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However, the greatest boost in comprehension can be achieved through a proven cognitive skills training program. Comprehension unlocks countless doors to success in school, work, and leisure reading.

Reading May Be the Key to Unlocking Basic Skills Success

Understanding how to read will only get you so far in life. Understanding what you read will get you through the entire journey!

Unlocking the English Language for ELL Students

Students continued to learn the text in its original language. We changed what we asked students to do, and this improved their skills, and built their motivation, excitement and joy in text study. It required releasing teachers from the classroom and investing in their learning; it required teachers to spend extra time planning and developing new materials; it required teachers to take risks with new approaches that sometimes fail and to be willing to share these failures with colleagues so that everyone could learn; it required students to adjust to new classroom structures and to take more responsibility for their learning.

But as we learned through the partnership between Beit Rabban and The Jewish Education Project, differentiation can happen and must happen in Jewish text classes.

Tips for unlocking reading comprehension

In fact, it is likely the only way to ensure that every student can truly claim their birthright of Torah. Most teachers have had some experience with and training about differentiated instruction in the course of their Jewish day schools want every child to succeed in their learning and social-emotional development.

How can schools accomplish those lofty goals while teaching many students in the same classroom? This issue explores that conundrum and showcases various ways that learning can be differentiated to meet the needs, capacities, and interests of different students. Articles address differentiation within the classroom, and supporting teachers to learn, transition to, and apply methods of differentiation.

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Authors discuss the "how-to" as well as the larger goals and vision. Knowledge Center.


The Program of Professional Development. Go To the Next Article. Getting off the Blocks: Low-Barrier Related Resources.

April 22, George Couros describes himself as a learner, educator, and Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Standards for Fluency in Jewish Text and Practice. March 01, Taking Different Routes. February 07, Advice for Managing Challenging Classroom Conversations.

Neuroplasticity and Education United: Increase Reading and Literacy for your child

Where We Work. Unlocked literacy is unlocked potential.

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