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Six-Day War

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Into the Intro: The Six-Day War and Israeli Self-Defense

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Six-Day War (1967) - Third Arab–Israeli War DOCUMENTARY

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Beyond the Arab Cold War. Who was to blame and why it matters; 2. The Syrian connection; 3. Egypt flexes its muscle; 4. Historical opportunity for Israel; Part II. Cold War Togetherness: 5. Britain has a plan; 6. Southern passage: Aqaba as cause for war; 7. The Americans will not sit shiva; 8. How to attack: we have to be the victims; Part III. The First Victim of War: 9. Turkey shoot; Cover-up in the Security Council; Security Council in the dark; Rallying Round Self-Defense: How to read the silence on aggression; The experts fall in line; No threat?

The Six-Day War and Israeli Self-Defense : John Quigley :

No matter; Part V. War Without Limit? War by mistake; Defending in advance; A new doctrine of preventive war; Part VI. Peace Sidelined: Permanent takeover? Blocking the path to peace. Review quote ' Milbank Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton University "Quigley shows that the Six Days War, seen by many governments and scholars as a precedent for the legitimate use of force in anticipatory self-defense, is based on a faulty premise.

Recently declassified documents reveal that Israel misrepresented the facts of to justify its attack on Egypt, and that governments and scholars have allowed themselves to be misled without a proper examination of the facts. Quigley raises serious questions about the manipulation of the facts surrounding the Six Days War and the integrity of legal scholarship on this subject. In demonstrating conclusively that Egypt was not prepared to attack Israel and that Tel Aviv was responsible for a war of aggression, Quigley refutes the doctrine of 'anticipatory self-defense' or 'preventive war' for which Israel's claims in have set a precedent that has been the reference point for many subsequent military actions including the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.