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1. Chicken and fries in a bowl on a cup with a straw!

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    Top 11 Inventions and Discoveries of Mesopotamia

    This problem frustrated astronauts at NASA until That was the year that a group of Canadian engineers in Brampton, Ontario, finished building an out-of-this-world invention: the Canadarm. Astronauts operate the arm remotely, using special controllers. The Canadarm has been instrumental in space research and development.

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    In more than 50 missions, it has been used for all sorts of projects, from retrieving satellites, to fixing the Hubble Telescope, to building the International Space Station. Eastern First Nations developed lightweight birchbark canoes so that they could navigate rivers and lakes with ease. To make these all-natural boats, builders stretched outer coverings of supple birchbark over frames of cedar. They sewed everything into place with tree roots, and sealed up the seams with spruce gum to prevent leaks. Birchbark canoes were perfect for paddling along swift rapids or in shallow places, and they were relatively easy to carry.

    European explorers and fur traders used these canoes to travel all across what would one day be Canada. You bet! The Canadian West can be a tough place to grow wheat — thanks to harsh weather and a short growing season. Until the early s, early frost often destroyed entire crops. Charles Saunders of London, Ontario, wanted to solve this problem. He spent years breeding a wheat variety that could be planted in the spring, harvested before the first frost, and then turned into wonderful bread.

    Saunders was aware that the best bread comes from wheat with lots of protein in it, and that high-protein wheat kernels could be chewed up into an elasticky gum. Today almost all the wheat in Western Canada owes some of its genes to the first 12 kernels bred by Charles Saunders. Then Norman Breakey of Toronto, Ontario, created a simple roller that made painting faster than ever before.

    He slid a cylinder of absorbent material onto a handle, dipped the cylinder in paint, and smoothed colour onto walls in record time. Other people took his idea, made a few changes, and patented the paint roller as their own. The roller was an almost instant success, not only because it was easy and efficient, but because the Second World War caused a shortage of paintbrushes in North America.

    List of Japanese inventions and discoveries

    Soon, painters across Canada and the United States were using paint rollers, but Breakey died without ever receiving a penny for his idea. But some types of screws are better than others! In , a tool salesman named Peter l. Robertson, from Milford, Ontario, cut his hand while trying to use a typical slotheaded screw and screwdriver.

    The injury led him to invent a new type of screw — one with a square-shaped head. The style was a huge improvement. And this, in turn, made fastening things much easier and faster. One trick is to slow the heart down. A pacemaker uses electrical pulses to prompt the heart to beat. It was also 30 centimetres long and several centimetres high and wide — too big to fit inside a human body.

    These days, pacemakers are as small as a quarter and are implanted directly into the human chest. As co-owner of an electrical company in Ottawa, Ontario, he was devoted to promoting the wonders of electricity. In , his electric oven was big news. Made of bricks, it stood six feet high and six feet wide.

    5 Homemade inventions - DIY Life Hacks & Ideas

    Two electric heaters provided steady heat, and covered peepholes let Ahearn watch the food inside bake to perfection. The first meal he cooked was for a high society crowd at the Windsor Hotel. He made 21 dishes, from trout to strawberry puffs, and guests were so impressed that the Windsor Hotel immediately ordered an electric oven for its own use. In time, people around the world would come to prefer electric ovens for their easy use and their dry, even heat, which is ideal for baking or roasting. As a kid he spent countless hours tinkering with radios, telephones, and other gadgets, trying to understand how they worked.

    When he was in high school, he built his own computer. In the late s, when he was all grown up, Lazaridis invented a handheld wireless device that would eventually be used to make telephone calls, send and receive emails, and browse the Internet. But in the end, the device was named after a snappier-sounding fruit: the BlackBerry.

    The BlackBerry helps people around the world communicate wirelessly. It has also been a useful communication tool in emergencies when phone lines and power lines are down. In , there were more than 14 million BlackBerry subscribers. Armand Bombardier Snowmobile It was the winter of , and year-old Joseph-Armand Bombardier of Valcourt, Quebec, wanted to find a fast and efficient way to travel over snow.

    When his father gave him an old car to tinker with, Bombardier took out the engine, bolted it to a sleigh, and attached a propeller.