famous of Bush's younger siblings. The former Florida governor staged an unsuccessful presidential run in , but lost out to Donald Trump. Neil and Marvin went into business. And Dorothy had a career in the non-profit fundraising sphere.

He was born to Barack Obama Sr. There was a 10 year age gap between the siblings. However, if you want to get technical, Obama did have a number of older half siblings. Unlike other presidents with half siblings, however, Obama didn't meet these relatives until much later in life. Obama's oldest half-brother is Malik Obama, an American citizen who resides in Kenya. The two half brothers met for the first in , the Washington Post reported. Lately, however, their relationship may be strained by Malik's vocal support of US president Donald Trump.

Malik's sister Auma, who was also born to Barack Obama Sr. Obama's father also had two sons with his third wife, Ruth Baker. Barack Obama Sr. Obama also has two possible half-brothers, Abo and Bernard. The former president wrote in his memoir " Dreams from My Father " that family members speculated that the two may not have been Barack Obama Sr.

Here's a claim to fame that middle children can wave over the heads of their siblings: just over half — 23, exactly — of US presidents have belonged to their ranks. So, does that mean that most of our presidents have had raging cases of middle child syndrome? Not exactly.

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  7. Business Insider's Lindsay Dodgson reported that middle child syndrome is a myth. Middle kids are, in fact, susceptible to peer pressure, open-minded, social, and excellent at negotiating. Weakness in the face of peer pressure aside, those don't sound like bad traits for a politician to possess. George Washington may have been the first president of the United States, but he wasn't the firstborn kid in his own family. Their oldest child Butler died in infancy, and their youngest child Jane died in at the age of Their two middle children, Lawrence and Augustine Jr.

    Lawrence, however, remained the de facto heir of the family. George "idolized" his older brother, according to Mount Vernon's website. Their bond only strengthened after their father died when George was 11 and Lawrence was After Lawrence contracted tuberculosis, he traveled to Barbados and Bermuda with George in The trip failed to stave off the illness, and Lawrence died at his Mount Vernon estate the following year.

    Washington's other older half brother Augustine Jr. So, when Lawrence's wife and daughter died, the estate went to the future president. As for his full siblings, one younger sister — Mildred — died at the age of three in Betty, Washington's only surviving sister, was ultimately a devoted supporter of her brother's revolutionary cause. Meanwhile, according to The George Washington Foundation's blog , Samuel became his brother's close confidante during the war. John Augustine also participated in the war effort, and raised a son named Bushrod Washington who went on to become a Supreme Court justice.

    Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies of the United States

    Charles Washington, the youngest brother in the family, didn't get along with the nation's first president, according to the George Washington Family Papers Project. Thomas Jefferson was the third child — and the oldest son — of 10 born to Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph. Jefferson had two older sisters , Jane and Mary. His younger siblings who survived into adulthood included Elizabeth, Martha, Lucy, Anna, and Randolph. One brother named Peter, and another unnamed brother, died in infancy.

    According to Encyclopedia Virginia , Jefferson's later written correspondence with his siblings "suggest that the family was, in fact, close and loving. James Monroe was the second oldest child and oldest son in a family of five siblings. Monroe's father Spence died two years later, in Monroe and his older sister Elizabeth worked together in order to support their three younger brothers. Monroe even quit school in order to help out at home. Spence was too "sickly," Andrew was too "lazy," and Joseph Jones was a toddler.

    Fortunately for the family, their uncle Judge Joseph Jones swooped in and "all but adopted his sister's family," according to Unger. However, he was not the firstborn in his family. He had an older sister: Abigail "Nabby" Adams. She treated her younger brother "with adoration, seeking to assure him of his wisdom and destined greatness," according to Paul C.

    After a brutal battle with breast cancer , Nabby died in at the age of One younger sister named Susanna only survived for thirteen months before dying in , and another younger sister named Elizabeth was stillborn. Adams's two younger brothers, Charles and Thomas, both suffered from alcoholism.

    The addiction also afflicted two of Adams's own sons: George and John.

    Nagel wrote that both of Adams's brothers "were each well begun in their legal practices before alcoholism overtook them. Martin Van Buren's birth was a "middling debut in every sense," according to his biographer Ted Widmer. Meanwhile, Christiana, the baby of the family, was born five years after Tyler in Nelson wrote that his two oldest sisters "may have had major roles in keeping a domestic routine functioning" after the death of Tyler's mother Mary Armistead Tyler in Zachary Taylor was the third of seven surviving children born to a Virginia planting family that ultimately settled in Kentucky.

    He had two older brothers, two younger brothers, three younger sisters. Another brother died shortly after being born. Franklin Pierce was the sixth of eight children. His oldest sibling, Elizabeth, was a half sister from his father's first marriage. According to his biographer Michael F. Holt, Pierce was inspired to pursue a military career by his two older brothers, who fought in the War of While studying at Bowdoin, he even organized an unofficial militia known as the Bowdoin Cadets. He would later become a brigadier-general in the Mexican American War.

    Lincoln's older sister Sarah was two years older than him. Sarah "probably helped him learn his letters and numbers" and the two siblings shared "a deep affection," according to the NPS. Sarah died in childbirth at the age of Lincoln's father Thomas later remarried the widow Sarah Bush Johnston, who had three children of her own. According to Zachary Karabell's biography , his father Revered William Arthur "danced around the room" after getting the news that his fourth child had been born. According to the University of Virginia's Miller Center , future president Benjamin Harrison "relished his time away" from his three brothers and four sisters.

    To escape the ruckus, he'd often sneak off to read at his grandfather's neighboring estate. Cleveland and his older siblings were "sometimes enlisted to take care of the younger ones, often having to sacrifice playtime with friends," according to Henry F. Graff's biography of the first and only US president to serve two non-consecutive terms. The McKinleys wanted all of their children to "rise above" their station in life, and sought to foster a "normal and happy" childhood, Howard Wayne Morgan wrote in " William McKinley and His America. Morgan also noted that the future president was not "doted on" by his parents more so than his other seven siblings.

    Theodore Roosevelt was the second oldest child and first son born to Theodore Roosevelt Sr. Roosevelt's older sister Anna, who the family nicknamed "Bamie" and "Bye,"was the future president's "confidante and caretaker," according to the blog About Theodore Roosevelt. The future president and his younger brother Elliot were intensely competitive with one another.

    Elliot's daughter Eleanor went on to marry Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The future president's youngest sister Corinne went on to become a successful poet. William Howard Taft a middle child with five siblings — two half brothers from his father's first marriage, two full brothers, and a sister.

    Who is Dwight D. Eisenhower (History for Kids): United States Presidents Educational Cartoon

    Taft was reportedly close with his siblings, and even sought their input on political affairs. According to " William Howard Taft: The Travails of a Progressive Conservative ," "Throughout their lives, the five Taft brothers — Peter and Charles from their father's first marriage , William, Henry, and Horace — formed with their wives the nucleus of a surprisingly close family network. The brothers all attended Yale, studied law, and, for the most part, voted Republican.

    Woodrow Wilson was the third of four children, and a bit of a "mama's boy" by his own admission, according to the University of Virginia's Miller Center. According to the University of Virginia's Miller Center , the orphaned siblings were subsequently "passed around among relatives for a few years. Like his younger brother, Theodore went on to become an engineer. He worked in gold, silver, copper, and lead mines around the world, according to Britannica. Later on, he became a prominent Stanford professor of engineering and a conservationist.

    Kenneth Whyte wrote in " Hoover: An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times " that they were frustrated by their sister's marriage to a young tradesman. Hoover also wrote that May "sufficiently alienated any regard I might have for her" by spreading rumors about his love life. Dwight Eisenhower's six brothers must have rolled their eyes when the former WWII commander rolled out his "I like Ike" slogan for the presidential campaign. All seven of the Eisenhower boys were called "Ike" at some point. Dwight, the third of seven boys, was originally known as "Little Ike," according to Tom Wicker's biography.

    The future president's nickname, however, lingered as he grew up. The Eisenhower boys proved to be a occasionally rowdy bunch. Next up was Edgar, a millionaire lawyer with whom Eisenhower shared a bitterly competitive relationship. D'Este wrote that Eisenhower, at the age of 66, once told family members that he could still beat his older brother in a fight "anytime. Eisenhower's younger brothers were Roy, a social, sports-loving pharmacist; Earl, a quiet electrical engineer; and the scholastic Milton, with whom Eisenhower was quite close.

    John F. Kennedy was assassinated in , but he wasn't the only one of his siblings to meet a tragic end. Kennedy was the second child born to Joseph Kennedy Sr. Ultimately, the family would swell to include nine children. According to Kennedy biographer Alan Brinkley, the politically ambitious Kennedys initially pinned their hopes on their oldest child, Joseph Jr. The two oldest brothers were competitive with one another, but Joseph Jr. After that, Brinkley wrote that the second Kennedy son became the "carrier of the family's hopes.

    Joseph Jr. Kennedy's younger sister Kathleen — who went by the nickname Kick — died in in a crash in France. Another one of Kennedy's younger sisters, Rosemary, was born with a mental disability. When she was 23, her parents had her lobotomized, leaving her barely able to walk or speak, according to Irish Central.

    Biography of President John Quincy Adams for Kids

    Kennedy's two younger brothers both found success in the realm of politics. Robert worked as his older brother's campaign manager and attorney general. He was considered a serious presidential contender before he was assassinated in Ted , the youngest Kennedy sibling, was one of the longest-continuously-serving US senators in history. He became embroiled in controversy in after he drove off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island.