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Near Tau Ceti in the following year, Kirk employed the Cochrane deceleration maneuver , allowing the Enterprise to defeat a Romulan vessel. In the final year of Kirk's original mission, the ship was ambushed by a trio of Romulan battle cruisers while on a routine survey. The Enterprise managed to escape through an energy field that adversely affected the ship's main computer.

The malfunctioning systems were corrected by another pass through the field, this time with the Romulan ships in pursuit. The attackers then became incapacitated by the same computer malfunctions, and the Enterprise was able to escape. Service aboard the Enterprise proved to be hazardous duty.

Between and , individuals who were killed while assigned to the ship included at least fifty-eight officers and crew — thirteen-point-five percent of the standard complement of Nine crew members were killed when the Enterprise encountered the galactic barrier in Two of the seven crewmembers assigned to study Murasaki on the shuttlecraft Galileo — Latimer and Gaetano — both met an unfortunate end by the hand of a large creature on the planet Taurus II. TOS : " The Apple " Further incidents with multiple fatalities included four security guards killed by Nomad in as well as five security guards killed by the dikironium cloud creature on Argus X in An outbreak of Rigelian fever , in , killed three crewmen and imperiled the rest until a source of ryetalyn could be obtained.

As well, two Enterprise security officers were beamed out into open space while the ship was under the control of Gorgan. She was killed when the Kelvan Rojan crushed the object in his hand. In the mid- s , Commander Sonak and an Enterprise officer were killed in a transporter accident while beaming to the ship. Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In the late s to early s , the Constitution -class starships underwent a major refit program. The actual refitting took eighteen months of work and essentially a new vessel was built onto the bones of the old, replacing virtually every major system, ensuring their continued service for the next several years, with the USS Enterprise continuing to serve in its prominent role.

In the early 's, the Enterprise was critical in defending the Federation from several external threats, including the V'Ger probe, and Khan Noonien Singh. System upgrades with new technologies after long deployments were far from unusual in the ship's history. However, the Enterprise 's overhaul of the early s became a nearly keel-up redesign and reconstruction project. The very heart of the ship was replaced with a radically different vertical warp core assembly, linked to new, and heavier, warp engine nacelles atop swept-back pylons and integrated with the impulse engines.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Enterprise

The new drive system allowed for an expanded cargo hold in the secondary hull , linked to the shuttlebay. Weapons system upgrades included nine dual- phaser banks with power channeled directly from the warp engines. Multiple egress points now included a port -side spacedock hatch, dual ventral space walk bays, four dorsal service hatches, and a standardized docking ring port aft of the bridge on the primary hull , four more docking ring ports, paired on the port and starboard sides of the launcher and secondary hulls respectively, and service hatch airlocks on the port and starboard sides of the hangar bay's main clam-shell doors.

A new bridge module reflected the modern computer systems, operating interfaces, and ergonomics that ran throughout the ship. Following Kirk's promotion to rear admiral and posting as Chief of Starfleet Operations , his successor, Captain Will Decker whom Kirk himself picked to succeed him , oversaw the refit, assisted by chief engineer Commander Montgomery Scott.

After 18 months in spacedock for refit, the Enterprise was pressed into service, weeks ahead of schedule, in response to the V'ger crisis, once again under Kirk's command. Decker was temporarily demoted to commander and posted as an executive officer because of his familiarity with the new design. Incomplete systems had to be serviced during the vessel's shakedown cruise en route to V'ger , including the first test of the new warp engines.

How did we achieve these results?

Commander Decker belayed an order from Admiral Kirk to destroy an asteroid in their path, which had been dragged into the ruptured warp field along with them, with phasers. Because of this refitted function, the intermix malfunction, and the antimatter imbalance within the warp nacelles that had resulted caused automatic cutoff of the phasers, a design change of which Kirk had not been aware. Decker ordered the use of photon torpedoes instead; as a backup, they had been designed to draw power from a separate system in case of a major phaser loss.

The timely arrival of Commander Spock brought correction to the intermix problem. Once the V'ger threat was averted, Captain Decker was listed as "missing in action" and the Enterprise remained under Admiral Kirk's command for an interim period. At some point, Kirk passed command on to the newly-promoted Captain Spock. The new designs and components tested and proven aboard the Enterprise influenced a generation of starship design, from the Miranda -class to the Constellation -class , as well as other retro-fitted Constitution s.

In , the Enterprise was in a low-tempo training cycle , based in the Sol system.

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Admiral Kirk boarded his old command to observe a cadet training cruise. The Enterprise was tasked to investigate, and Spock deferred his command to Admiral Kirk. Subsequent engagements with Reliant left the ship badly damaged with cadet and crew deaths, including Captain Spock. Upon the Enterprise returning to Earth, Starfleet Commander, Starfleet Fleet Admiral Morrow announced that the starship, at that point forty years old, would be decommissioned. When Morrow denied Kirk requesting permission to return to the Mutara sector , Kirk conspired with his senior officers and stole the Enterprise from Earth Spacedock , in order to recover Spock's body from the Genesis Planet — to bring it and Spock's katra , the latter possessed by Leonard McCoy , to Vulcan.

As part of the plan, Kirk had Scott rig up an automation system to run the Enterprise so easily that "a chimpanzee and two trainees" could have handled the craft. At the Enterprise 's destination, the ship was attacked by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey operated by Klingon Commander Kruge , an assault that left the Enterprise disabled; Scotty's automation system was not designed for combat and overloaded when the ship was attacked.

After setting the auto-destruct sequence, Kirk and his crew abandoned the ship for the surface of the Genesis Planet. Demolition charges in place in the bridge and elsewhere throughout the ship's saucer section exploded, killing a Klingon boarding party. The secondary hull with what was left of the saucer fell from orbit and blazingly streaked across the planet's atmosphere.

The crew of the Enterprise under the command of Christopher Pike in The Enterprise and its interiors were designed primarily by Matt Jefferies. A three-foot demonstration model was completed in November by the Howard Anderson Company to show to Gene Roddenberry. After getting his approval, an eleven-foot model was then constructed by Richard C. Datin, Jr.

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Re-used footage of all three stages of the eleven-foot model's appearance are seen mixed together in TOS. Fontana commented, " For the purposes of animation you can't do the light white, silver kinds of colors. So they made the Enterprise gray and it came off all right. Depicting the ship performing any new, impressive maneuvers would have been too costly for TAS and would have taken the animators too long to show, despite frequent TAS Director Hal Sutherland later implying that a desire to portray the ship doing "barrel rolls and that kind of thing" was quite common.

The design for the movie refit was the basis of a design patent issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Enterprise was to have appeared in Star Trek: The First Adventure that revealed the design of the ship in TOS was actually a refit; the original design resembled Enterprise NX , though that vessel was created years later. The ship's interior was represented with sets built on Paramount Stage A new CG model, built from caliper measurements of the original eleven-foot physical model, was created for use in the remastered and recreated version of Star Trek: The Original Series for more detailed treatises on the studio models used, see the appropriate articles: Constitution -class model original and Constitution -class model refit.

Visual effects artist Gabriel Koerner created a re-imagined version of the pre-refit Enterprise. The design is more contemporary, while keeping the design of the original ship. A video showing the ship from various angles can be seen on YouTube. The model was also featured as the August image for the Ships of the Line calendar , as well as in the Ships of the Line coffee-table book, placed between TOS and TMP images, which included text from Michael Okuda suggesting it as one of the ideas on how to refit the ship. Upon preparing to view the bridge of the Enterprise in the first draft script of TNG : " Relics ", Montgomery Scott specified, " Show her the way she was before Stardate , " referencing the stardate on which TOS series finale " Turnabout Intruder " takes place.

Consequently, this line of dialogue would have established that the holographic simulation of the Enterprise 's bridge in "Relics" was definitely contemporaneous with the exact setting of TOS. Scott did not specify that in the final draft of the script, however. However, all mention of the vessel was eliminated from the episode by the time the final draft of the script was written.

This model updates the appearance of the USS Enterprise to better match the style of Starfleet ships seen in the show, most noticeably changing the warp nacelles to have visible, glowing blue cutouts on the inner surface. The impulse engine is also different and the nacelle pylons are swept back with openings in their centers similar to the refit configuration.

The new model also has a longer "runway" before the shuttlebay doors.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery , and thus may contain spoilers. Kirk , " The Ultimate Computer ". Contents [ show ]. According to a computer display that was created by production staff of Star Trek: Enterprise but never used on screen, Jonathan Archer was present at the Enterprise 's launch and died the next day. This information remains non-canon, because it was never photographed on film. However, it is established in Star Trek: Enterprise that warp-capable starships had medical personnel prior to the time of her service.

Starship Enterprise - Wikipedia

Despite being given as the year Kirk's first five-year mission in command of the Enterprise came to an end in the Star Trek: Voyager episode " Q2 " , many production resources — including the booklet for the TOS Season 1 DVD set — continue to use the Star Trek Chronology 's date of as the starting point of the mission. It is possible, however, that the mission ran from through and that the Enterprise did not return to Earth until In addition to the normal corridors, there were full-height Jefferies tubes in the engineering hull.

The Enterprise -A awaiting launch from spacedock in Kirk and his crew's efforts to prevent the Whale Probe from devastating Earth. The crew initially thought they were going to be assigned to the USS Excelsior or, according to Leonard McCoy , a "freighter" at best , but the new Enterprise was soon revealed, docked behind the Excelsior. The crew took their stations and the Enterprise left spacedock on a shakedown cruise. The shakedown did not proceed as planned, and the Enterprise limped back to spacedock for several weeks of repair under the supervision of Captain Montgomery Scott.

Although her warp drive was working perfectly, half the doors on the ship were malfunctioning and several control interfaces did not work. The transporter was also nonfunctional, requiring shuttles to be used for off-ship missions. Before the repairs were complete, the Enterprise was called into duty in order to intervene in a kidnapping situation on Nimbus III. The ship was subsequently commandeered by the rogue Vulcan Sybok , who ordered her to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy , in order to pursue the mythical Sha Ka Ree. During the return of Sybok to the ship aboard the Galileo , Commander Hikaru Sulu was forced to crash the shuttle into the Enterprise landing bay, as the ship was pursued by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey , commanded by Klaa , and there was no time to use the tractor beam for a safe entrance.

IDC White Paper: The Rise of the Enterprise Container Platform

The Bird-of-Prey followed the Enterprise to the center of the galaxy. The crew was too involved with Sybok's visit to the planetoid found there and did not notice the Klingon vessel enter sensor range. The Bird-of-Prey caught the Enterprise off-guard and disabled her before she had a chance to retaliate. The Klingon crew was later invited to a reception following the return of the Enterprise to Kirk's control and the discovery that Sha Ka Ree was a myth.

The brig was also damaged during the mission, as Captain Scott blew a hole in the back wall to free Captain Kirk, Spock, and Dr. Spock also kept a picture of himself and his friends taken on the bridge of the Enterprise -A from this time for the next century until his death in of the alternate reality. Star Trek Beyond. Starfleet began a fleet-wide research project into the investigation of gaseous planetary anomalies in the early s. The Enterprise -A was one of several Federation starships to be outfitted with advanced equipment for their study.

In , the Enterprise -A was due to be retired along with most of her command crew.

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  5. However, she was pressed back into service for one last mission as an escort for Klingon chancellor Gorkon during the initial stages of the Khitomer Accords. The ship rendezvoused with the Klingon flagship , Kronos One , and was to follow it to Earth. Unfortunately, a joint Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan conspiracy had an operative, Lieutenant Valeris , aboard the ship.

    Valeris participated in a plan to implicate the Enterprise and Captain Kirk as rogue assailants in Gorkon's murder, with the goal of derailing the peace process. The Enterprise appeared to fire two photon torpedoes at Kronos One , temporarily disabling her propulsion and gravity systems. Amid the chaos two space-suited Starfleet crew members, Burke and Samno , beamed aboard, assassinating Gorkon.

    Valeris altered the ship's records to make it seem as if two torpedoes had been fired. The torpedoes actually came from a cloaked protoype Bird-of-Prey directly below the Enterprise , which had been modified to fire while cloaked. Kirk and Dr. McCoy were arrested and tried for the murder , and sentenced to life imprisonment on the penal colony Rura Penthe. Valeris also provided Kirk's log entries from the Enterprise to the Klingon co-conspirators to further implicate Kirk.

    The Enterprise was ordered back to Earth, but Spock ignored orders and initiated an investigation aboard the ship. He discovered evidence which linked Valeris to the conspiracy, despite her best efforts to sabotage the investigation. Spock mind melded with Valeris and learned more about the conspiracy, including details of the Bird-of-Prey and names of those involved. Captain Sulu aboard the USS Excelsior provided Kirk with the new location of the peace conference, and the two ships warped to Khitomer in order to prevent a second assassination of the Federation President and the new Klingon chancellor, Azetbur.

    General Chang was waiting in orbit with his Bird-of-Prey, however, and the Enterprise was attacked upon arrival. The starship was seriously damaged and suffered a hull breach through her saucer section. The Excelsior , too, was helpless against the cloaked ship. Fortunately, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura devised a plan to use a photon torpedo equipped with sensors capable of tracking ionization from the Bird-of-Prey's impulse engines.

    It successfully hit Chang's vessel, knocking it out of the cloak and leaving it vulnerable to further torpedo volleys from the Enterprise and the Excelsior. Following the destruction of the Bird-of-Prey, Enterprise and Excelsior crew beamed down to the Khitomer Conference and apprehended the conspirators, preventing the assassination. Following the Khitomer mission, the Enterprise was ordered by Starfleet Command to return to spacedock to be decommissioned.

    Quoting J. Michelson also designed the sets for the first film, which were altered to become those of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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    In the first draft script of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home but not in the final version of that film, the "A" in this Enterprise 's registry was finished being painted on top of the primary hull just as the shuttle containing Kirk and his senior staff arrived; this scene was retained in the novelization. Also, the same script described the ship being shown emerging from Spacedock, though that is not depicted on-screen, in which the scene instead cuts from the vessel being inside Spacedock to being outside the facility, already in space.

    It was painted white and the lighting scheme was slightly altered. In addition, okudagrams now replaced the gauges and dials formerly seen on the ship. Only the portions of the bridge seen on film were modified; the rest of the bridge was left unchanged to save time. The bridge had been irrevocably modified as various Starfleet bridges seen throughout the series, including the Enterprise -D battle bridge , and also became several science labs and alien interiors.