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Marchiony is a trustworthy guide into the sacred practicality of prayer. There is nothing like direct experience of the universe's cosmic laws, and that's precisely what the prayer principles he describes are based upon. Use it as an easy formula for powerful prayer and meditation or use it intensively to "marinate" yourself in the flow of the Divine through your life. This book, Practical Prayer for Real Results, will assist you in forming and reforming your own reality.

It is a gift.

Practical Prayer for Real Results

Seen in this light, the mechanism behind faith healings can also be understood as the power of the human mind. Do the above problems with seeing prayer as divine intervention mean that prayer is a pointless exercise? Not at all. Maybe we just need to rethink the purpose of prayer in a modern world. Instead of seeing prayer as a method of asking God for something we want even if that something is good , maybe we can use prayer as a way of opening up ourselves to God. Prayer can become a means of connecting us with the divine ground that is the essence of existence.

This model of prayer requires a different model of God for our modern world. As I discuss in a previous post Re-imagining God , if we conceive of God as the creative power that gives rise to existence itself rather than a supernatural being who resembles Zeus on Olympus, then God encompasses and is the source of the physical laws that govern the universe as well as space, time, matter, and energy that define the universe.

We can use prayer as a way of opening our hearts to God, not as a being living in an extra-dimensional heaven, but as the wellspring of creative energy within us and the universe.

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By quieting our minds, we can open ourselves to experience this divine ground directly. This experience may even lead us to new conceptions of our place in the universe and give us a way of transcending our own suffering. When bad things happen to us and our loved ones, we can find comfort in prayer that God is with us always, not sitting in judgement of us up in the sky, nor are we pawns in a cosmic chess game made to suffer according to some divine plan.

This is the path that mystics across the world's religions have sought for thousands of years. We can use prayer to center ourselves, to accept who we are, and to become more present and aware. Various forms of meditation and centering prayers fall under this category and are practiced across religious traditions.

Unlike intercessionary prayer, contemplative practices have been shown to have significant medical benefits to its practitioners. See e. Harvard Medical School's Herbert Benson : stress, depression and even many physical diseases are positively affected by meditation and prayer. We can use prayer as a way of expressing thanks. We can recognize that we are not independent, but dependent creatures, and be thankful for the blessings we have. Through thanksgiving we can begin to realize that we have enough, and that our societal pressure to always want more money, power, sex, material items, etc.

Our Problem in Prayer

We can use prayer as a method of forgiveness for both the things we have done in our lives and for the wrongs we feel have been committed against us. Many psychologists would say that healing cannot happen without forgiveness. We can use prayer to connect with others. We may pray for someone in trouble and wish them well, without the expectation that a supernatural intervention will make this so.

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Instead, the prayer for others may be about connecting with what that person is going through, with becoming empathetic with their experiences, and with expressing compassion. This connection with others will be strengthened as we realize that God who is the spark of our being, is also the spark of theirs.

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Many of you may think that re-conceiving prayer in this way is not new at all. Offering Christians encouragement and advice for reinvigorating their prayer lives, this practical resource outlines a foolproof plan for praying through the Bible—turning the duty of prayer into delight. When I have nothing else to say, instead of my mind wandering, I have a place to go—the rest of verse 1. I would continue in this way, praying about whatever is prompted, verse by verse, until either I complete the psalm or run out of time. Praying through a passage of Scripture was the uncomplicated method that transformed the daily experience of some of the most famous men of prayer in history.

Both Jesus in Matthew and his followers in the book of Acts prayed words from the Psalms from Psalm , and Psalm and Psalm respectively.

Why not you? For the Bible really is God speaking to you; all you have to do is simply respond to what he says. Sign up for a free five-day email course on praying the Bible at crossway. Donald S. He has written several books, including Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.